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Keep Dancing

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Once upon a time, many, many moons ago, a pretty young ballerina practised her dance alone though in more ways than one she was not alone. She began by holding a handrail and stretched for a moment or two, one leg at a time. The mirrored walls not only reflect her but almost, in her mind anyway, reflect an alternative self, an imaginary dance partner, an identical opposite, a mirrored twin.

The music begins and builds slowly, the dance mirrors the music and the mirrors reflect that opposite twin. The restrictions of the mirrors break down and our pretty young ballerina has herself that reflective and equally pretty dance partner but what she didn’t know was that she was not as alone as she initially thought she was. It would be on this day, unintentionally or otherwise that she would find herself an actual and real partner for not only with dance but also in life.


My pretty little Ballerina,

You caught my eye and my heart went willingly. You did not know I was watching and I did not mean to pry. The graceful movement took my breath away. It was as if there were two of you working in tandem, creating magic and I was captivated. You stopped when you noticed me and I had not meant to disturb you. I apologized and asked if you would continue. You declined though I did manage to convince you to teach me a step or two. Who knew that my two left feet could actually get it together and I would go on to tap my way into many championships along with and by your side. I know now I never really lived before I met you and that room filled with our dancing rewards is missing something, missing you, for I will happily trade it all to have you back for just one more dance.

You took me on that first day, a complete stranger, right to the center of the park across the street. You did not know me from Adam. Teaching me to dance is and was no easy task, I fell twice that day. I could tell you found the first fall amusing and the second made you laugh rightly out loud. In a way I felt that my left footedness on that day is what ensured that we would meet once again. Your eyes, your beautiful eyes told me so much on that afternoon and I was hooked, not only on learning to dance but on you too and a new lease on life for me was born. It was meant to be.

Since you left me nothing seems right, nothing is what it once was. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to place blame, there is no blame, you didn’t choose to go, I know that, I just miss you that’s all, more than words could ever say and more than I could ever describe. No matter how bright the sun shines there is always a bit of dullness in the day. I miss you so bad that I ache all over.

I now sit alone, an old man on a bench in that very park we used to go to all those years ago, the place you first taught me to dance, the place where my heart went willingly. I often bring music with me when I go there for I think of you all the time, though without you it also does not sound the same. Nothing looks the same, for how could it? The one thing which still is for sure is that I will keep dancing, the way we used to do. As long as I can I will keep dancing.

For you my love I will always keep dancing.



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