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Snatch A Twin - Chapter Seven


Laurent damn there walked through the elevator door as it opened to the lobby. Walking over to the front desk, he gave a quick turn around to see if he spotted Larry.

"Besoin d'aide Mr. Bourgeois?" questioned the front desk clerk

"Oui, vous avez vu mon frère jumeau?"

"Your brother came earlier for the gym," explained the clerk

"It's 5:32 in the morning. How earlier?"

"Maybe around one. He walked down North Hall, but no one saw him after." said the clerk

Laurent pointed in the direction of the north hall, "Down here?" Before the clerk could say a word, he already started towards it. As he made it to the center of the long, wide hallway, Laurent could hear music. He came to a door that said GYM but had a sign that read, Closed For Repairs.

"What the fuck...Why dis guy didn't tell me it was closed. Got'damn it, Larry," fussed Laurent as he continued walking down the hall. Trying to follow the faint music, he finally came to the last door on his right. Thinking Larry might of been working on some new dance moves, he swung open the door, ready to cuss him out for disappearing, but didn't see him. Laurent tried to find the dimmed light switch but gave up after another song started blurring. Beings that it was early in the morning, Lau ran over to turn the music off.

He looked around the small space, "What the hell...dis is his shit," he mumbled picking up Larry's cell phone, "Where did he...," Just before he turned towards the door, he notice two people laying on the floor in the darkest part of the room. Laurent slowly walked over and noticed Larry curled up with some chick. He kicked his leg to get him to move.

"Larry," he whispered, "LARRY! Are you ok?" Laurent grabbed the jacket that was covering Larry and the girl, trying to roll him over but noticed his brother and this girl he had tightly wrapped in his arms, were completely naked. Lau squatted over his brother shaking his head with a side smirk on his face.

"Larry, wake up," he said as he softly tapped him on the side of his face.

Larry jumped, trying to focus to see who was hovering over him, "Who's dat?" he whispered

"It's your damn brother."

Larry frowned while still trying to focus, leaning over D'amieeh to see if she was awake.

"Oooooooww! Is dat Radek's cousin?" questioned Lau. Larry sat up, letting the dimmed light reach the side of her face.

"Ow shit that is Radek's cousin," yelled Laurent, with his mouth wide open

"Will you SHUT UP," Larry tried to give his brother a little push but only ended up tapping him on his knee, "Get out, so we get dressed. Wait, what time is it?" 

"It's going on 6 in the morning my brother," Laurent answered as he stood up, throwing their clothes on top of Larry, "Wow, dis one gonna be good."

Larry struggled to put his shirt on, "Whatchu mean?"

"Really Larry? Radek's cousin?"

"Just get out."

Laurent started walking to the door shaking his head giggling, "Hurry up. We going over mamas to eat breakfast,"

Larry rolled Dami over and kissed her on her lips, "Wake up."

D'amieeh slowly opened her left eye, "Ow wow," she moaned as she managed to stretch and roll over to face Larry, "What time is it?"

"It's going on 6 in the morning," he replied, handing over her bra top

"OW MY GOD!" She jumped up, searching for her yoga pants. "We slept in here?" she shouted, noticing Larry had her pants but he didn't give them to her. He grabbed her and pulled her back to the floor.

"Stop. Relax for a moment," he said as he wrapped his arms around her. D'amieeh didn't argue. She felt comfortable like she belonged to him.

"Now what?" she questioned while pulling Larry's jacket over the lower half of her body.

"What you mean?"

She turned to lay on top of him, face to face, "Where do we go from here?"

"We ride da wave. Let time reveal whatever what it is between us," he said trying to control his erection, running his fingers up and down her spine. There was silence between them for at least 10 minutes, while D'amieeh took in every second with him, letting his heartbeat create a song in her head.

"I feel weird Larry." she bluntly said as she cuddled into him even more.

"What you mean?"

"I mean, feels like, we met at the airport and here we are laid up. Don't it feel like that?" she asked looking up at him

"Pas du tout. Nous allons plus loin."

"We go further than that? You think? I always been just a fan. You guys never really said anything to me, well except that one time you came to my hotel room to see if I was cool but..."

Larry leaned her upright, "Let's talk, let's talk fareal."

D'amieeh looked concerned, thinking she was about to hear bad news. Instantly getting a headache of overthinking their situation at that moment. Anxiety quickly build within her as she watched Larry settle upright himself.

"D'amieeh, I noticed you since the Czech Republic. I noticed you when you stopped dancing when dat girl battled you in my old hood. I even notice all you edits of me my brotha. It's not like dis is random," Larry explained, as he pushed his back against the wall.

D'amieeh tried to gather where he was going with this conversation, "Wait, so you saw...ALL my edits? Cause you know....some of my edits could be....well, you know."

"D'amieeh," he giggled, trying to snap her brain back in focus, "Let's just say I saw few fantasy edits."

