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The Puppeteer - Part One

The Puppeteer - Part One

Can our heroine escape a madman?

Andrea minded her own business as she walked around the grocery store on a bright Tuesday afternoon. She had just left work and needed to pick up a few things before finally heading home.

She wandered amongst the melons in the section of the store full of fruits and vegetables as she tried to concentrate on which one was ripest and figuring out what else she needed to grab. She sighed as she picked up one of the nearby cantaloupes and cradled it in the crook of her arm.

She was tired and just wanted to get home. She had a long, stressful day during her shift at the store and she wasn't in the mood to dedicating the energy to concentrating on finding the perfect melon like she usually did. It was amazing that she was even here at all. She had thought about just heading home initially, but then she remembered she needed to feed Oliver and that he was out of food.

Cat food. That's what else I needed.

She stood there in the fruit section and couldn't help but let her mind wander through the events of the day as she walked over to the small honeydews, pushing her small cart along.

Her mother had died today. She had a heart attack and passed away earlier that morning.

She got a call while she was at work at her family’s hardware store and as soon as the words left the doctor's lips, she bombarded with grief and an instant numbing sensation. Andrea never dealt with death like others did. For example, at funerals, she never cried. Not ever. No matter who the funeral was for. She just couldn't bring herself to feel sad enough that she would cry.

She could recall her few times attending funerals, and as she would walk up to a casket or an urn of ashes, her eyes would gaze upon those she loved, and they would all have wet faces. This always puzzled Andrea about herself because she could never understand why she never did it.

The grief she felt for her mother was the same as any other family member who had passed away, but the numbness was something new. She felt as if she couldn’t talk or move or breathe. The sharp pain in her limbs and chest were also new. She began to feel like she was floating out of her body or stepping into an alternate reality. She couldn’t believe her mother was gone.

On top of that, she had to tell the rest of her family because she was the first to know. Why did I have to be the one to answer the damn phone? Now, she had to tell her three sisters, her brother, aunts, uncles, her grandfather and of course, her father. Telling her dad was going to be the worst part. She knew he was going to be lost and distraught without mom.

She was the love of his life, and he hadn’t spent a day without her since they were both fifteen. They pair of them were only forty-nine years old and to have her gone so soon would crush him, and Andrea knew it. She stood at the telephone in the shop, and instead of going up and immediately telling her father what had happened, she just looked at him and smiled.

He had been so hopeful that mom would get better after how well she looked on Sunday when he went to visit her and Andrea didn’t want to crush him during a work day. He would have closed the store early if he knew, and they couldn’t afford that. The store was going to be the only thing to keep him busy now, and she wasn’t going to let him lose it if she could help it. No, she decided to tell him after the store closed today.



{{Dear Reader, I know this piece is short but I am taking my time with this story, and I appreciate your patience as I write it. Each piece may not be very long so you can wait to read them until I write several bits if you'd like. Either way, bear with me because I am hoping that The Puppeteer turns out to be a great Horror story that you will ultimately enjoy in the end. Thank you! Love, M.A.Stewart}}


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