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Lowenna and the Secrets of light and darkness: chapter 23

Grilk and Rique are back, (and just in time) but can they save Lowenna

Chapter 23 In Her Mind

It was dark and cold where Lowenna was. She turned a corner and started running again. She had been here before, running through dark passageways, trying to keep ahead of the lion creature. Something was different. She kept getting glimpses of a beautiful dark haired woman. She knew this woman but couldn't place from where.

"Run Lowenna," a dark echoing voice called out, causing Lowenna to run even faster. "You can not escape me, or your future."

Lowenna recognised the voice. It was Herrath, still in her head. She had killed his minion, back in Penbirth, but somehow the demon-god was now inside her mind and was trying to get control of her. Lowenna was strong, but slowly Herrath was starting to take over, influencing her emotions and confidence.

There suddenly was a roar from behind her and Lowenna turned quickly into an open doorway. She froze, there in front of her was the tall grey... she wanted to say man, but demon fit better.

It turned slowly and looked at her, "That is one of the children of Ebrus. Ebrus is one of my brothers," Herathh said. "You have seen it before, haven’t you?" Lowenna stayed quiet, not moving staring into the monsters dark, lifeless eyes. "It will kill you now unless you give yourself to me," Herath hissed, then laughed as the monster charged at her.

It grabbed her wrists too quickly. She had planned to tap her crystal, but the fear and Herathh had distracted her. Lowenna fought desperately but couldn't break free. It was too strong pulling on her arms. It was going to bite her. Lowenna positioned her head as far away as possible, and when the monster went to bite her, she slammed her forehead into its mouth as hard as she could.

The creature stopped, surprised Lowenna had hurt it. Lowenna head butted it's mouth again, blood running down her face. It had loosened its grip. Lowenna pulled her arm free quickly and hit it in the mouth with her arm, but the creature bit down hard. Lowenna gasped in pain. She had forgotten she no longer had an arm guard, 

The Demon released her other arm and grabbed her throat, and with one quick movement, its claws ripped into it. Lowenna fell to the floor, gasping as she placed her hands over the wounds, trying to stop the blood, but it was too late. She fell forward, as the world went dark.

"Told you it would kill you," a voice echoed in her mind.

Lowenna opened her eyes. It was dark, too dark to see. She touched her crystal and flicked her fingers five pink sparks flew from her fingers lighting the area. She was in a sealed room. Several lawmen were surrounding her, but something wasn’t right. It was like they were frozen.

Lowenna looked closer. There were no facemasks and where their faces should have been there was only darkness.

"The Dark Legion," a loud voice suddenly said, sounding afraid. 

Lowenna turned to see Grilk. He had drawn his axe, but his hands were shaking. Lowenna turned back and then jumped in fright. One of the Legion had moved, its empty hood right in front of her face, even though it didn't have eyes, it was like it was looking into hers. Lowenna had never seen a Dark Legion warrior, but there was something ominous, about them. She thought back to an earlier vision, had that been a dark legion rider? He had tried to kill her, and her magic hadn't even slowed him down. The sparks faded, and darkness returned.

Lowenna heard Grilk scream. Suddenly there was a blinding flash.

Once her vision returned, Lowenna shook her head. At first, she didn't see anything but then she saw a young woman run past her. It was Rique. Lowenna was happy to see her friend and started chasing after her.

Lowenna looked at her hand. It was glowing pink. She pushed it at Rique, and the fire just missed, what was she doing? Lowenna slowed, allowing Rique to disappear around a corner. Lowenna didn't follow. She looked through an archway and saw the Beautiful dark haired woman and a man in gold armour. "My queen," Lowenna said before she realised what she was saying.

"You are mine now Lowenna, embrace your fate," Darcariel replied looking pleased.

"No," a voice suddenly echoed. Now beside Lowenna stood a woman dressed in white, with a crown. She held her hands up, and her whole body glowed pink like Lowenna's crystal. Darcariel and the man in gold took a step back, "she will not be yours as long as I have the strength to stop you."

