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Cotton Candy and Popcorn

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You belong in a deranged sideshow circus, of pure depravity.

You're the cruelest ringmaster, cracking your whip on me.

I've been on scraped knees, for too long with tears running down.

You chained me to your torment. your anger, for too long as

You caged me, using me, you stole my future and my privacy.


I'm sick of your face, your walk, your voice.

I shudder at any touch or your skin.

You're the reason restraining orders are made.

I am not your property, nor am I cotton candy.


Because of you, I can't trust.

Because of you I beat myself up internally.

I've beaten myself up for you for too long.

No longer can I feed your soul.


There will be no goodbye to you,

I am rewriting my history as you were never there.

I've been the target for your anger, your unrealized dreams, your misdirected loser life.

I wasn't the solution to your problems, nor was I the anecdote for the sickness in your head.


What would everyone else see if a spotlight

Was focused on you every second.

What would everyone see if you didn't know they were looking?

What happened to that young boy who grew up?


I'm sick of your everything.

Your voice makes me wish I was deaf, your face, that I was blind.

Your body makes me wish mine was a statue.

Who created this monster masquerading as a human?


Your actions speak deafening volumes as for what lurks inside.

There is nothing sacred in you,

You're an intangible, silent cancer to the human race.

You pollute the atmosphere and have stolen my oxygen.


Your soul blocks the light, your replication of feelings.

Mimicry, lies, ruiner of my life, big fat zero, nobody,

I am getting out the popcorn because everything you do

And everything I see is abnormal psychotic behavior.


I know I'm not a therapist but I know psychos when I see them.

You're the perfect example of human depravity.

I'd have someone hand you a mirror,

So you could see your behavior.


I want you to see your reflection,

Tell me what you see when you look in the mirror.

Is it a fucking monster, with a pacemaker for the absence of your heart?

I'm sorry for the hurt child within you, still crying to be saved from that pain.


I can't imagine what happened to you when you were younger.

I'm sorry you evolved into a hideous monster.

That whoever hurt you did not, that all your pain and suffering could be replaced.

You can change for the better, there's still time.

Written by NumberOneAngel
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