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Lowenna part 29 (Chapter 34)

Lowenna part 29 (Chapter 34)

Lowenna is now on her own, will she survive the wrath of Zarkar?


There was a moment of silence, with both Lowenna and Zarkar staring at each other. Both knew the other had to die. Zarkar knew he had the advantage, he could feel the magic flowing through his body, the bands he had obtained for his master were powerful and would kill the girl who stood in front of him easily.

Zarkar’s hands erupted in dark blue flames, which he launched at Lowenna one after another. The first ball of flames she dodged and the second one she used her shield to block, but the force of the impact pushed her backwards and her shield lattice faded from bright white to a dusty yellow. It would not take many more hits like that.

Lowenna launched her own fire towards him, but a flaming shield formed from one of the bands. The fire impacted the shield, dissipating and causing no damage. Zarkar threw more fire at Lowenna. She dodged the flames but didn’t return fire, needing to know something. “Your Magic is quite powerful Zarkar, but still your aim is a little off,” she shouted, hoping to goad him into a reply.

“This is the most powerful magic in the known realm,” he screeched back, anger still etched on his face. “You have no chance against me.”

Lowenna ducked under another ball of black flames, then jumped over one, before she stood defiantly staring at Zarkar again. “Then why did you not use them earlier? Why just use your shadow cape?” she shouted, still smiling, jumping to the side to avoid another ball of flame. Zarkar's aim was improving and the fire was getting faster. She had only just avoided that one.

“My cape was a gift from my Lord. It was supposed to be more powerful than any magic I encountered, but you..." Zarkar paused, his hand ablaze with magic, "you are more than you seem. My Lord needs the power of the Lowenna, and then nothing will be able to stop him, and he will conquer this land, with me at his side.”

Lowenna smiled, that’s what she had been thinking, Lowenna bracelets, powered by the swirling blue stones. She looked down at her own crystal. It was still pink, but the colour had faded. Lowenna knew what to do. She knew how to beat him now, and the only problem was could she survive long enough. Lowenna walked to the left, where Marchel’s sword had fallen, passing Grilk and Marchel.

“Submit to the power of the Lowenna, and I will grant you a quick death,” Zarkar shouted as he tapped the two bracelets together both erupting in blue flame.

Lowenna smiled, and then laughed out loud. It wasn’t a real laugh, as she was scared, but she wanted to anger Zarkar. “I have nothing to fear from Lowenna magic,” she shouted as she touched her crystal. “I am Lowenna!”

She thrust her hand into the air as she said this, and a blinding flash erupted from her hand catching Zarkar unaware. He launched the fire to where Lowenna had been standing but she had already moved, grabbing Marchel’s short sword and tucking it into her belt. “What’s the matter Zarkar,” she shouted, “can’t see, or are you just scared now a real Lowenna stands before you.”

Zarkar screamed again. He sounded more like a wild animal now, launching fireballs in every direction while his eyes recovered from the flash. Lowenna took cover behind a boulder that Benwa had made fall from the cliff, waiting for the barrage to stop. Every time one of Zarkar’s balls of flame struck the cliff or the boulder, small fragments of rock exploded outwards, and dust flew around.

The bombardment stopped and Lowenna stepped out from the cover. Zarkar’s sight had returned and his hands were still ablaze, but Lowenna could see the fire was looking much darker now, almost pure black. He had used a lot of magic, but not enough yet.

Zarkar composed himself. He wanted her crystal now. Another Lowenna crystal would please his master, and he would reward him even more. All he had to do to get it was kill the child that stood before him. Zarkar placed both his hands together, both arms straight and pointed them at Lowenna a stream of black flame suddenly shot towards her.

Lowenna instinctively knew what to do she placed her hand on her crystal and quickly clapped her hands together. She spun her wrists, will jumping backwards, and extended her left arm, pointing her fist at the fire heading towards her, her own stream of pink flame shot forward hitting Zarkar’s, halting its progress.

Slowly Lowenna’s fire started moving forward, forcing Zarkar’s black fire back. Zarkar could not believe this. He roared in anger, his eyes glowing dark blue, as his whole body erupted in black flames. This then rushed down the beam of black fire forcing Lowenna’s pink stream of magic back towards her.

Lowenna held her ground. The black fire was so close now, she could feel the heat, but she did not move, her crystal pulsed with magic, stopping the flow. She touched her crystal with her other hand and brought her hands together.

The effect was immediate Lowenna's fire rushing back down the stream, and Zarkar screamed again in rage. More black fire erupted from him and flew down the beam, but this time, it served only to slow Lowenna's fire temporally. Zarkar dived to the side, just before the pink fire hit him, breaking the contact. Lowenna brought her hands to her chest stopping the fire and checked her now grey crystal. She didn’t have much magic left, but hopefully neither did Zarkar.

Zarkar was in shock. He never thought he could meet someone who could match his own magic, much less the power of the Lowenna bands. The bands were supposed to be the most powerful magic in the land. Only the power of the Demon-gods and the Angelus should be able to stand against it, but one small girl with one pink crystal had proven that fact wrong.