"You will not last long," Darcariel stated, with a seductive smile.

Suddenly a flaming skeleton stumbled into view "Herathh," Lowenna whispered, and the glowing pink woman moved one of her hands and pointed it at the burning bones. It flew into the wall pink crystals grew around it, holding it in place.

"How dare you!" Herathh’s voice echoed.

"I dare," the glowing woman said, with determination. "I will fight the power of the Shadow Gods,” she turned her head staring at Darcariel, “and the Warriors of the Light Realm, to save her."

Lowenna knew she was talking about the Demon Gods and the Angelous. She couldn't remember if she had ever heard of the Shadow Lords or the Warriors of the Light Realm, but it just seemed right. Herathh was a Shadow God. Did that mean Darcariel's magic was from the Warriors of the Light Realm? The power of the Angelous?

"You have to leave here, I will hold them as long as I can," the woman said turning her head to look at Lowenna, "But you have to get her out of your head quickly, else you too will succumb to her will." Lowenna nodded, "and remember when you have to kill her, aim for her heart."

Lowenna opened her eyes. At first, she thought she thought she was still asleep. She saw Grilk, Rique, Azmil and several people, who she didn’t know all standing at the bottom of the bed she was lying on, quietly talking. Well, Grilk was just nodding, Lowenna knew he didn't do anything quietly.

Lowenna lay there not moving trying to listen to the conversation. Azmil sounded a little angry. "And I tell you the lawmen are looking for her. We can’t stay here much longer."

"And where would you suggest we go?" a man, who Lowenna didn't recognise asked, "Darcariel controls the Lords, the lawmen, the church, the guards, the ports, the gates, everything. All our friends, families included. There is only us left. The Lowenna has just put us in more danger."

Lowenna didn't like the way this conversation was going. "Sorry," she murmured, and everyone stopped talking and stared at her.

"WENNA!" Grilk shouted, and Lowenna smiled.

"It's so good to see you Grilk. You to Rique, am I dreaming again?"

"No," Rique replied, “But we have a lot to talk about.”

Callan pushed past Rique and looked at Lowenna. “Some are saying you may be our last chance, but I think you are already lost. Tell me about Queen Darcariel.”

Lowenna smiled again as he said the Queens name and Callan sneered. 

“Don’t bother, I’ve seen that smile before, you belong to her, don’t you. What were your orders to find us and kill us all?”

Lowenna didn’t understand, “I was with the queen, and she told me to take my clothes off and stay with her,” she replied.

“Then why did you fly out of her window,” Callan asked, not trusting Lowenna.

“I heard a voice. It told me to run so I did.”

Callan pondered Lowenna’s words, “Did she look in your eyes?”

Lowenna smiled and nodded, “Yes she has beautiful eyes,”

“And she told you to stay, and you still were able to run?”

“Yes, part of me didn’t want to, but in the end, I did.”

Rique suddenly realised what was happening. “Lowenna it's your magic, it's fighting the Queen's control, healing you.” She turned to Callan, Lowenna’s magic is different, to yours and mine. Ours are connected to our life force. Lowenna’s is not only linked to her's but all the previous owners of her crystal. If I looked into the Queen's eyes, she would corrupt my life source, but Lowenna has more than one life force fighting back. As long as her magic holds she should be able to fight Darcariel.

Lowenna looked at her crystal. It was a pale pink. It pulsed in her hand as if to show it was fighting for her.

“It’s paler than when I last looked,” Lowenna admitted, still not sure what was going on. All she wanted to do was to see the queen again.

“You fight Lowenna,” Grilk said, thumping his chest.

“Your crystal is slowly losing its strength. Darcarials control must be slowly draining it.” Rique said, showing concern.

Callan was quiet for a moment. The Lowenna had a little time, but not much. If she fell under the queen’s control, it probably would be the end for them all.

Suddenly a man burst into the room, “They got Melda, Roland is dead. I barely got away.”

