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Lowenna: The secrets of Light and Darkness, chapter 10

Lowenna: The secrets of Light and Darkness, chapter 10

Lowenna has had a roungh few suns lets see if the new sun is any better.

Chapter 10 The Picture of the ship

The sun had been up a while when Lowenna finally awoke. She was sitting in a doorway and was stiff from the eventful moon and lack of sleep. She heard the Lock click open, so she jumped up hastily, making sure her hood was still covering her hair and part of her face.

This was the "Nott & Sail Inn." She had been told there would be a room available today and looked a lot better than where she had tried to stay the last moon. “Oh, hello, err… what can I do for you this pleasant sun warrior?” The woman who opened the door said, nervously being caught out by the unexpected stranger who was standing on the doorstep.

“Pleasant sun to you too,” Lowenna said with a smile, before continuing, “I was told you would have a room available today.”

“Yes, yes we do warrior, please come in,” The woman said quickly. Lowenna followed her inside. The Inn was well lit and looked very tidy, all the walls were covered in a light coloured wood, dark metal railings ran up the side of the stairs and across the balcony above the double height room. “Please have a seat and I will get you some tea and first meal warrior.”

Lowenna was about to sit down, but then looked at the woman, “Why do you keep calling me warrior?” she asked her.

The woman looked Lowenna up and down, “I recognise your cape. You work for Mr. Saxton do you not?”

Lowenna was silent for another moment, trying to decide how to respond, “I just arrived in Hymdale, and I haven't met Mr. Saxton, yet. Maybe you can tell me a little more about him and other people who wear a cape like this one.”

The woman looked a little confused, “Is this a test warrior? I assure you I would do nothing to upset Mr. Saxton, or do anything to cause him any problems.”

“No it's not a test, I just wish to know what business he is involved with?” Lowenna replied, trying to put the woman more at ease.

“Well, he owns several businesses warrior and a fleet of ships, which bring in lots of goods to Hymdale. Only yesterday a shipment of weapons, fine linen and slaves came into the city on one of his ships.”

“Slaves?” Lowenna asked, sounding a little surprised.

“Oh yes, I believe there is a slave auction today, I'm sure some men will be bidding on some young girls and boys to try and boost their businesses. Some people pay a little more for a pretty, young face, but I would rather bid on someone who looks strong and can help me with the livestock or in the kitchen.”

Lowenna didn't know what to say to this woman. The idea of slaves didn't seem right to her but then it was possible that she had a slave or had been one herself. The lack of memories was confusing her, and possibility was rattling around in her head. “I may check it out later, thank you.”

“Your welcome. Mr. Saxton will be there, after all, he gets a share of all the slave sales.” The woman nodded at Lowenna who nodded back, “Shat I get your food now warrior?”

“Please,” Lowenna replied, and the woman turned and left quickly, leaving Lowenna to her thoughts. She was trying not to think about slaves, something about it made her feel uneasy. Momentarily, she was getting a bad feeling. Maybe she was a slave and if she did find out about her past, that she would end up chained in a kitchen or being sold out to men who frequented the Dark District inn.

Lowenna looked over at the unlit fireplace. It was the only part of the room that wasn't covered in wood, The stones were black with a blue tint and looked slightly familiar, but there was only so much time Lowenna could be distracted by stones. Not wanting to think about being a slave again, she looked around the room for anything else to distract her while she was waiting. The only thing of interest, which Lowenna could see, was a large picture on the far wall. Lowenna went over to it to have a better look,

The large picture was a port, Lowenna assumed it was Hymdale, several ships docked in the pear, some probably with slaves, Lowenna thought. She was about to go and sit down again when she suddenly froze. One of the ships in the background Lowenna recognised. To her utter surprise, it had the Lowenna symbol on the sail, just like the cover of the book she used to have. There were three small figures on the deck. They were too small to make out, but Lowenna believed one of them was Ricardo. It was too much of a coincident, for the ship to be there and not be the same one from her dreamscape.

Lowenna stared at the picture looking for any other clues, but there was nothing until she looked at the signature, “Carlzus,” Lowenna read out loud. This was only the second word that Lowenna had been able to read. “Carlzus,” she said again. The name even sounded familiar to Lowenna, even though she had no idea why.

