Cat Lover: Prologue

By Kijo

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Tags: cat lover, romance, short stories

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How far can a person go to be a Cat Lover?

The apartment door was unlocked and opened by a young woman, her movements hurried as she tried to knock off her flats one foot at a time while both of her arms were occupied with a jacket. She closed the door with her hips before placing the jacket on her couch in the living room. The girl seemed to be in a panic, but it wasn't clear exactly why.

For a moment, all that could be heard was shuffling from her hallway closet, then the rush of footsteps from her bedroom and back into the main living room.

"I found a towel!" the young woman called, out of breath. She unraveled her jacket to what appeared to be...a cat? It was completely soaked and shaking. The girl wrapped the towel around the feline before raising up into her arms.

"Oh you poor thing..." she whispered while cuddling the cat.

The young woman walked toward her bedroom, turning up the heat on the way, and pondered about the cat. Why would anyone abandon their pet like this? Or had it been on its own for a long time?

In any case, she thought, she had made a decision. She was going to keep this poor creature...