Death has Found Me

By PurplePanda101

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Tags: love, abuse, disappointment, hope, revenge, sadness

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based off the second picture

She slowly walks into the dark forest wiping the tears from her eyes. The tree tops filter the moonlight casting an eerie glow through the branches. The brambles from the vines at the base of the trees are ripping at the bottom of her dress. She hears something a few feet away, fear causes her heart to flutter, but she doesn't see anything. She spins around looking for the source of the noise. Stopping, her eyes land on a man with a long cloak.

She stops in her tracks and yells out, "Who are you?"

The man turns to her and says, "I have been watching you for a long time. So do you want me to take care of him?”

She whispers softly thinking he can’t hear, “How does he know?”

“I know because I am everywhere, but nowhere at the same time.” The man says with a sinister raspy voice.

She looks at the man with a pensive look on her face, as she considers his offer. Maybe it would be a good thing to get back at the source of her tears, but she thinks what do I want to do, is it all worth it? No, she thinks to herself, I couldn’t. I still love him. She knows in her heart its true, but she thinks of all the things he has done to her. All the physical abuse, the mental abuse, the anguish and turmoil thrust into her life is taking its toll. It has to stop. Though she knows she can’t do it. Here is a solution that will end it all permanently, why not take it? Then out of nowhere the cloaked man turns away from her. She yells out to him, “Wait! Who are you?”

He says without looking back, “Until we meet again.” Without another word, he disappears in a burst of flames.