Zarkar paused for a moment. He would have to use his cunning to kill this girl. He thrust his hands into the air launching two black bolts of energy up into the clouds far above them. Lowenna suddenly had to jump to the side, to avoid a small black shard, she looked up to see more heading right towards her, it was raining black shards. Lowenna jumped to the left as another one hit the ground leaving a trail of smoke.

Lowenna placed all her fingers on her crystal and flicked her fingers out it to the air. Ten little pink sparks flew, one from each finger and hovered around Lowenna, every shard that got close a spark would intercept it, both being destroyed as they touched. Lowenna smiled as she looked at the pale pink sparks. Her ability to summon new spells when she needed them was useful and amazing.

Zarkar lowered one of his hands and pushed a ball of flame towards her, but Lowenna flicked her fingers again the sparks intercepting the fire and it fizzled out into nothing. Zarkar launched more fire, each time the sparks intercepted it, and Lowenna sent out more sparks, but each time the fire was getting closer and the sparks glowed less bright.

He was getting through her defences, she was too low on magic. Another ball of flame was launched at Lowenna. She flicked her fingers again, but this time, no sparks were summoned. She was out of magic, Lowenna quickly brought her dusty yellow light shield up to block the fire, but the shield wasn’t strong enough. It exploded into shards of light, before fading to nothing, the force blowing her off her feet.

Her lower arm and the back of her hand were badly burnt. She was on the ground pushing herself away from Zarkar with her feet, as he laughed with delight. He pointed his hand at Lowenna. He had won! She was hurt, and now he was going to kill her and take his prize.

Suddenly an arrow hit Zarkar in the chest, which was followed by a yellow bolt of magic. Zarkar blocked the bolt with his dark grey fire shield, which again erupted from one of the bands. Zarkar removed the arrow from his chest plate and chucked it on the ground, looking out in the direction the arrow and bolt of magic came from.

On the cliff, two more children were defying him. Rique and Ryna now stood where Benwa’s archers had taken up their positions a few suns ago. Ryna now with arrows fired again and again at Zarkar, whose body was now covered in a dark grey flame defending him. Rique fired another bolt of magic at him, saying to herself out loud, “I must save my friend! I must save Lowenna!”

Zarkar struck the Lowenna bracelets together again. Zarkar summoned a huge dark grey flickering orb. He laughed as he pushed his hands towards Rique and Ryna and the orb flew towards them, ignoring the arrows and magic bolts, which struck it. The orb struck the cliff just below where the brother and sister were standing. The whole cliff started to shake and crack and the ledge, which Rique and Ryna were s on, crumbled and gave way.

Lowenna jumped to her feet as she saw her friends fall. “No!” She screamed as she instinctively touched her crystal and pushed her good hand out towards them, but only a few sparks flew from her fingers, and they faded away as the cliff collapsed on top of the brother and sister with a loud crash and a cloud of dust.

Lowenna looked angrily at Zarkar, wiping her face with her good arm, and stood defiantly in front of him. She drew Marchel’s sword, pointing it at Zarkar. As if on command the sword started to glow, but he was laughing again. Zarkar pointed his hand at Lowenna and flexed his fingers.

Nothing happened. Zarkar looked at his hands, looking confused. He tapped the bands together and tried again. A few flames flickered on his fingers but soon fizzled out “What is this,” he shouted showing his annoyance.

Lowenna composed herself, “You're out," she stated. "Lowenna magic has limits and you have just exceeded them. Did you not notice the colour change of your gemstones or the magic you summoned,” Lowenna explained while catching her breath, as Zarkar looked at the stones in the bands, now a dusty grey with no swirl. “They started blue with dark blue swirl and now what are they? Grey? That was the colour of your last attack."

Zarkar again pushed his hand towards Lowenna. A few sparks flew towards her, but they dissipated before they got close. Zarkar drew his own blade it wasn’t long but glowed red with magic, he charged at Lowenna cursing in anger, but she easily blocked the attack with her sword, and spun behind him and cut his back, blood running freely. He then made another desperate swing but Lowenna again blocked it before kicking him in the gut and she followed that with a punch to the jaw, with the handle of the sword. Blood splattering across the ground as broken teeth flew from his mouth.

Zarkar dropped his sword and fell to his knees, with a look of disbelief on his face. He didn’t understand, he couldn't understand. His Lord had given him a shadow magic cape. It was supposed to be superior to any magic he might encounter. He had used the Lowenna bracelets, the strongest magic in the land and this girl had bested him. This was supposed to be impossible.

He looked at Lowenna his eyes glowing black, as he pushed both his hands forward, willing every drop of magic and hate towards the girl before him. Lowenna jumped back ready to defend any traces of magic he had left, just as Dumar appeared between them. He looked at Lowenna, then turned and looked at Zarkar. “I’ll take those,” he said as he grabbed Zarkar’s wrists and vanished.

Zarkar screamed in pain and rage, as he looked to where his hands had once been. His lower arms had just vanished and where they had been, blood now flowed freely, covering the ground in red. Lowenna threw him a quick glance before turning and running towards where Rique and Ryna had fallen, leaving the angry screams of Zarkar behind her, knowing he was no longer a threat and would soon be dead.

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