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Out of the Shadows, Part Five


‘Packed house tonight, as expected, as the most anticipated rematch in recent history is only moments away. Can the challenger get one step closer to gold after the epic performance he put in last time out? Before our live broadcast goes in ring for the main event introductions I can tell you, if you didn’t already know, there are rumours that the champ is still reeling from that previous encounter. Champs streak could be in real danger tonight though if anyone can pull it out of the bag …’


Tom Smith could not have connected the death of Aunt Lynn with the reactions his three year old daughter was having toward her aunt over those last six months of Lynn’s life. Kids throughout time have always been odd in their own unique ways, just how unique Majella happens to be is something Tom cannot know or understand. It would be quite a while after that third birthday when things would really begin to get quite odd.

Majella, days away from her fifth birthday, less than four months away from beginning school on a full time basis, comes with dad and the other two girls as dad drops his older two daughters to school. From within her car seat Majella could see out the car window next to her. On this particular school run Majella points out the window and says ‘bee-baw daddy, bee-baw.’

‘That is nice honey’ Tom responds to his daughter not quite knowing what exactly she is referring to or as to if she is referring to anything at all.

He does however take a brief look towards the side path in an effort to see what she might be able to see. At this particular moment in this particular place there is not much going on other than an older gentleman walking along a footpath by himself. The older girls are soon dropped off, they safely enter their school then Tom and Majella are soon on their way home.

In the area where Majella had her ‘be-baw’ moment not all so long earlier, there is an ambulance pulled over at the side of the road. Is this what Majella meant by bee-baw? Picking his girls up later in the day there is chatter among parents at the school grounds about the occurrence of a death near-by of a local man.

Different theories of the cause of death are thrown around and Tom could not help but wonder as to what Majella might have known. She could not have known what would have been required before it had needed, could she? There could have been no way that she had foreseen the death of a stranger only moments before it occurred. Tom is sure that it would be silly to even entertain such a thought.

No matter what has come before, no matter what oddities have come knocking; Tom Smith would do anything for his daughters. They are his life, his world, his everything, though there are moments when he wishes he could get away for a while and he almost hates himself for having these kinds of thoughts. A widowed working father of three young girls can allow his mind to wander every once in a while, there is no harm in that. It is only natural to think such thoughts though with Majella his own thoughts are wandering a little too often.

In time, difficult goes to the extreme with the focal point of that difficulty being Majella. It goes on with innocent comments, predictions of harm, pain and death growing to the point where as Majella gets older she is accused of practicing some sort of witchcraft and involving herself in the Devil’s work. This is far from the truth, then again maybe it isn’t.

She only wants to do right and for this she is persecuted, treated poorly, watched and talked about by adults who know of her and probably even fear her to a degree. There may be darkness in her soul but there is love and light in her heart. It gets so hard and tough that she feels the need to ask her father is there something wrong with me? Am I a bad person? Dad can only comfort her and tell her no honey, people don’t understand, that’s all and they are frightened by what they don’t understand. Thing is, dad doesn’t understand either. Majella is his daughter and there truly isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for his daughters.

All through her short life, there are visions that come to her, visions she cannot always understand, at least not to begin with. One vision in particular so happens to be a recurring one and it is ever so brief to begin with. Flashes, an attack, something occurring with consent, a fight of some sort perhaps, something with consequences, and these recurring visions have almost always been with her.

If she really does see what is to come before it occurs then is she meant to something about a fight she so often sees? If so then how is she to do this, especially when she does not know the details such as to who it is to happen, the when it is to happen and the where it is to happen?

Anyhow, shortly after Majella’s thirteenth birthday something occurs that none of the Smith family could have seen coming. Majella is taken by strangers who say they are working on behalf of the state. This is not done at Tom’s request. No matter what thoughts he may have had, he would never harm, abandon or disown any of his children. He would never intentionally send any of his daughters away.

Tom swears that he will do all he can to fight what is happening but a strong force is coming to take her, it has come and taken her and no amount of fighting will prevent her from being taken. Dad is willing to fight with every ounce of strength within him to prevent an on-coming taking, and he is willing to fight to get his daughter back. He may not have the strength or capability to keep her home though he will never give up until she is home.

This is not on, it is not right; no one should have the right to take a child from their parent without permission or any kind of consent. Who are these people? How do they know of Majella?

In the early hours of a horrible morning, indeed at a time just a few short weeks after a thirteenth birthday, flashing red and blue lights coming through into his bedroom wakes Tom. He has hardly time to get out of bed when a thud comes to the front door of his home, a second thud hits and that door is blasted open. Uniformed police and people in white coats force their way into his home. He lets out roars and demands answers to his questions though no answers come. Soon Majella is in custody and being escorted out of the house.

