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Snatch A Twin - Continuance of Chapter Two

Continuance from Chapter Two

(continuance from chapter two)

D'amieeh's phone kept dinging with text messages from the girls that followed the hashtag #SnatchATwin from IG, G+ and Facebook. Questioning her run-in with Larry, when and where are they meeting for breakfast. At some point, she grew tired of the back and forth with the messaging so she shot the girls a group text:

I'm pulling up at hotel. We'll finish convo at breakfast. Not sure of location yet so listen out for me
As Radek pulled up in front of Hyatt Regency Paris - Charles de Gaulle, Dami looked around confused.

"That was it?" she questioned, realizing it took them no time to get there. "Well damn Radek, you could of told me to walk for all that."

"Yeah right. Not with two heavy ass bags to pull. It's farther than you think," he chuckled as he looked for a parking spot. As soon as they entered the hotel, Radek handed her hotel key card. "Your room right next to mines," he said as he stopped at a vending machine.

"Ok cool, thanks. You go head. I think I'm going to stop pass the bar if it's still open."

"Yeah, it should be," he answered while watching the bellman push Damis luggage onto the elevator.

As D'amieeh walked into the bar part of the hotel, she asked the man who was cleaning glasses, "Êtes-vous toujours ouverte?"

"Oui Mademoiselle. Que voulez-vous?"

"Pomme martini s'il vous plait," she answered, taking a seat at the bar.

After looking around, she noticed there was only 3 people sitting at a table. "Excusez-moi monsieur, vous parlez anglais, non?" interrupting the bartender while mixing up her apple marini.

"Oui Mademoiselle. A little."

"What time do you close?" she questioned as she looked down at her phone and notice it was 01:12a

"We are done at 0200 hours," he replied, as he placed her drink in front of her. "Tout ce que vous voulez?"

She takes a sip of the martini, "Non. Merci beaucoup."

"Mon plaisir belle jeune femme," giving a friendly smile, continuing washing glasses.

D'amieeh started scrolling through photos on Facebook. Trying to take her mind off Larry, she came across a picture that had her, Radek, and his two sisters Kimmie and Sophie, running through large fountains of water in Nice, France. She chuckled to herself while taking another sip of her drink. Still scrolling, she came across another photo that she completely forgot about. It was a picture of her, Larry, Laurent, her cousin Sophie and a few others, dancing in a basketball court of a housing project in Sarcelles 2009. It wasn't long after the first time she met them in the Czech Republic.

Radek had lots of friends who lived in Sarcelles. One of his friends name Dax, challenged him in a friendly dance off and Les Twins were the judges. Dami hung around her younger cousin taking in the knowledge he have of street dance. Pretty much looking for a category to put her dance type in. Though she was good doing both top and bottom dance, she was more of a top dancer. Was dangerous when it came to Caribbean, Soca, and dancehall style. Which caught one of the Twins attention as he watched Dami hip thrust and slow whine to the song Avec Toi. Joining her, Laurent stepped behind her smooth rotating hips as he wrapped one arm around her waist and gently placed one of her arms around the back of his neck. Nervous to see which twin it was, D'amieeh just closed her eyes and felt the music, as if they were in a dark room by themselves. 

Interrupting her fantasy moment, Radek stopped dancing and yelled, "HEY! Vous êtes un peu trop près frère," Everyone stop dancing and looked back to see who he was speaking to.

Laurent stepped back throwing his hands up, "Pas de problem," he said, grinning as he headed back to where he was sitting.

"I joke," said Radek laughing along with Lau as he met him half way. "Vous pouvez danser avec mon cousin."

"Too Late," said Laurent as he placed a towel over the concrete where he wanted to sit. Dami watched Larry, Lau, and Radek laugh and joke but she didn't find anything funny.

"Ok girl! I see you with Laurent," Sophie teased, shoulder bumping D'amieeh. She just threw her cousin a shy smirk.

"Why you back here? Go dance in center. Challenge someone," demanded Sophie, draping her arm over Dami's.

She yanks away, "Nah, I'mma just stay right here."

"Pourquoi? You good girl. You need dis to get over for you shy," Sophie started pulled D'amieeh to the center.
"Noooo, Sophie, no no. I can't. I...I don't want to!" she yelled,

"Sure you do," chuckled Sophie as she placed Dami in the center circle.

She pushed and pulled but couldn't escape her cousins death grip. D'amieeh looked over the crowd and stopped when she noticed Larry and Laurent looking at her.

"Ow my Lawd Sophie, I can not do this." 

Ignoring Dami's plea, Sophie yelled "Play Something," to the guy who was playing music from his Sony NWZ Portable MP3, with Portable USB MP3 Player Speaker. Still holding tight onto D'amieeh's arm, she looked around the crowd for a challenger.

Radek yells to his sister, "Get her for to challenge Dami!" pointing at a girl name Stadcey, who was just crowned Dancehall Queen few weeks ago at a Dancehall festival. Sophie grabs the girl, pulling her to the center. In all confidence, Stadcey started taking off her oversized t-shirt revealing her super slim figure, sexy black and grey sports bra, pulling her hair out a ponytail letting it fall down her back.

