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Lowenna part 16 (Chapter 18)

Lowenna part 16 (Chapter 18)

Lowenna has survived a Demon-god and the raid, but what does fate have in store for her next.


Lowenna went up to her room to gather the rest of her belongings. The remains of the green dress she left, but everything else, clothes, shoes, incense and her book she packed into her bag she had obtained from the reptilian creature. She put her jacket on, placed the two bags on her shoulder and turned to leave the room, only to see Vlad in the doorway.

Vlad was looking very serious. “Even if you rescue the missing youngsters, the Lords probably should not be trusted. Everyone has been brought up to think that Lowenna’s are very dangerous, and kill indiscriminately. The fact you don’t, and that you saved me, and the others will not change people’s fears and perceptions about the Lowenna."

“I know,” Lowenna said looking down as to admit that she knew this was true. This was the first time that the name Lowenna had worked against her. “Do you mind if I ask you a question, Vlad?”

“Go ahead,” Vlad replied.

“Do you think I am a Lowenna?”

Vlad looked at Lowenna for a moment, before he replied. “You definitely could be. From the moment I first saw you, I could tell you were different, someone with power and presence. You have magic, and skills with swords, but you don't act like a Lowenna or at least the ones in the stories I've been told.” Vlad paused for a moment, he was no longer scared of Lowenna but still wanted to be respectful and honest. “Personally I do believe you are a Lowenna, although there is no proof either way. I know not all Lowenna are evil. Dangerous yes, but not evil.”

Lowenna didn’t say anything. She thought that the only word she had been able to read had completely defined her. If she had chosen a different name, would this still be happening to her?

“I met another Lowenna, a long time ago,” Vlad continued, breaking Lowenna’s concentration.

“Really?” Lowenna asked, with a hint of excitement.

“Yes, when I was a child, a powerful sorcerer came to the town where I lived. He was well liked, able to heal and helped us against several orc attacks, but when people found out he was a Lowenna, he was chased out of town. People are scared of the Lowenna. There are many stories about them as evil monsters. And people act on their fears and beliefs. The Lowenna left, rather than fighting his friends and fellow town’s folk, and never returned. My father told me never trust any of the other races. After fighting and killing for the general, I realised that anyone has the potential for evil, no matter what race they are. I decided to judge people on what they do, rather than who they are, and for what it’s worth I believe you are an honourable person.”

Lowenna nodded “Do you know what happened to this Lowenna?” She asked hoping for some information she could use.

“No, but he never did anything to hurt anyone that I know of. He just wanted to find a home, and for a while I’m sure he did in my village. He may still be alive. I believe he was called Arranz or at least that’s what everyone called him. From my experiences, not all Lowenna are evil or monsters. Yes they ruled the land, and their word was law, and they may have enslaved everyone else, but that was long, long ago, and there are very few of them left now. You definitely could be a descendant of the Lowenna, but you’re no monster,” Vlad replied.

"Thank you," Lowenna said quietly, and Vlad smiled kindly.

There was a pause before Vlad spoke again. “I will get you some food and water pouches, and I’ll meet you at the gate."

“Are you coming with us?” Lowenna asked, looking a little confused.

Vlad looked a little uncomfortable when asked this. “I thought about it, but no. I haven’t lifted a sword in years, and I…” Vlad paused before continuing, “I’d be useless to your quest. I’m just a tired old man trying to make a living, and I don’t want to see the general ever again. If there ever was someone to be scared of, it was him.”

“I understand you do not want to go with us. I believe it could be very dangerous, and the confrontation with Troy was very intense. I freely admit we were lucky, and there was no guarantee that my magic would be as strong or stronger than his. It could have gone very wrong for all of us." Vlad acknowledged Lowenna's statement with a nod. “I promise, I will do my best to find Eryn and the others.”

“Thank you. I’ll get you some supplies, and I’ll meet you at the gate. Please don’t be too long, the Lords are not known for their patience.” Vlad had warned before he headed off down the corridor, leaving Lowenna with her thoughts.

Lowenna looked around the room she had called home for the last few moons, for the final time. She was hoping she would be back, but she knew she probably wouldn’t. She had a sad but determined smile, “Once this is done, I need to find out who I am.” She said this out loud to confirm that’s what she was going to do. She didn’t know how she would achieve it, but that was her goal.

