Wait up, miss!

By Colors_of_the_Wind

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Tags: victorian, time clash, strange girl, ghost, prince

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I suck at endings... but here's an interesting one.

The view of her was marvelous- even from across the room, he saw the glimmer of red in her mostly brown hair, and the creaminess of her fair skin. She was like a real life porcelain doll from the Victorian era- somehow fit into a corset to make her waist as invisible as possible, then buried under finest-silk dress and otherwise. To him, she'd be perfect as his bride.

He excused himself politely, as all princes are taught to do, and slipped through the throng of people ballroom dancing, to the balcony he'd seen her go to, but she was nowhere in sight- until he looked to the garden. She waved at him from down there, smiling like she had a secret- and he had to follow to find out, so he did.

He followed her to the middle of the garden, where the fountain was sat, and there she was sitting at the fountain, staring into its waters as if they held all of life's answers. He sat next to her, picked up her hand and kissed her knuckles, giving his name and asking hers.

She chuckled and kissed him just enough to tease, then skittered off again, leaving him dumbfounded as to whether she was really the proper lady he was looking for. But he followed anyway.

"Miss! Wait up, miss!" But this time, as he caught up, she was at a seemingly normal pile of dirt, and as he watched, she disappeared into thin air. The clocks rang midnight, and with that he turned back around and walked inside, never to find out who the curiousĀ young lady was.