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I am a stranger in a strange land standing here alone at the balcony railing, as I have done so often in the past looking down watching the scene un-fold below. With it, all like being something out of Dylan’s Desolation Row, and being able to see all yet, not being seen. As I stand here in reflective thought and contemplating the reason(s) or the folly of my being here as I stand here uninvited to this dance, as usual.

While standing here lost in the thoughts, I am reflecting on about the current situation I am in; I hear the sound of footsteps approaching me from behind. As I feel the training and conditioning from what seems to be a past lifetime take over and causes me to turn with a wary look towards the sound behind me. Slowly turning around, I see you approaching with the moonlight in your hair, a twinkle in your eyes and the slow smile on your face. As you ask me why I am standing here alone overlooking all that is going on below?

As my thoughts, have me thinking if I should simply vanish back into the scenery or the machinery for my having not been invited here. With my answer, simply being that I prefer to be alone to contemplate the canopy of Heaven on this night of a thousand stars slowly wheeling overhead. As you take my hand in yours and I gaze into your eyes and attempt to take the measure that’s there. Asking if you ever believed we would meet, and what happens now? While asking myself; should I love harder, or fight for you? Or should I tell you and lay all the cards on the table and go for broke by telling you; you are the one I believe in, and that you are my high flying adored? Or should I simply say all about needing, wanting you, and never wanting to let you go?

Instead, I close my eyes to savor the moment and attempt to hold and cherish it forever. As I mentally catalogue and note; eyes, hair, mouth, nose, face, figure, style, movement, glamour, hands and smile. Everything being magic and I should know that the time to live is now, with things only seem to be real in the dark. Asking if you know you are my world, and asking if you will stay with me?

Ending 1:

Releasing your hand I give a sickly smile knowing that I am uninvited and shouldn’t be here, and I should really just leave as I ask to know your thoughts. Or should I just make my way on down the line, and question myself if I should look back? Asking that when you think of me to try not to laugh.

Ending 2:

As I release your hand knowing I should be leaving, and instead find myself lingering as I ask to hear your thoughts. Wondering if I should forgive all like I have done in the past, and stand as I have done in the past holding you in both my heart and in my mind?

Ending 3:

Releasing your hand with conflicting thoughts a bittersweet smile crosses my face, and misty-eyed I start to make my way on down the line. As I find myself questioning whether I should look back (as some always look back), and asking that when you think of me if you ever do to try not to laugh.

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