"Ah-Ow, she's ready," yelled Larry, smiling at the French Dominican beauty.

D'amieeh looked at Larry, then at Stadcey, then back at Larry. Thinking even if she did the challenge, it wouldn't be fair game due to Stadceys beauty. Music started playing Ludacris - How Low (Can You Go). Finally letting go of Dami's arm, Sophie leaves her side without warning. Clapping and yelling, "Let's Get It!" D'amieeh watched Stadcey start as she whipped her hair fast to each clap of the beat. Stadcey lifted her leg straight in the air, while twerking, letting her body drop to the ground in full split.

"OOOOOWWW," yelled the crowed, clapping and screaming, "GET'ER!" It started to fill like a real fight to D'amieeh as she continued to watch Stadcey kicked her ass in that center circle. Stadcey twirled, bounced, flipped, and twerk circles around Dami. She turned to see Les Twins reaction and grew even more nervous. Right along the side of her cousin Radek, Larry and Laurent was fully engaged to Stadcey. Trying her best to focus, she couldn't help but to notice that after Stadcey was done, Larry and Laurent didn't seem interested any longer. As the guy ran the track back for D'amieeh to dance, she just stood there, growing more and more upset, starring down at the ground with a thousand embarrassing things running through her head.

"Dami! Allons-y! LET'S GO!" yelled Radek, noticing his cousin getting cold feet.

Larry looked up at D'amieeh with no face expression. Waiting for her to respond to Stadcey, Dami just ran off through the crowed. Running behind her, Sophie yelled,

"D'amieeh! Attendez!" She grabs Dami right before she ran across the street. "Pourquoi vous avez comme ça? You better den her!" yelled Sophie, in disbelief that her cousin just froze up.

Dami start tearing up. "You know I don't like to be put on the spot like that!" she yelled back.

"Radek know what he do Dami. Dat bitch no move like you. Who cares she can kick, split and twerk. Whatever! You do just the same but way better. You know dat," Sophie showed how disappointed she was in her.

"I'mma just go back to your house. That's enough for me today."

Sophie wrapped her arm around D'amieehs shoulder, "I go with you. I have to help Maman get ready for cooking anyway."

D'amieeh looked over her shoulder at the crowed who was still dancing, enjoying themselves, and notice Larry watching her walk away. Sophie was saying something to her but it was like her ears were on mute. Letting her cousin guide her, Dami kept her eyes on Larry as long as his eyes were on her.

Larry stood up over the crowed as he took a sip of his mango juice. Noticing D'amieeh looking back at him, he raised his eyebrows, threw her a smirk and head nod as if to ask, "ARE YOU COOL?" Embarrassed, D'amieeh turned away and continued to walk on to Sophies house.

"Mademoiselle! Excusez-moi! Mademoiselle!" yelled the bartender, trying to get D'amieehs attention. Snapping out of her reminiscing thoughts, she raised her head in the air, mumbled to herself, "So fucken embarrassing," taking her last sip out her second glass of apple martini.

"We're closing Mademoiselle."

Dami grabbed the change from her order and put it in the tip jar. "Très bien. I don't need nothing else to drink."

"Très bien. Bonne nuit," said the bartender as he grabs Dami's glass to clean it.

Waiting for the elevator, Dami sways back and forth, digging in her pockets, looking for her key card. Finally pulling out cash from her back pocket, the card fell out from between the folded dollars. Almost losing her balance, she bent over trying to pick it up, but someone beats her to it.

"Betta not fall," chuckled the soft, French accent voice

Still bent over, Dami looks up to thank whoever it was that picked up her card. "Ow shit!" she said, as he offered his hand to help her stand straight.

"Is dat a way to say thank you," he laughed

Dami gained her balance just enough to leaned against the wall. "Thank you," she said softly, staring at him as if he was an alien.

"Are you ok?" he asked as he pushed the already pushed button, rushing the elevator.

"What? Ow yeah. Bartender made a mean apple martinis," They both laughed. "What are you doing here Larry?" she questioned, trying to focus him in.

"My boy here in this hotel," he said as he held the elevator door for her to get in first. Grabbing her arm and guiding her, he joked, "What you doing here?"

"Ha Ha," responded Dami, as she fought to look at the numbers to her floor.

"What floor you on?"

"I don't know, it's on my card somewhere," she slurred, flipping the card back and forth. Larry chuckled to himself.

"Let me see girl." he took the key card out her hand "You on the 20th floor."

D'amieeh giggled. "I knew that. Just wanted to see if you was gonna help," she joked

"Of course. I da nice one," said Larry with a silly big smile. Dami stared at him with questions all over her face, but too stubborn and prideful to ask.

"What you think about?" he asked, putting his cell in his back pocket as if to give her all his attention.


"You have a question on you face."

Thinking to herself, she just smiled, "Nope not one," As she heads off the elevator.

Larry started laughing to his self.

"What's funny?" she said as she struggled to turn and face him.

"You still prideful D'amieeh," he answered, as the elevator door close. Shocked to his comment, D'amieeh just stood there with her mouth open.

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