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Captain Scrotum and the SS Thrust: Chapter 9

Dead in space, Life suport off line, its going to get hot and sweaty. Can they fix Lilly?

Chapter 9 Turn Lilly on

Marvin looked on in astonishment. No sane person would take cover in an asteroid field, and if the Whorea died, he wouldn’t get paid. He should have kept one prisoner and killed the rest, but he had been enjoying the hunt, killing them in turn till there was only one left. How was he supposed to know this one was suicidal.

Whoreas were meant to be similar to their sisters, admittedly, their emotions and feeling got stronger as their siblings died. Did she want to be free that bad? Was the life of a royal succubus that terrible that she would face almost certain death?

He scanned the asteroid field, there was no sign of the ship or any sexual energy, if they were still alive they had found a good hiding place and powered down the ship, probably knocked out the whorea, else she would be lighting up his monitor like a Christmas tree.

Sweet cheeks heard a noise she didn’t recognise. When the emergency lights kicked on she noticed Scrotum sitting on the floor whimpering, “What are you doing?” she asked.

“I was frightened I don’t like the dark.” He replied looking up at Sweet-Cheeks looking pitiful in the red light of the emergency lighting.

Sweet-Cheeks didn't know what to say/ Scrotum just seemed to be so useless, that nothing he did was making up for his many shortcomings. “just get up,” she said testily. “The main power is offline, so we have lost Lilly, shields and life support. How do we fix it?”

“Why are you asking me?” Scrotum replied as he slowly got up.

“It’s your ship,” Sweet-Cheeks replied, realising they were in deeper trouble than she thought.

“Um… well main power comes from the Engine.” Scrotum started.

“Yes,” Sweet-Cheeks nodded, hoping for something insightful.

“So let's go have a look and the engine.” Scrotum said with a smile.

Sweet-Cheeks slapped her forehead, “Please don’t let me die out here with him, please.” She begrudgingly followed him, though she had noticed since spending time with such a repulsive human, her sexual urges weren’t quite as high.

With main power offline, Sweet-Cheeks and Scrotum had to crawl through the maintenance duct to get to the lower deck. The air was hot, and the air was getting thinner. Sweet-Cheeks breathed heavily, “Oh My God!” she whispered, as she saw Scrotum's ass, wiggling in front of her “So much for urges,” she thought, and her hand stroked her moist pussy, her body felt like she was suddenly on fire.

“Scrotie, I… I…”

Suddenly Scrotum let out a long, noisy fart. The smell hit Sweet-Cheeks hard forcing her mind back to the problem. She held her nose trying to fan the foul smell away, “Oh my God you stink!” she shouted.

“Better out than in,” Scrotum replied with a chuckle.

“Oh my god, you’re the most disgusting vile man I have ever met. And we are never having sex!” Sweet cheeks replied in an elevated voice. “And Don’t fart in an enclosed space with me again!”

Marvin was watching his scanners. He thought he had detected some sexual energy, but it had vanished before he had got a location. How long was he going to wait out here? “Patience,” he said out loud, this girl was worth a million credits, the fact she had temporarily escaped and had entered an asteroid field didn’t mean she was dead. 

He scanned the entire area again. There were 2 points of entry where the rocks were less dense, here and at the far end. Since they were heading for somewhere heading to the other access point was logical, as they would have to pass him if they stayed on course if they left the field here.

Marvin programmed the autopilot to take him to the other point, before putting on some classical music, and closing his eyes calming his mind.

“The panel is stuck,” Scrotum complained.

Give it a good kick before you drop your guts again, I'm not being stuck in here with you!” Sweet-Cheeks replied.

Scrotum gave the panel a kick.

“Harder, use those manly mussels,” Sweet-Cheeks shouted in annoyance with his feeble attempt.

“You think I’m manly?” Scrotum asked.

“Oh give me strength,” Sweet-cheeks muttered to herself “Move over let me give it a go.”

There wasn’t room for two people by the panel or room for them to pass, Sweet cheeks pushed against scrotum, squishing him into the wall, trying to ignore his sweaty stink She got her foot on the panel and with all her might, kicked it.

The panel fell, Sweet cheeks backed up allowing Scrotum to go first. But as he looked out he stopped.

“Whats wrong now?” Sweet cheeks moaned wanting to get out of the hot maintenance tunnel.

“We are a little high up.” Scrotum replied as he looked for an easy way down.

Sweet-Cheeks had had enough and kicked him as hard as she had kicked the panel.

Scrotum howled in pain as he fell, the noise abruptly stopping as he landed facedown on the floor. Sweet cheeks lowered herself down, reaching the floor before she had to let go of the edge of the tunnel. “Oh get up, I didn’t kick you that hard.”