There are no warrants and no charges are being made. Very little is being told to Tom other than the fact that those who have come have come for a reason.

It is frightening to watch Majella be taken away in the manner she is while dad is being restrained, being helpless to do anything about it and it is also frightening to hear her final prediction prior to being taken away. Majella states that she has foreseen the death of her eldest sister, Abigail. And that death in Majella’s eyes is set to occur in the near future; it is not imminent but not so far off either. She implores her father to do all he can to save Abigail.

Thing quickly escalate, going beyond Tom’s worst nightmares. His youngest daughter has been taken from him, bungled into the back of an unmarked white van and he has not been informed as to where she is to be taken and he is also being held back in more ways than one. He is being prevented from following anyone or doing anything that could move things in a direction he needs to go.

Over the coming days, weeks and months he hires a solicitor, someone who soon discovers that there is no record of a Majella Smith, no record at all. No record of where she may have been taken, no record of where she currently is and there is not even as much as a birth certificate on record to state she ever existed at all. Conveniently or not so conveniently, any and all records Tom Smith owned relating to his third daughter now longer exist. They apparently have vanished from where they were being kept.

To add to all this, Jenifer Smith’s death is now on record listed as being due to illness and not of complications during child birth. Those records state that Tom and Jenifer Smith had, have two daughters together, not three. The suggestion soon comes from that hired solicitor, and any other hired investigator, to move on and move forwards as best as humanly possible. There is no third daughter and Tom is supposed to just accept this.

How can anyone, any family even think about moving on from something like this? Forget about a child, a sister? No, can’t do that, not a chance. You cannot, however, fight what you cannot see or find someone who on record does not exist. Police even deny making any kind of raid on the Smith household. Maybe no official emergency service had been involved. Where is Majella? What is happening to her? Will her family ever see her again? This is difficulty at its worst.

A home for special girls is what Majella is told she has been brought to, but to her this will become nothing more than a prison, an asylum of hurt and pain, a lot of which is to come her way. As time goes on, her treatment worsens and she is told over and over that she will never get to leave this place.

There are many small white walled rooms for accommodating 'patients', two girls to share each of these small box-like rooms, where being locked inside at certain times is common practice. There is the odd older patient or two here too, this reinforces the fact that Majella may never see the light of day again.

Within the room she is to share with one other, Majella claims a corner as her own, a spot where she will often sit, rock back and forth and dream of being free. The other girl sharing this particular room is of similar age, possibly a little younger.

This younger girl has long blonde immaculate hair and spends most of her time within this room at the end of her bed on her knees praying. Other than the whispers of her prayers, this young girl for the most part is silent, so much so that Majella can’t help but believe that there may be something wrong with her roommate, well maybe not something so much wrong but something perhaps all too right.

Majella’s first opinion of her roommate, her cell mate, is confirmed when Majella attempts to ask questions and only receives silence and the odd glance or two. Majella doesn’t even ever get a name from or of her roomie, a name will come though not just yet, and whenever something is required, demanded of, or taken from that roommate; she always appears to be compliant to those with power no matter of what official position is held by whomever has come to her and no matter what it is being taken from or demanded of her.

Things are to be demanded of and taken from Majella too. Thing is too, those who run this place come down much harder on Majella, almost as if they fear doing the same to the roommate. She is not scary or frightening in any way, if anything she is quite the opposite …


In the common room within the building she has become a prisoner, Majella sits alone and away from all others. She hasn’t been there all so long when a thin poorly looking middle aged woman approaches.

‘You know my daughter’ speaks this sickly looking woman.

‘Excuse me?’ asks Majella with some shock and surprise, not knowing what to make of what is happening in this moment or of the woman who has come to her.

‘My daughter, you know her, don’t you?’

‘… I can’t say that I do …’

‘I suppose it is not time yet. You will know my daughter, for she is your sister. You will know her … you will … he will bring you all together. Tell her to come see her mother, won’t you?’

‘Now, now Lacey’ speaks Sammy, the orderly who had accompanied this Lacey person into the common room. ‘Leave Majella be. Give her time to get fully accustomed to her new surroundings.’

Lacey turns her head away then moves away towards one of the four corner of the room where she continues to observe the newcomer.

‘Don’t mind her’ Sammy tells Majella. ‘Missus Ellis has been here for some time. She is harmless. There is a bark but she never bites.’


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