Lowenna left the room locking the door behind her. She put the keys on the reception desk, smiling at Mrs Ziggle, before leaving Vlad’s Inn for the final time.

Outside the sun was still shining, but the wind had picked up into a light cool breeze. There was a small group of people outside, watching the inn, and when Lowenna walked through the door, all but one of the small crowd looked away, pretending they hadn’t been watching for her. Lowenna gave a small smile to herself and walked towards the group. Some walked away, others just didn’t avert their eyes toward her, but one just stood there, staring with his mouth hanging open, “can I help you?” Lowenna asked looking at him, putting her best smile on her face.

There was a long pause. No one wanted to talk to this dangerous Lowenna. She looked around at everyone “I’m going soon, is there anything I can do for you?”

There was another long pause before a young girl said, “Are you going to kill us? Like the Lowenna in the stories?” A middle-aged woman grabbed the little girl's hand and pulled her back a few steps away from Lowenna as if to protect her from the evil monster that stood before them.

Lowenna went down on one knee, smiled and looked at the little girl. “No I’m a good Lowenna,” she said, which was the only thing she could think to say. The older woman now tried to position herself between the little girl and Lowenna, but the young girl wanted to see.

“Are you going to save my brother?” The little girl asked from behind her mother’s leg.

“I am,” Lowenna said with a nod. “I’m going to find your brother and bring him home to you.” The little girl smiled and nodded back. Lowenna stood up and looked at the woman and the others. “If I can, I will return all of the missing children home.”

Lowenna turned and started walking when she heard a quiet, “Thank you.” Lowenna turned her head and smiled at the settlers, before heading off down the street towards the entrance of Penbirth.

As soon as Lowenna saw the gate she realised how much damage the raiders had caused. Bits of burnt and broken wood lay in a pile right by a giant hole in the solid wooden gate. All the surrounding buildings had been damaged and from what Lowenna could see not a single window wasn’t boarded up. Lowenna could also see a large hole in the gatehouse just off to the side of the gate. She assumed that hole had been made by Grilk and wondered how he had survived such a landing, as Vlad’s inn was a few streets away.

Lowenna went through the open gate, remembering how hard it had been to get into Penbirth, and how easy it was to leave. Once outside the gate, she could see a rather large crowd off to one side. Two of the lawmen stood by six horses and a large wolf type creature. Kia was over to the left talking to Ryna and Rique. Grilk sat on a large stone sharpening his axe while another orc was grunting and pulling faces at him. Finally, on the right there was Griffin, Vlad and two other men. Griffin had his back to Lowenna and seemed to be arguing with Vlad. So, Lowenna went over to see what was going on.

“You are going to sell her stuff you got for free?” Vlad said in an elevated voice, showing his annoyance.

“Better than giving it away like you are, (wheeze), and don’t forget how so much money you owe me,” Griffin replied while rubbing his hands greedily together.

“She’s going to risk her life helping us, people she doesn’t even know.”

“And more fool her, (wheeze). I need the money to repair my shop,” Griffin snapped back. Lowenna put her finger to her lips, so Vlad wouldn’t let Griffin know she was there just yet.

Vlad composed himself. A smile had spread across his face, “I think it is wrong. I will give Wenna and her party food, water and will pray to the Angelus for their safe return.”

“And I think you are crazy, and anyone who goes with that Lowenna is asking to get killed (wheeze). She attacked me you know, she is dangerous, and…”

“And she’s standing right behind you,” Lowenna said, interrupting Griffin and making him give out one of his short, squeaky screams. “Thank you for you kindness Vlad, I will just check on the numbers and grab the supplies in a moment. And Griffin,” she said while handing him a large ruby and forcing it into his hand, “This is to pay Vlad’s debt and for any weapons that we might need.”

Griffin looked at Lowenna, before looking at the ruby. His eyes seemed to be bulging out of his head, and his smile went from ear to ear. Vlad was about to say something when Griffin hastily put the gem in his pocket. “Let the party have what they want,” he shouted to the other men, who were standing by the large leather bag, full of weapons. Vlad your debt is now cleared, but if you ever find yourself in trouble again...”

“You will be the last person I ask for help,” Vlad stated. He looked angrily at Griffin, whose smile slowly faded. He looked at Lowenna one more time before turning away and headed back into Penbirth, ignoring Vlad completely.

“You didn’t have to do that. That stone would probably be worth most of his stock,” Vlad said quietly to Lowenna.

