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Snatch A Twin - Chapter Four


D'amieeh started playing Say Yes by Floetry while she continued to wait for the ladies. She dropped her body back on the bed, pulling and plucking the black band Larry left behind. Instead of finish getting ready, she settled in her thoughts of when she gave Larry her good luck band as a fan gift.

D'amieeh was shocked to see that Larry literally wore the gift she gave him right before the 2010 M357 Dance battle in Moscow. Laurent was just as thankful for the gift however, he placed his back in the box that it came in. In disbelief that Les Twins didn't win the overall battle, Dami made sure she made it back to the hotel first and was waiting in the lobby. Ready to greet them, she jumped up from her seat when she noticed her cousin Radek walking in. Only a few minutes behind him, Larry and Laurent walked in with their crew.

"So Larry kicked your ass huh," she joked as she walked alongside Radek. He just twisted up his lips.

"Yeah, he did. They cheat them, though. They lost overall battle," said Radek as he pulled out his room fob.

Dami looked back at Lau and Larry. Noticing how pissed they were, she joked, "I guess my good luck bands wasn't so Lucky," neither of them said a word, just made a smugged face at her comment.

"Sorry for the lost guys," said D'amieeh as they all got onto the elevator.

"Nah, it's all good," said Lau as he pulled out his phone.

"Damn Cousin, you do not say sorry for Larry kick my ass," joked Radek, making everyone burst out laughing in the elevator.

"Sorry for your lost cousin. You'll get him next time."

"Yeah, I like for to see dat," chuckled Larry making light jokes before it come to Dami's floor.

"Well see yall later."

"Good night American girl," yelled Laurent while everyone else just smiled and waved.

Poking fun at Radek, Dami turned to her cousin as she stepped out the elevator, "Good night loser," Jumping out the way of her cousin's foot; everyone started laughing off the shade D'amieeh threw his way.

"Pourquoi est-elle pas sur votre plancher?" asked Larry as if he was really concert in D'amieeh's safety.

"There was no room on the same floor," explained Radek as they all stepped off the elevator. "Elle va bien. I'll make sure I check her later," reassured Radek

"No, I go to her now," volunteered Larry as he hopped back on. "What room?"

"740," yelled Radek right before the elevator doors closed.

Interrupting D'amieeh as she traveled down memory lane, her phone rings. She glanced at her phone and realized she didn't know the number. She hit ignore, jumping up changing the song back to Floetry - Say Yes. She flopped back on the bed, and let the music continued to refresh her memory. Beings that was the song she was playing when Larry knocked on her hotel door.

When Dami looked to throw the pep whole and saw Larry standing there, she dashed over to the mirror, quickly put on lip gloss, shaking her hair trying to make it look messy but sexy. Larry knocked again but this time with a little force. Dami yanked off her pants; damn there took a spill trying to kick them off her ankles. Right before she ran over to the door, she took one more glance at herself to make sure everything looks natural. A little insecure of her large backside, she tried to pull her boy shorts undies out of her bottom. She doesn't want to look too desperate. Tugging on her oversized Steeler jersey to reveal a little shoulder, she swung the door open as if she was surprised.

"Heeeeey you. What's up," sounding overeager

Larry didn't wait for her to invite him in, he took it upon his self to do so. "Why you not on you cousin floor?" he asked, taking a seat on the bed. Naturally, he started twitching to every bump of the beat from the music as if he produced the song himself.

"I don't know. Guess there wasn't any more rooms available on that floor."

"You no like share room la famille?"

"No! He snores so loud; I don't think I would survive a night in the same room," she answered, flopping down next to him. "How you feeling?" she asked, trying to study his face expressions.

"You mean bout da battle?"


"Nah I'm good. We know da truth, so I no care what dey said." Easily distracted, he picked up her cell phone that was laying on the pillow. "Who you talk with? You boyfriend?"

D'amieeh started giggling. Snatching her phone out his hand, "No Larry. I don't have a boyfriend."

"Ow, you girlfriend?"

D'amieeh threw him a nasty look, "Hell no. I may dress like a guy sometimes, but I don't swing that way." Dami laid across the bed, started scrolling through FB. Larry laid back on the bed as well, staring at her.

"You mad at me?"

Not taking her eyes off her screen, "No! Mad for what? I know I dress like a guy. I tried to dress like a woman, but I always end up feeling uncomfortable. I can't act like something I'm not."

Clearly, Larry is listening. However, he couldn't help but be distracted by the big, round backside D'amieeh had on her. 

"No! Don't do dat. You lose you self for try please people," babbled Larry, trying to throw her off as he laid across her booty like it was a brand new first down plush pillow. He shamelessly wrapped his arms around her bottom, making himself comfortable. Dami smiled to herself, but wouldn't dare to look back at him nor ask him what was he doing.

