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The Spell-Book of a White Witch

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Fact or Fiction?

Over twenty years ago I found a spell-book of a white witch. I looked through the spells listed and there were many interesting spells in the text. There were spells to win affection and to keep people from harming themselves and many others. (Every time I tried to cast the augur to receive love, I got interference from a specific individual that ruined the casting. You might think she was interfering because she was the person that I should detect, but she had her chance, and she started our break-up.)

The spell that appealed me the most was a truth spell. The truth spell interested me because after reading how to shape the augur and the results of the intended, I realized I had actually cast truth spells with no realization that I had cast the spell twice in my life.

The first time I cast the spell was in 1987. I had auditioned for the Ohio State Marching Band. They cut me in the final try-out. I had the distinct impression that the squad leader didn’t like me because early in the practices for the band she had come to me and presented her ass to me for kissing, but instead of the obeisance she expected of a person that wanted something she had, I planted my foot in her ass. 

Now during the actual audition I knew I was spot-on, sharp and crisp with everything that was needed. When I saw my grading for the position, the squad leader had graded me at 65% and I knew I had done much stronger. In fact, I believe that I had done much better than my competition. 

A couple of months later I ran into the squad chief, and that was when I shaped the truth spell. The results in this case of the spell aren’t what the designated of the spell says, but there way the subject reacts. Like I said, I didn’t realize that I had dropped the spell, but I just remember seeing her facial expression had guilt written all over it. I had suspected that she had screwed me but, her reaction confirmed it for me. 

The second point I figured the augur was with a girlfriend of mine. For some time I perceived that she was cheating on me, but I had decided to trust her. I always felt that if you established care to somebody untrustworthy, then that individual will show his or her true face. Acting like you shouldn’t trust that person could turn your mistrust into a a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The situation that I cast the spell was such that the girlfriend called out the name of the male with which she was cheating on me. She did leave me for the fellow a few weeks later.  I should say that karma can be a bitch because I caught the gentleman looking for sex online a few years afterward. I know they did get married and in fact; they own a business together, so they are spending every moment together. The guy looks like Steve Mnuchin, but without the generosity and kindness, you would expect in somebody that was the “Foreclosure King” during the Great Recession. 

I have often wondered about the ethics of being able to cast a truth spell. I have to take that I already had the facts in any circumstance that I felt I needed for the signified. The spell just confirmed what I then knew. The presage wasn't required.

I will admit that I am rude, selfish, self-centered, puerile and, egotistical. Just ask anybody that has dealt with me on a personal level for any period. Every now and then I meet somebody that makes me want to be a better person. I don’t face these people often enough, but I keep that spell-book well hidden but I only work the parts where I apply the powers on myself. I don’t think that casting spells on others without their knowledge and consent is ethical, much like practicing medicine. 

I will leave behind the spell-casting. I don’t really need it.



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