That Moment

By musesinspire

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Maybe, just maybe, his note wasn't wrong after all...

I frowned at the scrap of paper that fluttered to the ground as I opened my locker. My locker was immaculate, so there was no reason for paper to fall out. That could only mean one thing.

Robert Munroe had been breaking and entering again.

With a barely stifled sigh, I leaned down and picked up the note from the floor. Jesus! – Practically every damn day! Why couldn’t he just accept that not every girl in Crestview High School was desperate for his attention? Somehow plain ole me had grabbed the attention of the school’s bad boy. Yay me.

For the past three weeks, he’d been leaving notes in my locker. They always said the same thing and always asked the same question. I didn’t pay any mind to it, however. I mean, he was a senior! There was no way he as interested in a sophomore like me.

“Romeo, again?” My best friend, Andrea, asked with sarcasm. I nodded with a sigh.

“What the hell do they even say, Meg?” She demanded as she reached over for the note. She frowned when I quickly stuffed it into my notebook and closed it with a snap. I didn’t know why, but the notes felt too private, too personal, to let anyone else read. I just shook my head and closed my locker.

I started to shove everything into my book bag when I had the sensation of being watched. I glanced up with a frown, only to lock eyes with the cause of my current inner turmoil. Of course it would be him. He was everywhere I was these days!

I froze as I stared at him. He was six feet, brown hair, blue eyed and trouble with a capital ‘T’. He was on every sports team the school offered and caused more problems for the office staff than he was probably worth. But the notes and the patient persistence he displayed in this pursuit he had going with me made me wonder if there wasn’t more to him. Could there possibly be more than he showed to everyone else?

Andrea followed my gaze and then looked at me with a smirk. “Yeah, I’ll just head out.” She gave Robert a half wave before she turned and left.

It wasn’t until she disappeared out the doors that I remembered she was my ride.

“Shit!” I swore loudly as I rushed down the hallway after her. I barely made it a quarter of the way when a warm hand wrapped around my wrist, pulling me to a stop. I looked back and groaned in irritation when I saw who it was. “Look, I gotta go! She’s my ride!”

“I can take you home,” he told me in a quiet, deep voice.

“What?” I had to have misunderstood him. Robert was never nice to people. I must have said it out loud, because he grinned suddenly.

“I only have to be nice to you, babe.”

Before I could even comprehend it, he had maneuvered me into his truck and driven me home. As we sat there in the driveway, he turned to me. “You get my note?”

I nodded as I pulled it out.


I smiled and nodded. “I think I’d like that.”

He grinned and took my hand as the note fell.

For you, I’d change. Will you give me a chance?