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Painted sign on the door:

Cletus Ottis Bounty Hunter

Regarded as a conscientious, mud-slapper, mason. "Mah wife said thet was a dadburn lie." Recently released from a halfway house, between Johnnie Walker and Jim Beam, Mississippi.

"Ah had recently apprehended th' scrounge who chewed th' daises near whar Skeeter Davis rest." But, not before I tasered the rabbit.

"Yo' haf th' right t'remain silent. Yo' haf th' right t'have an atto'ney present when we quesshun yo', an' eff'n yo' kinnot

affo'd an atto'ney one will be appointed fo' yo'. Eff'n yo' waive these rights an' talk t'us, ennythin' yo' say may be used

aginst yo' in court."

Now a paranormal investigator. "Wif an office in an old used sin'le wide. In th' no'th fo'ty, next t'a Waffle House."

Patched with Campbell Tomato soup cans. Hidden from view.

The office door seen from a silo of conspicuous decor. "Also it came wif a wind-up bug zapper."

Armed with video cameras. digital recorders and of course, alcohol. "Not fo'gittin' all th' wo'ds of th' late Jorge Jones


The wife recently came home with a pet bird. Three months later it had eaten the side out of the trailer. That is what you

get when you buy a BC pterodactyl. Before chickens.

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