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Snatch A Twin - Chapter Six

Chapter Six / Chapitre Six

Not long after the girls walked into D'amieeh's hotel room, Brittney started pestering her about Larry.

"So, why I feel like there's a little more to the story of you "just so happened" running into Larry at the airport," blurted Brittney while shoving pieces of chocolate in her mouth.

"Britt, didn't we just get done eating, and you already eating candy," criticized Traci, flopping down on Dami's bed.

"Girl, leave me alone. I'm trying to fish information out Dami here."

"There is nothing to fish out Britt," said Dami as she opened the French doors to the balcony, "Larry and I chatted a little at the airport and that was it."

"Yeah, right. Seems a little more than that. I was all in Lau face but I did see Larry all up in yours girl," said Jamika joining in the conversation.

"Thank you Mika!" Brittney was pleased to hear that she wasn't the only one that noticed. "I was watched you and Larry. Acting like y'all known each other for years."

"Like y'all had a little school crush before," teased Mika as she too, shoved her mouth with chocolate that was complimentary from the hotel.

"Leave D'amieeh alone y'all," chimed in Traci, "Y'all know Larry and Laurent treat all their fans as if we was kin to them."

"Yeah but you didn't see the eyes they were throwing to each other though."

D'amieed snatched up her yoga pants she had sitting on top of her suitcase, "Ow wow Brittney, are we going to be any more dramatic?"

"I don't want to hear it Dami. You and Larry got history. Eyes NEVER lie boo," said Brittney as she walked in front of D''amieeh.

"NEVER GIRL," added Mika, "You want to know if your man is cheating ... Always look in the eyes. And I know what your gonna say, while I can't look him in the eyes cause he keep turning his head, he keeps shiftin. Well, That right der my friends, is your answer. That ninja cheaten," All the ladies started laughing. Dami started changing into her yoga pants and bra top.

"Look, I been a fan of Les Twins since they were 17 years old, hell, before they were even know in the States. But I never really meet them."

"Yeah, but didn't they use to dance with your cousin Radek? I'm sure you had a chance to meet them when you use to come here to visit," said Traci.

"No ... well, yeah," D'amieeh thought to herself not wanting to give too much information, "Yes I met them a few times but it was only in passing when they were battling each other but that's it."

"What about when you posted photos of y'all in Czech Republic, aaaand in Paris somewhere?" questioned Brittney

Dami became a little frustrated, "Look y'all, I first met them when Radek moved to Czech. They gave a workshop and I was there with my cousin. Then, there was a little dance battle they had in some park in Sarcelles. So all together, I would saaaay.... I met them about 5 times since I been a fan," explained D'amieeh, while trying dig her Nikes out her carryon, "Nothing up close and personal."

"Five times bitch?" chuckled Jamika, as she looked around the room at all the other ladies faces, "Well damn, you said that like it's normal to meet or see a celebrity that many times."

"I'm saying it's never been personal. No history there," D'amieeh corrected

"I guess your right girl," said Brittney, as she handed Dami her phone, "Your phones vibrating." D'amieeh glanced at it and threw her phone in her purse.

"I don't know y'all, maybe after them five times, Mr. Larry Bourgeois might of gotten a little curious of our D'amieeh here," teased Traci, as the rest of the girls bust out laughing, "He wonna see wassup."

"Ow yeah right. I'm nowhere near his type."

"He ain't got a type remember?" blurted one of the girls

"Ow my gosh, I'm going to practice guys. If you need a ride anywhere, Radek said he got'chu. I left his number on the desktop," said Dami as she started out the door

"Giiirl, I'mma call his sexy ass. Not to ride me anywhere but to see if he need ME to ride HIM!" joked Jamika, once again making the ladies crack up laughing.