“Damn it Nox!” Callan shouted, showing his frustration. “If Roland is dead, we have lost our last leader, and if Melda is still alive, she will be forced to give up this location.”

Callan stormed out of the room followed by most of the men and Azmil, leaving only Grilk, Rique a young woman in the chamber.

Lowenna could hear him shouting and knew they would have to leave here soon. She slowly sat up, the image of Darcariel entered her mind. She shook her head, and the image faded. She remembered doing that a few times over the last few suns, and now she knew why.

The young woman looked concerned, looking out into the room where Callan had led. “She is called Talia," Rique explained to Lowenna, "Melda is her future mother in law, they're very close. Melda’s son is leading the hunt for you.”

Lowenna shook her head again as the Image of Darcariel re-entered her mind. She couldn’t think about all that was happening, “Complicated,” Lowenna whispered. She glanced over at the young woman, feeling sorry for her.

Melda was marched through the palace. She knew Rolland was dead but wasn’t sure about Nox. Hopefully, he had got away to warn the others. She kept her head down looking at her feet as a tear ran down her cheek.

“No need to cry Mother,” Jibranz said as he pulled Melda into a room. “The Queen wishes to see you. Soon you will know her love.”

“Please, my son, don’t do this. Talia and I miss you so much. You were so proud to become a soldier of the King.”

“I serve the true ruler of Hymdale now, mother. You and my betrothed are of no consequence.” Melda sobbed as Jibranz spoke. She tried to resist, but Jibranz had her arm. A guard opened the throne room door, and Jibranz forced his mother into the chamber.

“Bring her before me,” Darcariel stated, as she watched the prisoner resist. “Woman look at me.”

Melda shook her head, keeping her eyes shut and head down.

“My queen gave you an order, mother,” Jibranz said, showing annoyance.

A smile formed on Darcarial, “Your mother, oh how beautiful. You know Jibranz has missed you?”

Melda kept her head down, she knew no matter what she couldn’t look at the Queen.

The smile shortened, “Why are you not looking at me? Jibranz make her!”

Jibranz grabbed her hair, forcing her head up.

“Please my son, don’t do this.” Melda pleaded as Jibranz started forcing her eyes open.

“Jibranz is a good little soldier. Did you know he shares my bed.”

“Nooo,” Melda cried out, shocked by what Darcarial had said.

Jibranz finally forced one of her eyes open, and Melda suddenly stopped fighting, staring at Darcarial, and a smile slowly crossed her face.

Darcarial stood and walked over to Melda, “Now tell me, where are the Lowenna and the rest of your little resistance.”

Melda opened her other eye. She couldn’t take her gaze off the beautiful woman in front of her. The smile grew on her face. She couldn’t remember why she had been fighting. She only wished to please her Queen. “They are all held up in Nox’s bar, near the farm stores.”

“I know where that is my queen,” one of the guards said quickly, hoping to gain her favour. “Nox is married to one of my cousins.”

“Jibranz,” the queen retorted, ignoring the man. “Take the guards and the lawmen. Search the bar and the surrounding buildings for this Lowenna. She must be taken alive.”

“And the others?” Jibranz asked.

The Queen smiled at Jibranz, “The Lowenna is all I care about but if you do capture anyone else bring them to me.”

“Yes my queen,” Jibranz replied. “What of the sprite shall I take her.”

“Not this time, I have another task for her.”

Jibranz saluted, and he and the guards left the room leaving the queen and Melda alone. “Now my new pet what shall I do with you.” 

Melda only smiled, watching her queen. Dacariel took a small dagger from her sleeve and handed it to Melda, “Once I have left, stab yourself in the heart, prove you love me.”

Melda took the dagger while smiling “Yes my queen,” she said. Darcarial turned and left the room shutting the door behind her. A cleaning maid bowed to her Queen as Darcarial closed the door.

“You,” she said pointing at the girl. “Clean the mess up in that room.”

“Yes my queen,” the maid said vacantly smiling.

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