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Janet and John - The Fish Shop Encounter

John fetches some fish and chips on his way home.

A story written in the style of the Janet and John books that I used to read as a child. In this story, though, Janet is John's wife. John can be rather simple, and she always sends him out on errands for her. This story is not as innocent as the original books, but I hope you enjoy it.

Today is Friday, and Janet has decided that they would have a fish and chip takeaway for dinner. Friday is always fish and chip day.

Do you like fish and chips?

John does.

Janet asks John to fetch the fish and chips while John is on his way back from picking up a parcel from Mr. Brown's.

John rushes out of the house at 6 pm precisely. He can't wait for his supper and is eager to get back home as quickly as he can.

John knocks on Mr. Brown's door. John starts hopping from foot to foot as he waits patiently for him to answer.

"Ah! John," says Mr. Brown, "I have a parcel for Janet, have you come to pick it up?"

"Yes," says John, "What's in the parcel?"

"Here it is," says Mr. Brown, handing John the parcel, "they're some coloured juggling balls for the fete on Sunday."

"Thank you," says John, as he takes the parcel and toddles off down the road to the fish and chip shop.

When he gets to the fish and chip shop, John finds that June is just opening up.

"Am I too early for you," says John.

"No, not really," says June, "but if you want something to take away quickly, then you may have to help me out."

John was excited at the prospect of helping out June.

"What would you like," said June. "Two fish and chips, please," replied John.

"Right," said June, "let me take that parcel, and you get the fish from the fridge, you will have to batter them yourself and then dip them in the fat fryer. I will do the chips."

John handed June the parcel; he was so excited to be able to cook his very own fish. June put the parcel on the large chest freezer.

"John, you must dip the fish in the batter and then place them in the boiling fat," instructed June. Then you must leave the fish there until the batter turns a nice golden colour.

John did precisely as he was told. Soon, the fish was cooked, and June had also filled the chip fryer with chips.

June started to dish the fish and chips into two containers for John to take home.

"Salt and vinegar?" asked June.

"Yes, please," said John, excitedly.

As soon as June handed John the fish and chips, he was headed out the shop.

"Wait..." cried June, "you nearly forgot your parcel."

"Thank you," said John as June handed him his parcel. John ran home as quickly as he could.

Janet was waiting on the front door worried why John was so late.

"John, what took you so long?" asked Janet.

"Well..." said John. "June and I had to do it together. She kindly put my balls on her large chest, and then she let me dip one in, and then the other. My fingers got very sticky, but it was such fun."

"June, then told me to stick them in the fat fryer, which of course, I loved doing."

"Then, when they had changed colour and were nice and hot, she took them out. I was so relieved when she took my balls off her large chest and gave them back to me..."

Do you know what it's like to be battered...

John does!

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