“Who’s he going to sell it too?” Lowenna whispered back.

Vlad paused, thinking about what Lowenna had just said. “I don’t know, with all the damage, many people just don’t have the money to buy fancy gems. Plus where did he get it from, he can’t say he got it from a Lowenna.” Vlad was smiling now. “He will find a way, he always does.”

“And all the best to him, as long as he leaves you alone and I get all the supplies I need,” Lowenna said. She was glad Vlad was no longer in Griffin’s debt.

She didn’t have long. She looked over to where Kia talked to his children. She expected to see a slightly sad scene, as a father said goodbye to his son and daughter, but this was more like an argument, both children against their dad. Kia looked quite flustered.

Lowenna left Vlad and walked over to them. “No, you can’t go!” She heard Kia say, and realised Ryna or Rique wanted to go on this dangerous quest, and Kia tried to dissuade them.

“But Father,” Rique and Ryna said at the same time.

“It’s not open to debate. You will both stay here. It is dangerous,” Kia stated in a loud voice.

“But you volunteered, and I’m almost as good a marksman as you,” Ryna protested.

“And I can help track and know more about the Lowenna than anyone,” Rique added. “Plus they mightn’t let you back in which means we will never see you again, even if you are successful in saving everyone.”

“Mum said we should always stay together.” Ryna also added.

“She hardly meant for you, to follow me into combat,” Kia argued back. Lowenna tapped her foot to make her presence known to the family. Kia turned to face her, “Can you make my children see sense? This is very dangerous, and we might not survive.”

“We will survive. The only problems I can see are finding them, and will any of the kidnapped children still be alive,” Lowenna replied. She tried to instill some hope into the family of three, while not downplaying the seriousness of the task at hand.

“Then we can come,” Ryna said with a smile on his face.

“You will need all the help you can get,” Rique added.

Lowenna didn’t know if this was a good idea or not but decided to leave it up to Kia to sort the problem out. “If they come, they will need weapons to defend themselves…”

“I need no new weapon.” Ryna proudly stated, while unwrapping the bandage on his hand and grabbing a bow and a quiver of arrows that were hidden under his bag. The bow was his size, a little shorter than Kia’s. He drew it quickly and fired his arrow, which hit the dead centre of Grilk’s shield, making him fall backwards off the bolder in surprise.

Rique and the other orc laughed, but Kia did not see the funny side of it, and neither did Grilk. “What you do that for?” He roared at Ryna, as he stormed over to where Lowenna and the family stood, putting an instant look of dread on Ryna and Kia’s faces.

“I was, I was, I was…” Ryna stuttered trying to explain why he had used Grilk’s shield as a target

Rique moved between her brother and the angry orc, with a smile on her face. “Hello. Mr Grilk.” She said knowing Grilk didn’t like being called Mr, distracting him from Ryna for a moment. “We were just talking about what skills we would all bring to the quest. My brother was just testing the strength of your shield while showing Lowenna and father his bow skills.” Rique then lowered her head, bowing slightly and smiled again.

Grilk turned and looked at his old wooden shield. It was a very good shot, right in the centre. “Ha,” Grilk grunted turning back to Rique

“Is that the axe?” Rique continued, “The one you used to kill those spawn of Hydra’s, and the giant sea snake?”

Grilk looked down at his old slightly rusty double headed axe, which he was still holding and a large smile spread across his face, “Ya this is the strong axe.” He raised his axe above his head, and put on a rather scary face, before lowering it, the smile returning.

“My brother has also, been learning to use a sword.” Kia threw his son a look, which made Ryna look down and his feet. “Perhaps you could help in his training if the opportunity arises?” Rique slightly lowered her head bowing again.

Lowenna was thinking that the gesture obviously meant something to Grilk and Rique was trying to manipulate him, and was succeeding. “Yea me help Ryna with the sword. You skilled with sword or bow?” Kia looked at his daughter, wondering if she too had been training against his wishes.

The smile faded from Rique’s face. She had no training and had assumed if she talked Grilk into wanting to take Ryna, their father would allow them both to come. Now she had to justify herself to Grilk as well. Rique paused, “Well I am not as skilled as my brother but have as good a set of eyes as my father. I can also identify all manner of plant and wildlife…” There was a pause before Rique looked right at Lowenna, “And I know more about the Lowenna than anyone else here.” She smiled as if this gave her the right to go, but Grilk did not look impressed.