D'amieeh and Larry conversed for over an hour. Picking each other's brain pretty much. Larry made fun of Dami running from the French Dominican girl, while she made jokes on a fall Larry played off in Czech Republic workshop. They even got as far as talking about their personal life. Larry explained how in love he was with his ex-girlfriend, but it was always an on and off thing. They tried to make it work beings they have a beautiful baby girl to take care of.

All this was new to D'amieeh. She didn't know about Larry having a baby girl. This almost crushed her. Like most women, she could tell he was still in love with her by watching how his eyes shifted with every mention of her name. After hearing how he really felt about his ex, made her realized that she was no different from rest of the thirst tribe. Sitting here secretly trying to throw herself to him, even knowing she's not his type. This made Dami feel uncomfortable. While Larry went on about his relationship with his ex, Dami, got up from the bed, pulled her hair in a ponytail and started looking for her pants that she kicked off. Larry stopped in mid sentence and looked over his shoulder.

 Realizing he stopped talking, she looked over at him, "Ow no, I'm listening. Keep going. I'm just looking for my pants."

Larry turned to set at the bottom of the bed watching her go back and fourth searching for these mysterious disappearing pants. "Why for? You not had any when I got here."

"I know, I just don't want you to think..."

Larry grabbed her before she dashed pass him and pulled her onto the bed. "You no want me think what?" he asked, wrapping his long thin cut arms around her thick body. With him so close to her neck, she damn there forgot what she was saying. "You no want me thinking what?"

"Ow, I just don't want you thinking I'm the desperate type."

"I treat you like dat?"

"No, but you don't know me neither, so I don't want you thinking anything ill of me walking around with just boy shorts on," she explained trying to stay focus while Larry rested his chin on her shoulder.

Larry loosened his grip, "No, I no see you dat way," he chuckled

D'amieeh slid out Larry's arms and laid on her back. He laid on his side next to her, resting his head on his hand. "What you think bout," he asked studying her face expression.

Dami turned towards him and played it off as if she wasn't disappointed to hear him not being over his ex. "I'm thinking you should give another go at it."

"At what?"

"Getting back with your baby's mom. Larry, you are so in love with her, it's all over your face. You never know, it just might work out this time."

Larry chuckled, "Me my daughter's mom is good. We tried, but things no work out."

"Yeah, but if you..."

Larry cuts her off again. "Really? Is dat what on you brain right now?" he asked as he reached over pulling her hair out her ponytail. Of course that wasn't on her brain but being prideful, she had to make it seem like she wasn't desperate or all caught up in the Les Twins crazy fandom.

"Yes, I'm a girl so I could give you good pointers," she joked, trying to keep her mind off the fact that Larry just moved closer to her. He started massaging the back of her neck. Feeling so damn good to the point it made her close her eyes. As soon as he saw her getting comfortable, he slowly and softly began kissing the left side of her neck. In shock, D'amieeh opened her eye to see if this was really happening. She became so overwhelmed by his scent, by the softness of his lips, by the warmth from his mouth, the wetness from his tongue, even how his large fro tickled her shoulder as he nibbled on her neck. Didn't want to show how much this young man got her in a tizzy, she just inhaled and exhaled like a pro. But Larry wasn't gonna let it be that easy.

Dami couldn't say nor do much. Just kept her eye on him as he outlined her upper body with his tongue. As he stood upright on his knees, he begun taking off the layer he had on his body, revealing that super thin but perfectly sculptured chest, shoulders, and abs of his. D'amieeh's mouth opened, but nothing came out.

"Looks like you want say something," teased Larry as he kept his eyes on her lips. "Say something you damn mute!" she thought to herself, but the only thing she did was shack her head no. Larry smirked as he leaned in to kiss her. Knowing Les Twins does not kiss, mainly Larry, Dami paused.

"LARRY," she gave him a little push back. They locked eyes. Larry could see she was uncomfortable, however, was willing to give in. He jumps up, throwing her a look of apology. He threw on one of his shirts and snatched up the other two.

"No, I'm sorry Larry. Don't leave. PLEASE."

Larry turned towards her as he started out the door. "I'm sorry," he said as he dashed away from that situation.

Interrupting her memories again, was a bam on her hotel door. Dami jumped up thinking it might be Larry coming back for his band bracelet. She swung open the door.

"Damn girl, you no hear you phone ringing?" questioned impatient Radek as he stormed into her room.

D'amieeh, stepped into the hall looking up and down to see if Larry was coming but notice no one.

"Dami, you telling me you not ready? When you friends get here?"

"Their on their way now Radek."

"Well let's go. You can not be dragging like dis for da battle."

D'amieeh rolled her eyes as she slammed the door shut.

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