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Captian Scrotum and the SS thrust: Chapter 17 (last chapter)

Scrotum escaped from Knob, but look like he isnt out of trouble yet.

Chapter 17 Not Alone

Scrotum was sitting on the floor, in a little pain, having shoulder banged the door, without success. “Lilly, can Anna remove the Magnetic device and open the door?”

“I’m afraid Anna was a little damaged when Sweet-Cheeks bashed her head in. Then she hit the Hunter. After she had put you to bed, I started the repair cycle, but she is offline right now. She should be back online soon, I hope.”

“Are you lying Lilly? To make me feel better?” Scrotum asked having a bad feeling.

“… Yes, sweetie, Anna went offline after she put you to bed and re-entered her recharge station. I have been unable to reactivate her.”

“So I’m stuck here until we get back to my uncle's station?”

“Not exactly. We don’t have enough fuel to make it back, though we will get close. Then the auto distress beacon should activate once the fuel runs out. Your Uncle will have to tractor us into the station.”

“Nice!” Scrotum sarcastically said. “What else can go wrong?”

Suddenly there was a jolt, “What was that?” Scrotum asked.

“Unknown, my sexy man whore. Sensors aren’t picking up anything. Maybe it's Sweet-Cheeks?”

There was another jolt. “Engines are going offline. Something just damaged one of the fuel pumps. Attempting to bypass.” Lilly said, sounding concerned.

Suddenly there was a drilling sound. “Alert, Alert, An intruder is breaking in, Sensors not detecting anything. Activate the holo-projector on your watch big balls. I will link the internal cameras to it.”

Scrotum complied he watched as the door eased opened, and Marvin entered his ship, the door closing behind him. “The the the hunter!” Scrotum gasped before slapping his hand over his mouth trying to be quiet. He dived to the floor and rolled under the bed.

“Bending your legs may be a better position, they won't stick out then,” Lilly suggested. Scrotum bent his legs just in time.

The door opened, and Marvin peered in mumbling. “Now, why lock a door when there is no one here?” Scrotum held his breath. He was shaking in terror. A noise came from down the corridor, and Marvin turned and started walking towards the lift heading to the engine room.

“He's gone sweetie but will be back soon. I sent Bob down to the engine room to make some noise.”

“Bob?” Scrotum asked.

“The scanning droid.”

Scrotum blinked not knowing what Lilly was talking about.

“The one you said looked like a big bug,”

“Oh… that thing is called Bob?”

“Yes, my sexy boy.”

“Wonder if that would piss off my brother?”

“Not as much as destroying his ship did. You should have heard what he was going to do to you.”

“He is alive?”

“As is Sweet-Cheeks. We should talk later. The hunter found Bob. He will come back soon.”

Scrotum looked up and saw Sweet-Cheeks gun, just above his head “Lilly does that work?”

“Don’t know my sexy man. If you attach it to one of the diagnostic sensors, I can tell you. Ouch!”

“What’s wrong?” Scrotum asked,

“He killed Bob. He isn’t a nice man.” Lilly Replied

Scrotum peered around the door, before running to the cockpit. He plugged the gun into the central console. “Charging,” Lilly said, “Gun at 3% Stun not available.”

Scrotum heard a noise. He looked at his watch again, only to see the lift door opening and the hunter heading towards him. He held the gun in both hands as they shook, “Err, sweetie?” Lilly started.

“Shush!” Scrotum hissed, hoping the hunter hadn’t heard, but he had and was heading for the cockpit. 

“Help!” scrotum whispered and as Marvin entered the room Scrotum pulled the trigger… nothing happened he pulled it again and again. Finally, few lights lit up, but that was all. Scrotum looked at the gun desperately “Is there a safety,” he wondered as Marvin yanked the gun from his hands, causing Scrotum to fall to the floor. 

The Bitch isn’t here is she,” Marvin shouted in anger as he extended the blade from his wrist.

