Two Pebbles

By Adagio

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I believe that I have used every word.

With two pebbles of yesterday in my Pina Colada, at Hotel Dementia. Now my hair of grey, has worn the years of poetic seasons, but my wife is still my cotton candy. It wasn't so long ago that I was a barker of words and funnel cakes at the carnival. Where unicorns danced and swayed beneath the spotlights as the peanuts cracked.    

As a young lad, I dreamed of little red-lemon turtles relaxing at a nearby pool. In the distance ferris wheel. Now turn to rust as tears pool in my eyes, in memories of my destination. Several rungs down the ladder of my youth.     

Now seagull screams in the heat, flying under the sun. Grilling my sunscreen and nose. With two pebbles of yesterday as I am on vacation, while the world burns.