A Random Moment in Time: Part One

By Circle_Something

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Tags: random, love, first, sight, moment, mystery

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Did they ever?

‘Who is that?’ He wondered. He noticed her walking past him and was stunned. He watched her walk past and looked back again for one more look. She was cute and curvy, two of his most favourite features to see in a woman. He wondered if he’d ever see her again. He hoped he would and maybe even they could talk. Captivated, he smiled. ‘It’s probably futile, she likely didn’t even see me, much less notice me.’

She saw him, alright. She saw and noticed. He wore a hat and had a peculiar gait. Not quite swaggering, though not a normal walk.

What was normal anyway? Neither of them!

‘Hope I see him again, he’s cute,’ she thought to herself. He had long hair the colour of her favourite confection, tied in in ponytail and a quiet confidence about him. Not to mention, he’s absolutely gorgeous. A man as cute in the face as that is bound to be taken.

The two people thought about each other. They tried not to fantasise, thinking that the fantasy likely would be different to the reality. Nobody knows if their paths never crossed again.