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Suicide Mission

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It was the spirits of pain, anger, hatred and revenge that became the driving force in his life, these evil spirits turned him into a blind man, a deaf man who could not see or hear anything good in the world anymore. It was these evil spirits that became the driving force in his life, that pushed him to it.

Before then the driving force in his life had been joy, forbearance, love and forgiveness but everything changed when they took her away from him.

He first met Jane at a birthday party after they were introduced they found a corner in the party hall to talk and get to know each other better as they talked they discovered that they had a lot in common they both loved movies and books and even shared the same taste in music but the most surprising thing was that neither of them really like dancing or partying for that matter.

"Why did you come here then?" He asked her shouting, trying to make his voice fly high above the loud music blasting from the speakers.

"It's my best friends party and I don't think I will be able to live with myself if I dont come".

"Same here my roommate just started dating your friend and he needs me as a backup, he literally had to tie a rope around me to drag me here".

Eventually they had to leave the party hall finding a spot not too far from the party but at a safe distance where the loud music could not intrude into their conversation and that became the beginning of their relationship. Their love grew with each passing day but like all relationships It was not all rosy they had their own share of bumps along the way and then when they realised that they could not live without each other they decided to get married. And that was when the big problem started.

She was a Christian while he was a Muslim, although he was the type of muslim that was not so lost in his religion that he could not see good in other religions he refused to allow his faith blind him to the beauty in other religions, there was nothing he wanted to see better than unity between the two major religions in the country Islam and Christianity. He could not stand all the fighting and killings between the two religions, so when he fell in love with her he did not hesitate about marrying her.

Her parents had no problem with her choice of a husband It was from his Mother that the marriage faced problems. She had lost a child to a religious crisis and blamed the Christians for that she detested Christians with a passion.
"You can't bring a Christian girl into this family it has never happened and I won't see that happening with you".
He understood where she was coming from but he wanted her to realise that she was not the only one that lost a loved after all he also lost a brother.

It was from his Father that he got the support and approval he needed.

"He can marry whoever he wants to he is not a child he is old enough to choose his wife. He is the one that will live with Jane not you". His Father told her.

After a long battle he got his prayers answered and was soon with the joy of his life but his Mother was not done yet she refused to give up and tried to do everything to frustrate the marriage whenever he and Jane visited his parents his Mother would often treat Jane as an invincible person on days when she felt like being a little bit kind she would return Jane's greetings and then refuse to talk with her engaging in a two way conversation between she and her son alone but on her cruel days she would close her eyes to Jane's presence even when he tried to bring her attention to the fact that his wife was with them and then whenever she was really at her worst she would serve food and drinks to him alone the only thing he could do on days like that was to share his food and drink with Jane or ignore it all together if she declined to eat.

He could see that his mothers attitude was tearing her apart inside but she refused to let it show, she used to take it all like a stoic.

"Don't kill yourself over it, your mother loves you she is just been over protective of you, with time she will accept me when she sees that we really love each other".

But with his mother it just seemed like she was never going to change, never going to accept Jane. And then one day his Mother eventually got her way In a completely different manner she never thought of.

The day began like the beginning of a really bad day with news coming in of a clash between Christians and Muslims in the neighboring town of Zaria fearful of the fact that the clash could spill into their town they decided to remain at home until they were sure of their safety but fate had a different plan for them, while they were both watching a movie at home the phone rang, a call from the hospital where she worked as a doctor.

"Doctor Jane we need you in the hospital the police have started bringing in those injured from the killings in Zaria". The voice at the other end of the phone told her desperately.

She had to rush down to the hospital leaving him at home, he never really liked hospitals the smell there had some negative effect on him bit if only he had taken her for it was enroute the hospital that she ran into a Muslim mob out for blood, out to avenge the killing of some of their Muslim brothers in Zaria.

When they killed her they took away the most important part of his life and that was when his mother understood the meaning of the saying you don't know what you've got till Its gone she began to appreciate Jane when it was too late she wanted her back in her sons but she was nowhere to be found.

For days he walked along the world lost not wanting to be found, he stopped going to work hardly living the house no one could get to him as he sank deeper and deeper into the quicksand of loneliness. He blamed everybody for her dead the Muslims, the Christians even God had his own share of the blame for creating the world, for creating man without asking first. He wanted to shout, to vent out his anger, his pain turned into anger, his anger turned to hatred until all he wanted was revenge.

It was dead that eventually provided him a way out.

"Why don't you become a suicide bomber, just commit suicide but don't go alone take along as many as you can that is the perfect revenge."

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