“You done training with bow or sword?” Grilk inquired again.

“Not as much as much as my brother.” Rique replied, glancing at her father, who was staring at her. His arms were crossed, and he was not looking pleased. Lowenna knew that her experience with blades was extremely limited as she had not looked comfortable when holding the knife Lowenna had given her.

Grilk walked over to Ryna and snatched his bow from his hand and offered it to Rique, “Show me.”

Rique took a stance similar to Ryna’s, drew an arrow back and aimed at Grilk’s shield. Lowenna could see she wasn’t aiming straight, so she walked up behind her. Grilk watched the shield in anticipation of the shot, and as Rique released the arrow, Lowenna gave her the slightest nudge, correcting her aim a little and the arrow hit the shield close to the edge.

Grilk grunted, “if you come you practise, me help with swords.” He walked back to the boulder and sat down like the matter had been settled. He grabbed his sharpening stone, that he had dropped when Ryna's arrow had hit his shield, and started sharpening his axe again.

Lowenna looked at Kia, she could see the worried look on his face. “Whatever you decide I will support you. If Rique and Ryna come, we will not put them in unnecessary danger, and will keep them as safe as we can.”

“How can I allow my own flesh and blood to head into danger? They could be killed!” Kia exclaimed while looking right at his children.

“Yes they could, but if we can’t go back into Penbirth when we get back, it's possible you wouldn’t ever see them again.” Lowenna wasn’t sure she wanted Rique or Ryna to come either, but she didn’t want this to be the last time for Kia to see his children, and more by accident than designed seemed to be arguing for them to come.

“Dad…” Rique said, she looked so sad and close to tears, “please we can help.”

Kia wiped his eyes, removing any traces of tears, and then looked straight at Rique, then at Ryna. “I guess I can’t stop you from getting in trouble. I was on the front line when I was your age. You can come, but you train every chance you get, and you do what I say. If I tell you to run, you run no matter what.”

“Yes sir,” Ryna said, standing up straight like a soldier agreeing with his superior officer.

“Thank you, dad,” Rique said with a smile.

“Get them some weapons, anything you want, they're already paid for. Grilk said he would help train them,” Lowenna explained to Kia, “A dagger or short sword each would probably be the best, but get whatever you feel is appropriate.”

“What do you think is appropriate for a father to get for his son and daughter, riding towards thieves, rapists and murderers?” Kia asked, still wrestling with the decision he had just made.

“If you don’t want them to come…” Lowenna started to say, but Kia interrupted.

“They're coming with us, and we will look after them. And you Lowenna, you protect them with your life, agreed?” There was a short pause, Kia was not taking his eyes off Lowenna, as if he looked into her soul, with those brilliant blue eyes.

“Agreed,” Lowenna said, with a serious look on her face, she didn't want anything to happen to either of Kia’s children and was determined to keep them as safe as possible.

“Err pardon me,” a voice came from behind Lowenna when she turned, she saw one of the older men from the meeting she had been to earlier.

“Can I help you?” Lowenna asked, she was hoping the old man wasn’t volunteering to come with her, as he was struggling to walk and was using a stick to help him stand up straight.

“We have all heard the stories of the Lowenna, and we all know how dangerous you are, but if you can find my grandson…” His speech trailed off, tears running down his face “My son and his wife were killed in the raid, all I have left is Finn. Please, you have to find him.” He was almost begging Lowenna, his fear of her replaced with a small glimmer of hope.

“We will be leaving soon, and I will not rest till I have found out what happened to him.” Lowenna nodded at the man, who tried to smile. He knew in his heart she would try, but there was no guarantee that she would succeed, or if his grandson was even still alive.

“I got to get the horses and weapons sorted then we will be off.” Lowenna turned to go, but stopped, she turned back and smiled “I will do my best to find and return your grandson to you.”

Lowenna headed over to where the horses and the lawmen were. She had to admit that she had a slight reservation about them, and the fact only the Lords could command them made her think if this was a trap, she was walking right into it.

“So you’re the Lowenna?” One of the lawmen asked, trying not to sound surprised. He was completely covered in black, his lower face, was covered by a mask and his hair was covered by his hood. The only part Lowenna could see was his eyes, which seemed to have a touch of a sparkle to them.

“Yes,” Lowenna answered as she narrowed her eyes. showing she meant business. She had decided not to give any unnecessary information and keep her answers to any questions short and simple.

