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Out of the Shadows, Part Three

It begins …


We can’t always see what may come our way and that is if we can ever truly foresee anything coming that might actually one day come our way whether that one day be imminent or it be one that is a long way off. We can work towards a goal, acquire wealth and admiration and even attain success though nothing in life is certain, except death that is.

There can be times where we might expect one thing and receive something else entirely and this is life, what can we do other than live it? In life, what we do receive or what does come our way is not always something nice or pleasant and most definitely it is not always fair. If we should find ourselves in a position of advantage then should we always take that advantage?

What if we could see without a shadow of a doubt some of the things which are to come, not so much the good stuff but the not so good stuff, and not in ourselves but in others? And what if we could decide as to if any of it is truly fair or not? Could you, would you want to interfere with and affect the outcome of such oncoming bad things?

To have ability like this would be one thing, what to do with it would definitely be another. If one can be sure that what is seen through this kind of ability is real and is of what is to come then what could and should be done with this information? Should things be interfered with as in having some sort of an attempt made to prevent the not so good from occurring? Could it even be interfered with at all?

A gift of sight or second sight could easily come with room for confusion. If visions were to come and to come repeatedly without the knowledge for exactly what is being seen or as to why it is being seen at all, then confusion can take over, but then some things may just need time, time to find the details and the time for guidance, divine or otherwise, to come and show a way forwards, show the path you must walk.

Created and born to follow one road, seeing another road and wondering what is down that way, wandering down both paths and favouring the one you were not created for. With a gift and a compulsion to use it, a time will come where a connection will be made with someone else who travels both roads and choosing one over the other. The connection possibly becoming a guiding light not only for the visionary gift but a life guide too. Oh, what to do with those visions …

Yeah, any such vision you may see, if you don’t know who it is you see, don’t know when in time the event you see is to occur, and have no idea where it may occur then why are you seeing it at all? Some things may not be by chance, for all, there must be a reason.

If one were to have an inquisitive soul then would a want exist to know why such an ability of seeing a foreboding future in others exists at all? Knowing where something comes from might go a long way in understanding how or why it works. Maybe such things should never see the light of day, ability and or understanding, maybe choice has no option and a revelation will come in time one way or another. Revelation too may only bring more negativity than positivity.

The negative is overwhelming but the heart desires the positive.

Birth and circumstance can play big parts on life and all that comes with it, and actions may play out on instinct rather than on anything else. Being born from one does not mean you cannot defend the other, if anything it may aid you to do so. When a light shines upon a gift which comes from darkness then some things have to be put aside until the time is right. If one is to act then patience may become a necessity.

With a second sight too, seeing something numerous times through dream or thought over a number of years would need the attribute of patience until such a time can come to discover what exactly it is that is being seen and a choice may need to be made as to if said vision should be acted upon. Of course too, with the repetition, action may be required, requested even.

A battle between light and darkness adds an anomaly and she will see things her way …


A thumping swinging left hander lands full on and is quickly followed by a straight right connecting between the eyes; it’s the neutral corner of a boxing ring that keeps him standing as he has been backed right up into it.

For him this battle is going nowhere, in fact it is going badly and it needs to end; still he refuses to give in. His own previous instruction, the one thing he wants from his corner, is for there to be no retreat and no surrender, no matter what, but someone needs to put aside what it is they have been told and call an end to this one while there still is time.

An end is indeed called but not before the damage is done. The damage is soon determined permanent and irreversible; life from here on in only goes downhill despite all the success that came before …


A little after nine in the evening on the twenty-first day of October 1999, a month that so happened to be up to this point in time the coldest October since records began, Tom and Jenifer Smith are finally able to grab a moment or two to themselves having got their two young daughters, Abigail and Lisa, off to sleep.

Abigail is four years and six months old; Lisa is almost two years and two months old so moments like this one are few and far between. Things are great, Tom and Jenifer wouldn’t have it any other way, or maybe they would.

They come to sit together almost in tandem on the living room sofa choosing to leave all electronics, other than the main living room light, off. The sound of silence is awesome when it comes, as are most other sounds, but alone time in peace and quiet is so nice on those rare moments when they do actually manage to come.

‘Oh that is nice …’ he says.

‘What’s that?’ she asks with a smile on her face.

‘The peace, the sounds of you and I … alone … together … c’mere you’ he taunts before planting a smacker full on her lips and allowing his hands to wander in the hopes of what might possibly come.

‘Stop it you …’ she says with a giggle, ‘you’ll wake the kids.’

‘I’ll be quiet … I swear.’

She gets up in good humour to escape his wandering hands then he gets up to give chase around the sofa. She tries to evade him while also continuing on the taunting until ...

‘Alright, I give in …’ she says after less than thirty seconds of evading chase, ‘… I give in.’

It’s only a second or two before mum and dad are back on the sofa and caught in a lip lock for a good thirty seconds or so. Knowing each other as they do, Tom soon sits back awaiting to hear whatever it is Jenifer has to tell him for he surely knows she is itching to say something. Knowing that he knows she has something to say, she prolongs the torture momentarily until she can hold back no more.

Her eyes stare at his then glance away before returning. This for Tom should have given away what it is she has to say and it is only after the fact that he realizes this. Her accompanying smile and her eyes definitely say it all, or should have anyhow. Not being able to dally any longer, she just blurts it out, keeping her smile constant.

‘I’m pregnant …’

‘What? …’ he asks with shock and delight running through him in equal measure.

He moves to hold her and it is in the moment and the seconds which follow that he does realize that he should have caught it a little earlier. This is good news; the family unit will soon come complete. He moves his face towards her belly and they hold each other in this position and in silence for the next few minutes.

Outside thick snow begins to fall softly and a blanket of white soon offers a postcard picture shine to anyone willing to appreciate its beauty glowing in an evening darkness. This is a beautiful time, as beautiful as beautiful can be. The early snow goes unquestioned, its own beauty adding to a seemingly perfect moment.

A shadow sweeps over the snow taunting the stars which shine unusually bright across a cloudless sky … and so it does truly begin … again.

As Jenifer and Tom cuddle together the beautiful moment for her is interrupted as she is reminded of another moment. She is reminded of something which occurred just a little over five weeks earlier, a moment she had forgotten about until now.

Sitting alone those few weeks before, right where she sits now, Jenifer felt a sudden chill despite the fact the home heating had well and truly been on with its warmth glowing through the family home. With it only being the second week of September it was odd that heating would be needed but the evening brought a drop in temperature, an early winter was on the way. Still, what hit Jenifer was something else. It is as if a breeze blew by her, through her.

There had been a moment of silence then too but that silence had not felt so nice at all. If anything, the silence, this particular moment as a whole, had frightened her. And when she felt the touch of a hand take up a temporary position upon her shoulder she really felt fear. Tom was out and the girls were in bed when this touch came.

She had turned suddenly and jumped out of her seat before managing to settle a little, allowing her glance to search her surroundings. There was no one else there in the room with her, not a soul though she was sure she had been touched. What she failed to see in this moment was an out of place shadow; maybe it was just as well she did not see it.

How could she have forgotten about this? Should she mention it to Tom? No. No need for that. It had happened some time ago now and there has been nothing all so odd since.



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