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Watch for more about Lilith, a teen who believes she is cursed.

Lilith Everly looked out the back window and watched her two older brothers rake the leaves in the backyard. She filled her glass from the faucet and took a big drink before placing the glass in the sink. Gabe and Jonah were shoveling leaves into their mother's garden composter when Lilith glanced back on her way to finish her chores. She passed a family picture where she was just a baby on her mother's lap and two brown haired boys of 3 and 5 stood next to their mother and in front of their brown haired father. Their mother had wavy, thick auburn hair with bright green eyes, and Lilith looked just like her except she had thick, wavy black hair. The look of sadness in her mother's eyes in the picture were not ignored due to the forced smile on her full lips, and Lilith thought about the story of how she got her name.

As she finished her chores, the conversation from second grade with her mother played like a bad movie in her head. Her teacher gave the class a writing assignment about where their first names came from, and a younger than 13-year-old Lilith was filled with excitement about the assignment. She asked her mother when she burst through the door after school, and was answered with silence for a few minutes. Her mother started by explaining that Lilith was a woman made from the earth like Adam and was supposed to be his mate, but Lilith was headstrong and disobeyed. She left the Garden of Eden and Eve was made from Adam's rib instead of the earth. Lilith hurriedly took notes as her mother spoke, but another silence paused her pencil.

"Lilith contributed to womanhood as well because she caused miscarriages and complications in child birth," her mother said. "When I got pregnant with you, it was just like Gabe and Jonah, but complications later on caused a painful birth and I'm no longer able to have other babies. I figured you caused problems because you are a child of Lilith,"

It took Lilith many more years to understand the full impact her birth had on her mother, and she knew her mother blamed her because she didn't have more children. Seeing her reflection as she cleaned the bathroom showed wide, bright green eyes in a heart shaped face framed by black wavy hair. Her pale skin, pursed full lips, and wide eyes gave her the look of a ghost. Could there be something dark and evil deep down?

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