“Marchel will be travelling with you. He has volunteered to look after the horses and help find the missing children.” The other lawman walked up to Lowenna. Unlike his companion, he had a grey hood and grey mask and his jacket looked a lot more worn. He also had a different kind of sword. The blade was shorter and wider with an unusual handle and was attached to his belt on the left. On the right of his belt was a fancy gauntlet, with a blue gemstone which would sit on the back of his hand when the gauntlet was on.

“If you try anything or abandon us, I will hunt you down and destroy you, even if you are a Lowenna,” Marchel stated.

Lowenna gave a determined look, staring right in Marchel’s eyes “I keep my promises, but if you try to double-cross me.” Lowenna paused, “I think we understand each other.”

“I think we do.” Marchel stated without taking his eyes of Lowenna’s, but moved his hand and tapped the handle of his unusual shaped sword. Lowenna nodded slowly keeping eye contact with the lawman

The other lawman with the black mask interrupted the stare off, “There are six horses and a warg, for your convenience.”

Lowenna looked over to where the horses were before refocusing on Marchel, “Warg?” Lowenna asked. She was assuming it was that wolf creature but couldn’t think what it would be useful for.

“For the orc to ride, he’s too heavy for a standard horse,” Marchel replied. Lowenna looked away from him again, looking at the warg. It was not quite as tall as a horse but a lot bigger. It looked like a very large grey-haired wolf. It had a collar, clipped around its neck, with a large amber stone embedded in it. Drool dripped from the warg's long teeth, and its eyes were pure black. It looked like the warg was staring through Lowenna, trying to work out where the best place to bite her would be.

“We will be leaving shortly,” Lowenna said to the lawmen, before turning and heading back towards Kia and Vlad who were both standing by the weapons, which Griffin had supplied.

“We got to go soon,” Lowenna said to Kia, “are Rique and Ryna still coming with us? And have you got all the weapons you will need?”

“Yes, they are still coming. I’ve got them short swords and small shields, and enough arrows for the trip ahead. Hopefully, they won’t be involved in any combat, but if it happens we will be prepared.”

Lowenna gave a slow assuring nod. She was sort of glad Rique was coming, but also a little worried and was determined to try and keep this family together and safe if possible. Kia's job was to find the missing children. Lowenna’s job was to rescue them and return them and everyone home. Lowenna took a long curved dagger, which was on the top of the pile of weapons. It looked very similar to the one she had lost in the raid, except the handle was slightly longer and the blade was shinier. She tucked it into her belt and was about to leave when a small, one-handed crossbow caught her eye. She loaded an arrow and pointed it at Grilk’s shield. “Rique,” Lowenna called out.

Rique came over, and Lowenna tossed the crossbow to her, “Use the sight straight arm, Grilk’s shield, careful of the recoil.”

Rique aimed using the sight. Her second hand steadied the weapon and she pulled the trigger. The arrow flew true hitting the centre of the shield right beside Ryna’s arrow, surprising Grilk again, and he nearly fell off the boulder for a second time. “It’s not got the range of a normal bow, but if you use the sight it may prove a better weapon for you," Lowenna said, as she grabbed the arrows that went with the small crossbow. She tossed them to Rique. “Practise, but that’s all the arrows, so don’t waste them.” Rique nodded and turned to head towards the horses. Lowenna wasn't sure, but she thought she saw a flicker of a smile on her friend's face before she had left.

Two lads suddenly ran over from the crowd and grabbed axes and swords from the pile of weapons. They were laughing and joking. One of the lads swung the sword he had just picked up above his head. “Are you both wishing to help rescue the kidnapped residents?” Lowenna asked, not sure if either of the boys were serious or just having fun. One of them had a quick look towards Rique and the others before focusing on Lowenna.

“Our cousin was killed,” the lad who had looked at Rique said.

“We want to kill the ones responsible,” the second continued.

“We are not out for revenge, we are going to try to help the residents who were kidnapped,” Lowenna responded, still unsure exactly if the lads were being serious.

The first lad looked a little disappointed, but his brother replied, “We know that, but you’re a Lowenna, you will probably kill them all, and we wanna see that. We have heard all the stories.”