“You did too,” Scrotum moaned as he got up rubbing his ass.

Sweet-Cheeks looked at the doors as the red lights flickered. “Which door?” she asked.

“The two on the left, the first is the computer room, the second is the main engine room.” Scrotum replied, still rubbing his ass before he and Sweetcheeks heard a bang, very similar to the noise the panel had made when it landed on the floor.

“What was that?” Sweet-Cheeks asked, suddenly feeling nervous.

“I don’t know!” Scrotum moaned as he took a step back, so he was standing behind Sweet-Cheeks.

“Oh for the love of any man,” Sweet-Cheeks thought as she edged her way forward, Scrotum behind.

Suddenly a whirring noise sounded from the inside of the engine room, followed by another bang.

Sweet-Cheeks looked around for a weapon, but there wasn’t anything, so she slowly started to open the door. The lighting wasn’t working in the engine room, and she could just see movement due to the open door. There was a wrench on the side. Sweet-Cheeks grabbed it quietly sneaking over.

Scrotum peered into the engine room he saw Sweet-Cheeks sneaking up on something. He heard a bleep and a click, followed by a wrench smacking a metal object.

The lights came on. Scrotum's cleaning droid was holding two wires in place, but it had a significant dent in its head where Sweet-Cheeks had hit it.

“Anna?” Scrotum asked, then he looked at Sweet-Cheeks “you hit my maid!”

“Well, what's it doing in here?” Sweetcheeks asked as the air was turned back on, Both she and scrotum breathed deeply not realising how thin the air had got.

“Aaaallloooww mme to explain,” Lilly suddenly said as the engines started to hmmm again.

“Lilly!” Scrotum shouted sounding jubilant. “It was awful, it went all dark, and I had to crawl through the maintenance tunnel, and Sweet-Cheeks kicked me.”

“Awww poor baby, let me get the ship working again, and then I can make it up to you… As can Sweet-Cheeks!”

“He froze and was completely stuck I had to get out of the tunnel…” Sweetcheeks started to explain.

Before Anna spun around, starring as Sweet-Cheeks. Although Anna didn’t have a face, Sweet-Cheeks suspected Anna would hurt her if she weren't quiet.

“My poor baby,” Lilly started, “once I got the main functions back online would you like me to get you some ice cream, and a nice can of larger?”

“Please,” Scrotum said with a smile. “We were coming to try and fix you.”

Lilly went quiet. She was very glad Anna had finished the repairs before Scrotum had got here. “Anna is programmed with failsafe, if I go offline she will restart me and can perform basic repairs and…” Lilly went quiet for a moment, “Diagnostics compleat, Firewall offline computer functions at 86%. Life support at 62%. Engines at 47%. Deflectors back online. Scanning area.”

“Are you ok Lilly?” Scrotum asked,

“Negative my sexy, hunky buns. Damage to hull affected primary functions, backups holding and repairs on the way, Anna will have to leave the ship and patch the hole… Anna?”

Anna’s head suddenly spun around, and sparks flew from her chest cavity.

Sweet-Cheeks hid the wrench behind her back, “Running diagnostics,” Lilly stated, sounding a little panicky. “Anna Damaged, unable to operate…That stupid girl hit you!” Lilly shouted sounding furious.

“I didn’t know,” Sweet-Cheeks replied in defence. “I thought it was the hunter, trying to shut you down.”

“You hurt my man, then my droid! You will have to go out and fix the hole!” Lilly replied still sounding angry.

Scrotum smiled he liked this idea. “Me!” Sweet-Cheeks replied not believing what she was being told to do.

“You!” Lilly replied, “Anna will need repairing before she can outside, and I have to keep the ship working. If we stay here too long, one of the asteroids will hit us. 

As if to prove a point a giant asteroid landed right beside the ship making it shake. 

"There’s no Oxygen cylinders left,” Sweet-Cheeks stated, hoping Lilly would change her mind.

“Spare O cylinder is in the cleaning cupboard, I estimate between 30 - 45 minutes of air, should easily be enough time to finish the repairs to the coolant system and patch the hole with sealant,” Lilly replied sounding cold and uncaring to Sweet-Cheeks.

Sweet cheeks desperately looked at Scrotum, but Lilly started speaking before she said anything. “Now Scrotie, you go grab a beer and some Ice cream, since Anna is offline, I will get your favourite porn on in the toilet for you. Scrotum quickly left the room thinking about ice cream and jerking, leaving a dumbfounded Sweet-Cheeks. “And as for you, miss kick my Scrotum, You will get the O cylinder and get to the airlock.

Sweet-Cheeks scowled as she left the room. She was sure she heard Anna laughing at her.

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