“Noooooo,” Scrotum responded, sounding pitiful, as he crawled backwards.

The gun flashed in Marvin's hand. He looked at it. Then he noticed the cable and his eyes opened wide. Before he could react the blaster exploded.

Scrotum was crawling for his life, he had banged his head, and had a few cuts. He blinked as he heard Lilly explain, “As I was about to say before you shushed me, you need to unplug guns before you fire them, else they sometimes explode.”

“Is he dead,” Scrotum asked as he crawled to the lift and entered it heading to the second deck.

“How should I know, hot buns he doesn’t register on my sensors.”

Scrotum looked at his watch he saw smoke fire. Then he was Marvin, who was limping down the hallway heading towards the elevator. 

“Nooooo!” Scrotum wined. “That’s so not fair, if I had been holding the gun, I would have been splattered.”

Marvin looked to where his hand had once been. He had been outmanoeuvred. Lucky for him, his force field had absorbed most of the energy, but the damage was extensive. His force field was now offline. He had lost his right hand, one of his cyber eyes wasn’t working. Plus all of his weapons and sensors were now offline, except his spear. He drew it and limped down the corridor. He had lost a lot of blood. This injury could be mortal, but not until he killed the one responsible. 

Scrotum hid in engineering. “What do I do, what do I do?” he asked himself out loud.

“He is coming, my sexy man. Alert, Alert, power surge! Scrotum heard a crack, then a hiss of gas escaping. Radiation leak, rads rising, recommend exiting the engine room before you are fried my pussy pumper.”

“Great what else can go wrong,” he asked himself before he saw the door open and the lights went out.

Scrotum could see the hunter's shadow from the open doorway. He was petrified. He sat in the corner unable to move. “I can see you," Marvin called out grinning, “Your ass in mine!”

A light bulb went on in Scrotum’s head. Someone had said that before, “Madeira!” He shouted before crawling behind the engine core.

Marvin didn’t know what to make of that comment. He paused, not understanding what a cake had to do with what he was going to do to that fat little coward. 

Rita suddenly smashed herself free from the store cupboard. Marvin watched with a mixture of amusement and surprise as a female robot with big boobs, leather straps charged at him.

Marvin took a swing with his spear, but Rita grabbed it with lightning speed, “So you want it rough!” She ground out, as she slapped him across the face. 

Marvin took a step back but hadn’t let go of the spear. He yanked it free from Rita’s hands and smashed it into her face. 

Marvin Smiled in relief, recovering from the metal slap around the face. Rita wasn’t moving. The spear had ripped half of her face off, leaving most of her wires and circuits exposed. Scrotum thought she looked like a Zombie robot.

Rita slowly turned her head to look at Marvin, her one eye glowing. She swiftly grabbed his throat and slammed him into the wall face first, yanking the spear out of his hand and threw it across the room. “Your ass is mine!”

Rita banged his head against the wall a few more times before pulling his trousers down. Marvin could only swear while squirming, followed by a scream in pain as Rita started working him.

Scrotum snuck out of the room quietly, hoping Rita wouldn't notice him. He was silent until he was back in the lift. “Lilly I want you to seal the engine room. Don’t let anyone in or out of there until Rita runs out of power.”

“I estimate, Rita has a full forty-nine hours. And until the radiation levels or the Engine has been powered down, The engine room is under quarantine. Doors magnetically sealed.”

“Then let's leave the doors sealed.” Scrotum replied with a smirk. "We will wait until we are back on my uncle's station with some armed guards.

The engine slowly started to hum, and the Thrust shot forward, “I bypassed the fuel pump. We should make Dominic's station in approximately forty hours. We may need a little help docking. Hopefully, your uncle will have calmed down and won't leave us floating in space for too long.”

“Something to worry about when we get there,” Scrotum replied, “Now how about that movie.” 

“Good plan my sexy captain,” Lilly replied.

The End!
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