“Excuse me, warrior, I have your meal,” the woman said, breaking Lowenna’s concentration, as she placed a large tray filled with freshly baked bread, a pot of tea, fresh fruit and a jar of warm jam on the table.

“I'm sorry I was just looking at this painting, do you know the artist?”

“By the Angelus no,” the woman said, with a snobbish laugh, “that painting is hundreds of seasons old, I got it from an old lady. She said she was from far away, but she didn't make a lot of sense,” the woman replied.

“In what way?” Lowenna asked still thinking about the image of the Lowenna ship.

“Well warrior, she kept mentioning her sister and dreamscapeing. I was trying to get her out of the bar, as she was upsetting my daughter but she then gave me the picture telling me it was very very old and paramount I displayed it here until....” The woman suddenly looked a little shocked and took a step away from Lowenna.

“Whats wrong? Until what?” Lowenna asked looking more concerned.

“Until a young woman with red hair came in and could read the name on the picture. That's you isn't it, you just said the name,” the woman replied.

Lowenna removed her hood showing her bright red hair. “Carlzus,” she repeated.

“I was to give you a message and to tell you. You had a room for one moon paid for by the old woman, but the message was a little cryptic. It went something like, After you look into the Daemon's eyes, listen to the voice. Keep your wits about you as long as you can, and when you have to kill her, aim for the heart.”

“Right,” Lowenna replied slowly, not understanding what the message meant but now she had a feeling of foreboding doom. “What did this messenger look like?” Lowenna had an idea, and she didn't want to believe she was right, but it was the only thing that made any sense, even though it was almost imposable.

“It was a small old woman she had glasses, and all her clothes were grey, and she spoke with an old accent,” the woman replied.

“Ma sister?” Lowenna said, trying to copy the accent of the old woman she had met in penbirth.

“Something like that.” the innkeeper nodded her head, with a nervous smile.

Lowenna tried to smile back but couldn't. “I have a room?” Lowenna eventually asked while thinking about the crazy old woman who had sold her the red leather Lowenna book.

“Yes, but it isn't available until high sun warrior.”

“That's fine if you could look after my spare clothes, and put them in my room once it is ready, I would be grateful,” Lowenna replied still trying to smile. “I'll just eat some of this lovely bread, and then I'll be heading back into town.”

“Of course warrior,” the woman said, before leaving Lowenna to the large spread of food.

Lowenna sat down and spread some jam on a piece of bread, and took a big bite. The sweetness tingled her pallet as she looked over at the picture. Her crystal around her neck gave off a slight glow, as Lowenna closed her eyes.

Lowenna suddenly had to grab the rail she was standing by. She was on a ship. She could smell and taste the salt in the air. Was it the same ship she had dream-scaped about before? She looked down at herself, she was wearing a simple white hooded robe, and her crystal was tucked underneath. Lowenna pulled her hood up to cover her red hair, before looking around.

Lowenna saw lots of people wearing similar robes wandering around quickly. Some were picking up empty wooden boxes. Others were securing crates and even more were bringing full boxes back onto the ship. A voice suddenly rang out over the deck, “secure the ropes and sails. We restock quickly before heading off.”

Lowenna recognised the voice. It sounded like Ricardo, the old Lowenna from her first dream-scape. She wanted to see him but was worried that if she did, he would eject her from the ship like he had last time. So she went to the edge of the ship to see where she was.

It was unmistakable, as she had expected the ship was docked in Hymdale. A ramp and ropes were securing the ship to the harbour wall. Lowenna looked at the city, although some of the buildings had changed she recognised the cobbled streets, the tower, and the harbour walls, even though they were a lot cleaner and had a lot less seaweed adorning them. This was how to enter the city not climbing out of a little boat and up a ladder after being dropped into the sea.

“Have fun in the city,” a young girl's voice suddenly called, sounding a little disappointed, Lowenna turned to see the young girl with red hair. Not quite as small as she remembered, but still young. She didn't give Lowenna a second look as she leant on the rail only a few steps from her, staring longingly into the city.

