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Terror in the Land of Hope and Mystery Part 3

The Rescuers Gather

The rescue party waited down the road from the hovel where the elves delivered Giorgia and Poppet to Gav, the Evil red troll (or so we all assumed).

Robert flew back and forth several times reporting on the kidnapping but the blooming flowers surrounding Gav's hovel sidetracked him. Kermit and Marvin, who were starving, stared at Robert flying around teasing their rumbling tummies. The teasing hardly helped their ferocious need for sustenance.

Reece, Stig and Fred waited for Edward and the women, along with Kermit and Marvin. The latter two were no help whatsoever feasting on flies whilst still salivating over poor Robert, who was, at least, trying to help. His spying was much better than they were but he couldn't make sense of what was going on.

Giorgia, it seemed, enraptured the Troll and maybe scared him a little.

Still, though, they waited patiently for Edward to return with Kiera, Auntie Ginger and Queen Karen, before rescuing Giorgia. Kiera could double check that the kidnapping wasn't all Reece's fault and just a trick on his poor sister. In which case, Auntie Ginger had an ample supply of water balloons.

The group started to get uneasy, as Robert flew back. Each report seemed to get worse and most confusing to our starving rescuers. Robert's reports showed his increasing concern over the urge never to come back again because he was so hungry. He saw that Giorgia and Gav baked triple chocolate brownies. The smell of homemade chilli and tiring from each trip made his tummy grumble and left him starving.

Gav, as it transpired, was a great cook and made an especially tasty vegetable lasagna with a homegrown side salad.

As Robert approached the group, Cal and Marvin both leapt forward, tongue out, to get the tasty dragonfly. Loxy, Cal's transport and new friend, swatted Cal and Marvin with her paws and they fell off her back to the dusty road. She rolled on her back in the dusty road barely missing Kermit and Marvin, as she tried to relieve the itching caused by all the fleas. Wallowing in the dust, Cal looked wistfully at Robert as he flew to the others and Marvin's tummy grumbled.

Hunger plagued Kermit. Worrying about Giorgia, always made him hungry. Right now, a delicious dragonfly would go down as a welcome treat. It would be better than all the fleas from Loxy's coat. One dragonfly was like eating 500 fleas.

Cal felt he was rather a failure to Giorgia. Especially given her "supposed" dire circumstances, kidnapped by elves for A RED TROLL. They were not supposed to exist anymore. He had let her down.

He was sure, Marvin, his aide, felt the heat of his depression. Marvin also eyed Robert, as a tasty treat when he flew toward the rescuers.

Cal jumped on Loxy's back. He slipped his tongue out and ate another flea, as did Marvin. In fact, they ate several each in their depressive state, whilst greedily eyeing poor Robert.

Giggling and with a loud gasp, Robert landed on Fred's shoulder.

"Reece," he said


"Did I ever mention you're annoying?"

"You may have mentioned it, what's you point?"

The loud canter of hooves and flapping of several wings caused Reece not to hear Robert's reply. Several water balloons hit Reece and getting soaked followed the noise.

As Reece saw his mum (Kiera) approach, he said, "What the heck, mum," and another balloon hit him.

"Watch your mouth Reece Robert, rascal," Kiera said.

Slammed by two more water balloons, both Trinket and Ginger said, "Where is Giorgia, Reece?"

Another water balloon flew from Queen Karen, "Tell us now, Reece."

"Jeez, MUM, why am I always to blame, do they not have social services on this plane?"

Kiera paused and thought, that's not like Reece.

Ginger and Trinket both threw another water balloon at him, not trusting a word he said after the cave incident.

Fred and Stig tried to speak up and water balloons clobbered them too. Only, when Kermit spoke up, did they listen. Queen Karen froze the balloons so they would listen, but not before Ginger threw another water balloon at Reece's head just in case.

"Stop the water balloons! Those are not getting us anywhere and right now we need to get Giorgia back," Stig said. Just as he finished three water balloons landed on his body soaking his uniform. Fred and Reece laughed at it and more balloons hit them too.

Kermit standing on the back of Loxy shouted, "Stop with the balloons and raucousness. We have a serious situation here." No balloons fell on Loxy out of respect for the Frog Prince.

Reece looked at his mum and spoke, "Mum, I had nothing to do with what happened to Giorgia. I want her back as much as you do. So, let's get her and bring her home."

Before we move on them, let's send Robert to get another report of the situation."

Everyone nodded in agreement and watched as Robert flew away. Marvin climbed onto Loxy's back joining Kermit for the run to the hovel. Mum, Reece, Auntie Ginger, Trinket and the Queens huddled together next to Loxy.

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