Although he didn’t smile, Lowenna could hear the excitement in his voice and she didn’t quite know how to respond to that. “I’m not invincible, I fight when I have to, kill when necessary. Your stories are a little... over-exaggerated.” Lowenna had meant to tell the truth but wondered if the stories really were exaggerated. It was not like she knew any of them, or what other Lowenna were like.

The first lad tried to compose himself, but the second now was looking even more determined. “I don’t care,” he said, “I want to find those responsible.”

Lowenna eyed the two of them. They looked nearly identical, young, fit and good looking. She also had to admit to herself that she found them slightly attractive. Both had short light brown hair, were tall, not too thin and were both wearing loose fitting armoured shirts under their dark green jackets. The only differences, which Lowenna could see was in their expressions. One looked kind and was smiling, with slightly sad eyes. The other looked harder, and colder. He had tried not to show too much emotion in front of Lowenna. “What are your names?” Lowenna asked.

The kinder looking brother answered. “I’m Vorn, and this is my brother Reath.”

“Do you have any combat experience?” Lowenna asked.

Vorn shook his head but Reath for the first time smiled. He had been waiting for this question. “Not combat, but have been hunting, for dangerous prey.” Vorn looked at his brother and then started to nod uncontrollably in agreement.

“Lowenna paused for a moment, “Very well, I would like to speak to your parents if that’s possible.”

Vorn stopped nodding and looked down at the ground, but Reath looked straight at Lowenna, resolve in his eyes, “Our parents died a long time ago, we have been living with our cousin, who is now also dead. We are both of age and can make our own decisions.”

“Very well” Lowenna replied. “I want you to listen to me, this is not a game. There is a good chance that we could all be killed, or that we fail completely and are never allowed back into Penbirth. Understand?” Both brothers nodded. “Your combat skills are obviously limited, so I want you to listen to what I and the others say. Follow their orders and train whenever possible. Grilk and Kia have both been in combat, and we have a lawman coming with us. Choose sensible weapons,” she looked up and down the brothers again, “and shields. Wait by the horses when you are done. We will be leaving very soon.” Both brothers nodded again and grabbed a small shield each, stacked several weapons on top of them and walked off towards the horses chatting and laughing to each other.

Lowenna wondered if it was a good idea to have Vorn and Reath going with her and the others, but then she thought about Rique and Ryna. Vorn and Reath looked older and hopefully were no less experienced. And as they had said, they were of age and she couldn’t force them to stay. “It will be fine," Lowenna said to herself with a smile, even though she now felt responsible for the two sets of siblings.

Lowenna looked around, was everyone ready to leave? Only Rique, Vorn and Reath had not mounted their perspective rides, although Grilk was still trying to get used to his warg, which was now growling at him. The brothers were following Rique towards the others. Lowenna couldn’t help watch the good looking lads for a moment before reminding herself that she had more important things to think about.

Looking over at the crowd, Lowenna saw Mr Krakett. He was standing right in the front with his arms folded. She smiled to herself as walked over to him. “Haven’t you gone yet?” He said in an irritated, sarcastic tone.

“Just about to Mr Krakett. I was just seeing if anyone else would like to join our noble quest,” she replied, but the return of sarcasm seemed to be lost on him.

“No one else is going to join you! Just look at the people who are going with you. Children, an orc, a short useless man, who couldn’t make it as a gate guard and an old lawman. You will be lucky to survive the first moon, and if you do find the raiders, they will kill you without a second thought.” He huffed, as he finished this statement.

“That would make your job easier wouldn’t it Mr Krakett?” Lowenna stated, staring right at his eyes making him feel uncomfortable.

“How so?” he replied trying not to show any fear, but he lowered his gaze so as not to look into Lowenna’s eyes.

“Well if the raiders did kill me and the others, you wouldn’t have to keep your word, and let us all back in when we return would you?”

“I always keep my word,” Krakett shouted, a look of contempt showing on his face.

“Well, I look forward to my return, to this lovely settlement, and the return of my dagger.” And with that statement Lowenna turned and headed off to where the horses were. Leaving Krakett with an even more annoyed and slightly flushed look on his face.

“Are we ready to go?” Marchel asked as Lowenna mounted the last horse.

“Almost,” Lowenna replied, she hadn’t realised how nervous she was until now. Lowenna cleared her throat, as she turned her horse to face the crowd. “We ride to save your families, and fellow settlers. Wish us, good fortune on our journey.” And with that she turned and headed out at a gallop.

The rest of the party all looked at each other before heading out after her.

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