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Paralyzing Beam

Lucid Dream


It was the end of a long day. We had been driving over 14 hours that day in hopes of getting back home soon. We had run out of finances and had to call in for a family member to help us out so we could make the last part of the journey. We stopped at a restaurant that was closed, the parking lot empty, to have a little snooze so that we could keep going without falling asleep at the wheel.

My husband is the principal driver, and he uses hand controls because he was paralyzed from about mid-chest down. So hand controls were a huge big deal to him and gave him the freedom to be able to be what the world would call normal. Just being able to drive was mind-boggling and exciting for him.

I told him I would stay awake and let him sleep and then when he woke up I would then take a nap, and we could be on our way. It was late at night, no one around, and quiet.

I am not sure what happened, but soon I heard a type of humming, and I could not discern where it was coming from. I felt my body being slowly paralyzed. I had my hand on my husband's shoulder punching it to wake him up as it was now affecting my mouth. I was unable to speak much at all and I kept punching his shoulder in an effort to wake him up and help me.

I might add my husband is over six feet four inches tall and over two hundred and fifty pounds, and me punching him on his shoulder was not having much effect, but I continued to do so.

So there I was feeling like I was slowly being taken over by some strange paralyzing beam. My husband was sleeping, and I looked behind him to the back window and noticed it was open a little. Through that opening, I could see a device pointing at me, and the buzzing was so loud!

Soon I woke up, but until then had no idea I was even asleep! I figured it was a lucid dream because it was so real! My hubby woke up, and I told him what happened, fear gripped us. We instinctively knew that we should not stay there any longer. To do so would put us at risk with something we had no idea was out there truly!

On a final note, there was no way I could actually “see” the back window because we were moving and the back seat was filled with things, to the ceiling! So there was no way I was turned in such a way as to see the back seat or the window!

We made haste after that and got home in record time.

This experience stayed with me for a long time.

Thankfully it never happened again, but we both knew, if I had NOT woken up, and gotten my husbands attention, this story would never have been written!

True or false? You decide.





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