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A Random Moment: Part Three, Getting Specific

A Random Moment: Part Three, Getting Specific

The tale continues

He looked at the timetable and then at his watch and back to the timetable.

‘Missed it, eh?’ He thought.

He tapped a woman on the shoulder to ask her when the next bus was due.

“Not for another hour and a half,” she told him.

The dusky light was dim and he was tired, but that didn’t stop him realising who it was: cute passerby/bus stop girl! His eyes glinted, his heart jumped and a smile came across his face.

Her smile also glowed. ‘It’s really him, isn’t it?’ She thought.

“Are you waiting for the 23?” He asked.

“Yup, I take it you are, too?”

“Yeah,” he smiled, his quiet confidence shining through.

He rolled a cigarette and lit up. There was some slight awkwardness between the random strangers, as they tried to work out their next moves.

“So, um, wanna go to the coffee shop over yonder, get a cuppa? You look frozen,” he threw caution to the wind.

“Um, well, aw screw it, okay, I am blooming freezing!”

The intrepid pair headed across the road and entered the cosy wee coffee shop.

“Ah, it’s nice and warm in here,” Cute Man said.

“Innit just,” She agreed.

“Whatcha fancy? Tea?”

“Aye, I’ll have a tea, if you don’t mind.”

“Sure, one tea coming up.”

He bouncy-swaggered over to the counter and ordered two teas and a slice of chocolate cake each. The woman watched as he walked and started to blush at the thoughts going through her mind.

“Tea and cake,” he announced.

“Or death?” She smiled.

The pair looked at each other and smiled, followed by uproarious laughter. It was as if they’d been friends for years and were sharing a well-known joke.

“That cake looks delicious,” the woman smiled.

“It does, not deathly at all.”

“Maybe death by deliciousness,” more shared mirth.

They exchanged lots more laughs and bumped spoons as they went for their cakes on the small cafe table.

“Just a thought, what’s your name?” He asked.

“Of course, how rude of me! I’m Cynthia.”

“Charmed to meet you, beautiful lady” he took her hand and kissed it, “I am Rufus,” he said in a mock posh English accent.

“Oh, stop, you’re making me blush,” Cynthia really blushed.

“You wear it well.”

“Well, if you can make me blush, I can make you blush. You’ve got a really sexy voice,” her blush deepened.

“Um, well, er, thank you,” he blushed.

It had been a while since anyone made him blush, but this was twice in a row that this woman had done this to him. He even felt hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.

“I’m serious, it’s so soft and soothing and when you sang that line from Upside Down... Just gorgeous!”

“You like Lacuna Coil?” He took a sip of tea to calm himself down, he could feel himself getting a little out of breath and shaky with excitement.

“Yeah, love them... Andrea Ferro... drool-fest!”

“Ha! I agree, but Cristina? Can’t forget her.”

“Woof! I’d do her. Whoops, sorry, got carried away there,” Cynthia giggled.

“Ah, you’re funny,” Rufus giggled back.

The pair were having such a gay time, laughing and touching, exchanging amorous glances, but all too soon it was cut short:

“Hate to say this, but I’m gonna have to kick you pair out,” they were informed.

“Huh? Why?” Rufus looked crestfallen.

“Closing time, you’ve been here for almost two hours, giggling to each other. Nice to see two people so in love, warms me heart, it does,” the elderly shop worker smiled at them, clearing their table.

“Well, lover, guess we’d better be getting away,” Cynthia grabbed Rufus’ hand and led him out.

Rufus rolled another cigarette and grumbled: “Missed our bus, didn’t we?”

“Seems like. Suppose we’ll just grab a taxi.”

They managed to hail a cab and had the driver drop Cynthia off first.

“I’d invite you in, Rufus, but my dog doesn’t know you yet and he’s wildly protective of me. Maybe see you around?” She waved and turned to go into her house.

“Wait, Cynthia! Are you on Facebook?”

“Yeah, search for Cynthia Barnes. Goodnight Rufus, see ya on Facebook?” Cynthia shouted back.

“Yeah, for sure.”

Rufus told the taxi driver his address and sat back smiling and sighed dreamily.

‘Can’t quite believe that. Where did that come from?’ He thought.

When he went into his dingy wee flat, he fired up his computer.

“Cynthia Barnes, eh? Let’s see,” he said to the empty room.

He found her instantly. His hand hovered over the “Send Request” button. He hesitated and...
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