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Battle of the Sky

Storm clouds v. Clouds: fight for the sky.

Battle of the Sky

They’re awakening.

They’re ready.

The feeling in the air has changed. It is no longer still and frail but energized and surging with power.

The clouds pull from unconsciousness arousing the others beside them. Instantly responding they darken, morph, and expand. Preparing for battle.

The battle for the sky.

Energy continues to build in the form of electricity. POP, ZAP, CRACKLE, and a final BOOM that strikes lightning all the way to earth; it hits a tree, sending it to flames.

It’s a signal.

The signal to begin.

The clouds advance through the sky spreading out like a think blanket, shading the land beneath them and engulfing everything in their wake with darkness.

The closer they get the more they can feel. The White Clouds are strong; they’ve been ruling the skies for days now. Not today though, the Black Clouds are ready. They won’t surrender. They never do.

The Dark ones come to a halt when a glowing white light comes into view. From somewhere deep inside the dark mass a strong rumble is made, vibrating off a wave of hate and envy.

A certain Dark Cloud known as Erebos starts to pull away from the large form of air particles. As it does it shape shifts into the form of a demon; an ugly demon with ripped wings, no face, and ashen skin.

Aether, leader of the White Clouds, steps forward casting into a bright beautiful angel; its wings are a fluffy snow white, it glows a fluorescent white, and holds a golden staff.

Erebos makes a high-pitched screech of disgust, thrashing its head back and forth and seething inside. The other Dark ones feel this too; they’re anger rages and builds just as Erebos. They’ve lived in second place too long.

There’s no negotiating this time; it clearly didn’t work before.

The Black Clouds make the first move. Blowing a playful gust of wind just strong enough to knock wisps of white cloud out of formation.

The Light ones pretend to act un-phased when deep down they fear the anger surging off the enemy. They don’t make any attempts to attack the Dark ones.

After moments of waiting the Dark ones grow impatient traversing quickly through the frenzied air at Erebos command.

The White Clouds take this as an advantage and advance forward causing the two to clash hard.

The sound is frightening; it rumbles in the sky and shakes the Earth. The contact sends an eruption of blinding light and the wind picks up, swirling like a robust blizzard as the surrounding air chills into a frosty burn.

BOOM, more thunder.

BANG, another impact.

SWISH, continuing howling winds.

Aether uses the light to burn and weaken Erebos and his army. But the enemy fights back, harder.

The Black Clouds shoot bolts of lightning like heavy iron balls from a cannon. Every ZAP and CRACK weakening the Light.

The White Clouds, however, are still more powerful. They cascade a large plume of force- resembling that of a dying star- knocking the Dark enemy unsteady and causing them disperse into a thin layer.

This is what usually happens. Erebos advances in the beginning and eventually gets over taken by Aether. Not this time, though.

As if being pulled by magnets the Dark conjures itself together again, sturdier more solid this time. The layers of cloud build on each other, adding height, width, and darkness; each cloud giving up reserve energy to concoct one big bang. This is their final chance.

The chance to rule and concur or be ruled and concurred. Hopefully none the latter.

With all the force they can muster, the Black Clouds, cast their final blow. A ball of energy swirls in circles towards the Light, giving off flashes of crisp color and ZAPS of shocking static.

BOOM! The impact is made.

The light vanishes; the dark consumes the world. The silence is deafening.

They won. They concurred. 

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