Dami giggled shaking her head

Larry still lining up and down her back with his finger, trying not to bust out laughing, "Aaaannnd, I know bout the hashtag larry and lau girls, the snatch a twin,"

"Ow, my ga...," Dami's mouth stretched open, "So yall pay attention to hashtags?"

"Of course."

"When do yall ever have the time for all that?" she questioned as she snatched up her pants from Larry's side.

"It takes no time. Shit already on my timeline," he explained, "Wait a minute," he said while trying to take Dami's pants out her hand.

"Larry, come on. We have to go," she said, fighting Larry off.

"What if I want a quickie," he joked as he quickly stood to his feet.

D'amieeh had all kinds of things running through her head as she dressed. Feeling a little embarrassed, her movement became swift as she looked for her shoes and cell phone. After pulling his sweater over his head, Larry stopped and watched Dami damn there in panic.

"Is something wrong?" he questioned, as his eyes watched her every moved.

"Oow, yeah, no. I'm good. Just didn't know how late it was," she said as she almost took a spill while putting on her Nikes. Larry chuckled to himself not wanting to look obvious he wanted to laugh. He shook his head as he slowly walked over to her.

"Stop..stop...D'AMIEEH! STOP!!," he said taking her hand right before she dashed off to finish gathering up her things. "I don't want you feel no regret. Look at me; I don't regret what happened. I don't feel a way about you for what happened. I'm no go disappear after. I know what I do. No mistakes. D'accord," Larry pulled her into him and squeezed her like a friend that needed that huge. D'amieeh, who was actually feeling the regret and mixed feelings, didn't say a word, just grew very emotional. Tears swelled in her eyes but made sure Larry didn't notice. As he detached himself to look at her face, she turned as if she wasn't bothered.

"No, I'm good Larry, honest. We just gotta get outta here," she said as she took one more look over to make sure she grabbed everything. Larry started gathering up his things as well.

"I want to finish this talk," he said, placing his third phone in his back pocket.

"How bout lets, not Larr." Dami was having trouble keeping her portable speaker in her arms. Larry giggled to himself as he gave her a helping hand.

"Aye, I wondered where I left my band..." he said not taking his eyes off her wrist. D'amieeh almost let one of the speakers hit the floor. Larry grew impatient as he took both speakers out her hand.

"Ow, I found it on the..."

"The desk where I was sitting in you room," he finished, as they slowly walked towards the exit.

"Yes...I was gonna give it back," she explained

"Nah, no worries. It's a good luck band, the one you gave as a gift a while ago."

D'amieeh tried to hide the smile that was stretching across her face, "Wow, I thought you got rid of it beings it wasn't much help that one battle you and your brother had."

Before Larry responded, Laurent busted back in the door, "Damn it, Larry, come on."

"I'm right here. Let me go clean up," said Larry as they all rushed out the event room door. Dami felt Laurent starring at her. She started feeling embarrassed again. Trying to avoid him, she started to walk slower, falling behind the boys. Laurent noticed and stopped to wait for her to catch up.

"No, go head, Lau. I know yall got somewhere to be," she said, damn their stopping in her tracks.

Laurent threw her a big smile, "Nope. I want you up here with us. No woman walks behind us," he said, grabbing her by the wrist, pulling her in front of him and Larry.

D'amieeh kept glancing at Lau as they waited for the elevator. Laurent still having a big grin on his face, he managed to break the awkward moment. " was practice?"

Larry gave Laurent a nudge, twisting up the side of his face. Laurent started laughing. "What? I was just asking cause you two been gone forever," whispered Lau as they got on the elevator. Dami, shook her head, trying to cover her face from Laurent.

"Ow and Radek was looking for you," said Lau

"He knew where I was."

"Ah, no he didn't. Not around 3 in the morning."

"Ow my God," said D'amieeh looking down at her phone to see if he called at all.

Larry gave his brother another nudge while Laurent bust out laughing.

"Answer you phone later. I'mma call you," said Larry as he gave Dami a hug before she stepped out of the elevator.

"Shouldn't you be giving her more den dat beings you guys know," chuckled Lau

"Laurent will you stop," yelled Larry as he stopped the elevator door from closing.

"Make sure you call me Larry," she said, trying not to notice Laurent making thrust moves behind Larry's back.

"I will. Matter fact, I'm comin to see you before you leave for battle later. Dat ok?"

"Yeah, I would love that."

"Yeah, and I'm coming too," said Lau, smiling showing all his teeth.

"See you guys," said Dami as she slowly did her walk of shame back to her hotel room. As the elevator door close, she overheard Larry fussing at Laurent while Laurent was laughing. As she entered her room, she got a surprise sitting on her bed.

"Bitch! I want to know everything that happened between you and Larry. Blow by blow!

D'amieeh dropped everything on the floor, "TYLAH! What the hell are you doing here?

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