Lowenna was dumbstruck, this girl could be her from long long ago, or at the very least she could be a descendant. She was the only person who Lowenna had seen with hair the same colours as hers. She also had a similar small scar under her eye, but Lowenna didn't want to stare at her. Should she say something? Did she risk making other people aware of her presence? “Princess,” a voice suddenly called out, it was Ricardo, he was coming towards the girl and Lowenna.

Lowenna slowly tore herself away from the young girl. She so wanted to talk to her but didn't know what to say, and Ricardo had known she was dreamscaping before and didn't want him to see her again. She positioned herself behind a large crate just in earshot so she could listen and still look out towards the city.

“Princess...” Ricardo started before leaning on the rail by the girl looking towards the city, “I am sorry, but we can't risk you going into the city, someone may recognise you. You are the last of the royal house of the Lowenna, and I promised your father I would keep you safe.”

“But I so wanted to get off the ship and explore. You said I could, as long as I wore my cape and wasn't alone.” The girl said, sounding upset.

“I know princess, I know. But with the loss of your bodyguard, we have to be extra careful. I promise soon as it is safer you will be able to go ashore, and we will rebuild the Lowenna empire. But first we need to find out about our allies, and if the dark legion is actually gone, once we know what happened to them we can start building our future.”

“Can I ask you something uncle?”

“Anything you wish,” Ricardo replied with a smile.

“When it's safe will I be queen?” The young girl asked.

“I believe that's what your father wanted, but it will not be easy, there will be many enemies who would not want to see you as queen, that's why you have to be careful and not leave the ship,” Ricardo replied.

“What about the others?” The girl asked.

“What others?” Ricardo asked in reply, not sure what was being asked.

“The others,” the girl replied. “ The Mavens, Avions, Mureath, the humans and the others who my father and mother ruled over.”

Ricardo sighed, “At the moment we can't trust anyone. I wouldn't even trust any Lowenna who isn't on this ship at the moment. You will never be alone. We will find you a new bodyguard. Someone will always be with you if not me then a trusted friend.”

“But I will be queen?”

“Everyone on this ship will follow you,” Ricardo said with a smile, before looking in Lowenna’s direction. His eyes narrowed, “Well almost everyone,” Ricardo replied, now looking more serious. He turned and started walking towards where Lowenna was hiding.

He can sense me Lowenna thought, as she began walking away from Ricardo. She looked over her shoulder to see him touching the large crate where Lowenna had been hiding, suddenly he looked at her

Lowenna turned towards the bridge, trying to blend in, but Ricardo was right behind her. She grabbed a box and headed towards the ramp, which led into the city.

As she was walking down the ramp, she noticed the sloping wall, which had been covered in seaweed when she had first seen it. It was made of black rock with a blue tint which looked familiar. She also noticed a tunnel or large open pipe right at the bottom of the wall, “It was probably covered in the slimy seaweed,” Lowenna thought to herself.

Lowenna kept walking until she was off the ramp, only then did she turn her head to see if Ricardo was still behind her.

Lowenna froze, a beautiful woman stood only a few steps away. A smile started to form on Lowennas face, as she watched the woman. She was the most beautiful person Lowenna had ever seen. Lowenna suddenly realised everyone around her was also staring at the woman. No one was moving, and it had gone eerily quiet. She looked over to the left and saw Erkut and two other lawmen also watching the woman, not moving. Lowenna suddenly felt a pain in her head. She had to get away from this woman, but couldn't move. A pink blinding flash suddenly erupted from her crystal, forcing Lowenna to close her eyes.

When Lowenna opened her eyes again, she was back in the inn. She thoughtfully took another bite of the bread and jam she had prepared, thinking about what she had just seen.

It was nice to know that Ricardo and the young girl had survived the storm, Lowenna had last seen them passing through, and had made it to Hymdale. She wondered how long they had been at sea? The Dark Legion had vanished, and the world had kept turning. The Lowenna no longer ruled but people still knew the Lowenna were out there. Also, the beautiful woman at the end of the vision with long raven black hair was she connected to Ricardo and the girl or was that two dreamscapes were merging again? She had seen Erkut too but didn't know if that was important or not.

Lowenna finished her tea and decided to leave. She asked the lady at reception if she could use the washroom, to freshen up, and then head out into the streets of Hymdale.

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