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Done With Your Exercise

Done With Your Exercise

Tags: exercise, love

Checked my mobile phone, it showed three fifty-eight in the morning. It was not even four in the morning, and I am still wide awake, staring at the whirling ceiling fan.

Dismissed the set-alarm and pondered whether to start my day early or just stay laid back in bed for another thirty minutes. 

The moment I remembered her beautiful smiling face. I got excited to start my day and get ready. After I freshened up. I wore my rubber shoes, took my badminton racket, and get ready to head out. 

Descending the stairs from my room on the second floor, I switched off all the lights as I passed along the way going out. 

It was a bit windy outside, cursing.

We always play badminton in an open space. I just hoped the wind would stop when we started playing. 

I started walking towards the park, enjoying the silence of the morning dawn. 

As usual, someone is waiting for me. Sitting in the middle of the road. A street dog, guarding the street naturally, staring at me, and for a moment there, I got scared. 

I still continued walking, ignoring him as if I was his master. Once I passed by him, I felt a huge relief. 

A few meters farther than the usual everyday scene unfolded. An old couple, sitting together on the park bench, exchanging early morning pleasantries. I guessed they had sat longer, and enjoying the privacy in the open. 

A few depressing thoughts came into my mind seeing that couple, but I discarded them immediately and marched on. I have made a decision about running for thirty minutes around the park, with that determination, I entered the park. 

It was still dark and could see a few old people walking, not even a soul who is about the same age or near mine. I thought they had better things to do than woke up this early and come to this deserted park. I shrugged those thoughts and started doing my usual exercise.

I kept glancing at the entrance during my exercises. I knew why that is. Several times I just said to myself, she will not be coming today. I should not have cared, but then after a few minutes, I would be glancing at the gate again.

I saw a silhouette walking outside the barricade of the park. It was approaching the gate, I was feeling ecstatic. The tiny steps and lively-walk it was her for sure. My lips curved into a smile, and resumed my exercise, this time focusing entirely on it.

After getting warmed up, I looked at my watch, and it was five-thirty in the morning. I looked around for that girl, she had already run three to four rounds, and I just did not want to run with her. 

Once I confirmed she is not in the vicinity, I started my run. Although I would meet her along the path. I did not say anything anymore now since she would be listening to music. 

A few days back, stammering, I greeted her. "Hey there!"

While running, there was no reply from her. I realized she was listening to a song, I was embarrassed a bit. 

As promised, I ran for a good thirty minutes and was resting in my usual place where the girl would join me as well. 

As I would be stretching, she would approach me with her badminton racket, removing her earphones and with a smile, she would greet me, "Good morning, Sunil!"

And I would reply with a smile. "Good morning, Hazel!"

After she settled on her bench and me doing my after run stretching, she would talk to me in between, which I always like.

"How many rounds today?” she asked while doing her stretching exercises.

"Today, fifteen rounds. How about you?" I asked her back.

"It is thirteen rounds, ten slow runs, and three walkings."

She seemed a bit unsatisfied.

When I heard thirteen rounds, I felt unaccomplished. It was a great feat for a girl to do that. Not many I know, have seen them do that. I congratulated her, then we were silent for some time and doing our stretching.

After some time, she shared a few things about her life and also told me how she enjoys playing badminton. I was distracted by her beauty and her sweet voice. I did not hear what she said. I felt I was hypnotized.

"Hey, you are done with your exercise?" I heard a male voice, a buddy who plays with me.

I came to my senses and replied to him. "Yup! Done with it. Let us go!"

"You alright?" he asked me while we are walking together.

"Yeah, I am. Why did you ask?"

"You were lost. I have called you several times."

"Ah, it is nothing like that, but thanks. Let us hurry, it is time, we should start sweeping."

"We should not have come early, Bro!” he said with a tired voice as we approached the court.

Another one of my days went by daydreaming about her. I am having a beautiful conversation in my head with her. 

I said to myself, "We might not be together now, but someday. The time will come that we will be."

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