"Wow Mika, he just might take you up on that...Nasty," Dami laughed as she headed down the hallway to the elevators

D'amieeh was having trouble finding the gym that was supposed to be down the hall from the hotel bar, but she kept walking into different conference and event rooms. She came to one small event room that had a mirror along the whole wall and tables was pushed back. She took it upon herself to use that space since it had incredible lighting and mirrors. She set up her portable speakers to her phone and put her playlist on shuffle. It took D'amieeh no time to settle and got comfortable with the small space. Before she really got into stretching, she glanced once more on her phone to notice it was 11 pm. "Hope my music ain't too loud," she thought as she made sure the door was closed all the way.

After a good 30 minute stretch and 2 hours of practicing, Dami was sure she got all her main steps together without stubble. As she let the music "Electric Feel - by MGMT" play, she laid face up on the floor, trying to settle her breathing.

"What'chu know bout MGMT?" questioned the French accented voice. D'amieeh lifted her head and watched Larry walk in and head straight over to her portable speakers. Still trying to catch her breath, she managed to reply.

"Probably more than you. I am older." She wheezed

"Yes, but only 4 years," he said as he unplugged the speakers to plug them into his phone. D'amieeh was shocked to learn that he knew how old she was.

"You gotta work on you breathing baby. No good when you battle. You breath while you dance. Never hold it in."

D'amieeh sat upright, leaning back on her hands, "I was breathing," she argued

"No, you should not be dis winded and you no even dance full out," he said as he started playing a softer version of the song "Electric Feel"

"How long was you watching me? Wait a minute, isn't that the same song I was just playing?'

"Yup, but this more subtle for you." Larry walked over to help her off the ground, "You're very good dancer, but you need more to hit hard. Des are street dancers you go against," schooled Larry as he started doing some of her signature moves with more flare.

"Larry, can't nobody do all that shit. That's why you and your brother are the best dancers in the WOORRRLLLD, get it ... IN THE WORLD," she gestured as she took a seat next to the speakers.

"We not da best, but we are seen as da best cause of us drive and passion, but we are not dancers. We just do what we love," explained Larry as he walked in front of her, "We don't care if people see us for strange or weird, but that is why me my brotha are special today."

"I know that Larry but ...,"

"But nothing. Copy," said Larry pointing to Dami's head, "Dat's it. Nothing special into dis. Don't be shy. If you love ta dance, and this is a passion, den dis is da moment you show up. Never look for to be best, just do you best."

D'amieeh almost fell in love with Larry all over again. Playing down her emotions and excitement of having Larry all to herself right now, she took in every word he said. "So ok, what am I suppose to be copying?" she questioned as she scrolled through Larry's music play list.

"You copy da way me my brotha thinking. This is what we really try and teach at us workshops. Not really for dance. We want people to take all problems and emotions dey have in der life right now and put it to dance. It's like a release. You no need critic for how you live and how you feel inside, so you dance what's inside you. Here, let me show you," Larry started playing a Kizomba version of the song "Tourner la page". Dami knew and loved the song, but it was way too soft.

"Larry. That's not the type of dance I'll be doing tomorrow," she looked down at the time on her cell, "Well, later tonight should I say."

"It's not bout the type, it's what you feel. Stop thinking for a moment and dance how you feeling right now to dis," he dimmed all the lights as she started her basic kizomba steps, "Loosen up! You here by you self. No eyes on you," he instructed as he walked around her as she started dancing harder, more loose and free. "Tell me you story Dami, come on!" he yelled as she moved swiftly across the room, mixing hip hop moves with a little kizomba, added with some ballet, twisted with extreme crunk dance. As she Kizomba her way back to where Larry was standing, he grabbed her and joined her, "Put aside you fan feelings, and dance WITH me," he said, pulling her into him tight. She let Larry lead as she followed him gracefully as if she knew what his next move was. Trying hard not to get distracted, she did what he was trying to teach her, which was feeling. D'amieeh put all her emotions in her Kizomba dance with Larry to the point he started to match her feelings as he slowly ran his hands down her side. Twisting her waist side to side with each knock of the beat.

