A Hundred Pieces

By maryruth

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Chapter 1

 The name doesn't matter. There are many different names and different faces.. Too many times things like this happens.

She ran around the room trying to make sure everything was in its place. Trying to see the room as he would when he came in.

When he had left that morning he had given orders to make sure everything was in proper order.She did not want to see his anger. She had seen it many times. She has felt it many times also. She wanted to try and avoid it if at all possible.

She knew it was almost time for him without looking at the clock on the wall. She didn't need the clock to tell her. Her stomach started to draw up in knots and she knew she just knew. It was not from lack of food this time. No she had found some crackers and hid them so he would not find them and know she had them.

Just as she spotted the empty bag on the table she heard his steps as he walked into the room. He stopped and looked at her. She was very scared he would spot the empty container.

As she made her way to the table she hit the lamp and it moved a little. She stopped and hoped he had not seen it.

"That lamp was a gift from my Mother you stupid bitch, be more careful"he yelled. It was an accident she had touched it she tried to explain but he would not listen to her. She finally gave up.

Why she did what she did,she will never know.

She smiled so sweetly as she stood tall. She gave a push to the lamp and watched as it fell to the floor and into a hundred small parts.

Her smile never left her face as he walked to her. He raised his hand and she hit the floor. Feeling like she was in a hundred parts also. But oh how proud she was she has stood up to him,as she tasted the blood from her mouth once again.

It was worth every drop she thought. She never liked that damn lamp anyway.