Both took turns on a little solo dance moment, then reattached together, moving like they were a couple in love. As they slowed down, Larry softly kissed D'amieeh on her shoulder, then made eye contact. He loosened his grip around her waist as he tried to step away from her, but before he could get away she nibbled on his bottom lip. This time, Larry seemed to be the one surprised as he looked down at her, studying her eyes and body movement. He pulled her into him tightly once again and begun kissing her.

Not wanting that moment to end, Dami was pleased in the back of her mind to hear the music changed to another soft Kizomba song called "Je Te" - by Zaho. In her mind at that moment, D'amieeh felt that Larry was all hers. She wanted to show that she wasn't just a fan, that she knew him more than he thought. She wanted to take advantage of the emotions they both were in, but was nervous of how he would think and felt afterwards.

Slowly they moved up against the mirrored wall while his hands massaged her backside. Leading down her thigh, lifted her thick body off the floor and wrapping her legs around him. D'amieeh fought off her memory of her stopping Larry before, which gave her the courage to softly bit him on his neck and whisper in his ear, "Je te veux," tracing his earlobe with her tongue. Hearing him inhale through his teeth made her even more excited. After the music change to Roy Woods "All Of You", she recognized Larry became more aggressive as he laid her on the floor snatching off her bar top. Caressing her breast with his mouth, he managed to whisper, "Je t'attendais,", while working his way down to her belly button. Dami was shock to hear him say he's been waiting for her. Trying to stop her mind from overanalyzing what he said, she just let out a exhale.

Almost a recurrence of last time without Dami saying a word, Larry stopped and starred at D'amieeh.

"What's the matter?" she asked while watching him roll over on his back, starring up at the ceiling.

"Larry, what happened? What's wrong?" she started rubbing his stomach while kissing the center of his chest. Still he said nothing, but smiled at her. He pulled her closer to him and started playing with her hair. D'amieeh was thinking maybe he just got caught up in the moment while dancing. As she pulled away from him, he looked at her as she made the attempt to put her bra top back on, but stopped her.

"Come close to me," he demanded

"Look Larry, it's late. I guess I'm ready for tonight, I don't know but thank you for the tips," said D'amieeh in discuss

Larry's smile widened once he saw the discuss in her face, "I said come here." He pulled her on top of him.

"We're getting in trouble, you know dat?"

"I don't get in trouble, Larry. I'm grown as fuck out here," she snapped trying not to look at him

"But why you mad?"

"I.....I don't ... know. I guess I ... nevermind."

Larry rolled her back to the floor, placing his body between her legs. "Dis a problem. As long as I know you, you never speak up. Say what you want, com'on" he instructed

"I WANT YOU!" she blurted

"And I want you ... Now what?"

"Then why you stop?"

Larry turned her head to make sure they made eye contact, "I want ALL of you. Not just for sex."

D'amieeh didn't know how to respond back to that but her eyes, as Larry read them, told him she didn't believe him. In the background, a song come on called "Pillow Talk". They both glanced over at the speaker as if they were saying something that only the two of them could understand. Looking back at each other and almost admittedly they responded to what the other was feeling as they started passionately kissing. Slowly taking off each others clothes while admiring each others body. Dami kept her eyes on Larry though she wanted to glance down at his manhood so badly. But her curiosity was quickly fulfilled as he slowly draped her legs around his narrow waist. Wrapping his arms around her lower back, lifting her off the floor while he somehow ended up on his knees. Almost putting her in shock as he gently thrust inside her. Hard to say any word from the both of them, again they made eye contact. The connection between them was intense, and unexplainable. Felt almost like being in love.

Larry pulled her into to him tightly and continued to gently thrust while her body matched him. Still in eye contact, D'amieeh worked up the nerve to ask, "Are ... are we in trouble?'

Larry giggled, "Too Late," he said as he laid her on the floor and continued to make love.

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