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Snow White: The demonic truth...

I did this because I was bored... Discretion is advised, lol.

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Snow White. She was the sweetest, most innocent girl in the the whole realm and was considered the fairest of them all. She lived in the castle with her stepmother, the queen.

One day, Snow went to see her stepmother, who was in her room brushing her hair. The queen stared into the mirror with gloomy eyes and softly whispered, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall. With a crack in the corner and most likely would fall...” She sighed and continued to brush her hair.

Snow peeked into the queen’s room planning on scaring the queen, but she hesitated. In the mirror was a ghostly face that floated around just behind the glass. She was panic stricken and was about to call out to the queen.

The face spoke in a grand majestic voice, “My queen, to become the fairest of them all, you must take the heart of Snow White.” Snow backed away from the door and heard abrupt laughter from the queen.

Snow took a quick glance at the queen. She had a wide smile and bright happy eyes, Snow couldn’t believe it and turned away from the door.

She sprinted down the hallways and out of the castle, her heart racing as she retreated into the forest. She had to escape from the queen, the evil queen, and her tyrannical reign.

Deeper and deeper Snow ran into the forest and eventually got herself lost. She wandered for hours, getting tired and starting to feel the first signs of hunger. She knew she had to keep going or the queen would find her and kill her. Finally, she stopped next to an apple tree, exhausted from walking so far. She sat down next to the tree and sat up against it. She bit into an apple and looked around.

Snow figured that she was far enough away from the queen to be safe for a while and needed to find some sort of shelter before it got dark.She got up and wandered around and came across a cabin.

She hesitantly walked up to it and knocked on the door. It creaked open and she stepped inside. It was dark and damp from years of neglect. Everything was covered in a carpet of dust, it had accumulated so much. There was a fireplace on the far wall and several pieces of broken furniture.

Snow smiled and began to clean the place up. She started a fire and did her best to repair the furniture. She looked in the pantry for food and found several jars of preservatives. She prepared herself a nice meal of bread and jam.

She was about to take a bite when she heard something shuffle outside. “What could that be?” She asked and strolled to the door. She opened it to see seven Dwarves staring up at her. “Oh, hello.”

“You’re in our house,” one rudely told her.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know,” she quickly apologized.

“That’s what they all say!” the dwarf snapped. Another yawned in agreement, followed by a sneeze.

“Oh Grumpy, we can excuse this sudden intrusion just this one time,” another told the first.

“Golly, she sure is pretty. I ain’t ever been in love before, but I sure am now.” Snow saw one look her in her eyes with wide, puppy-like eyes.

“Well, we should introduce ourselves now, shouldn’t we?” He was met with grunts in agreement. “I’m Doc.” She shook his hand.

“Happy!” the one next to Doc cheered.

“I’m Bashful... But you can call me anything you want,” the puppy eyed one told her.

“S-sleepy...” He started to snore. Another sneezed and coughed horribly, waking Sleepy abruptly.

“Achoo! I’m Sn-sneezy.” Snow gave him a sympathetic smile.

“And I’m Grumpy, now leave me alone,” the first one shouted and stormed passed her. Behind him was the final one. He was absently staring into space with a goofy smile on his face. One tapped his shoulder. He jumped startled and turned to Snow.

“Uh... er, I’m...” The others smiled encouragingly. “Dopey.”

“Nice to meet you, my name is Snow White.”

The dwarves led her inside to spend the night.

The next morning Snow White woke up early to clean up the cabin and prepare breakfast as a thank you to her new friends. To her surprise they were already awake and waiting for her. She hummed to herself as she swept the floor, scooting around the dwarves.

Bashful followed her every movement and glared at any other who tried to get close to her. She smiled and patted his head and kept on sweeping.

“Missed a spot.” Doc pointed out repeatedly, making sure she got every spot. Snow thanked him for the advice even though it began to get on her nerves. Dopey randomly wandered in and out of her way, causing her to almost trip several times.

Grumpy would then come in, kick the dirt pile and run out, knocking over several items along the way. Snow just sighed and continued until she was finished.

She tried to cook breakfast, but Sneezy would sit on the counter and have a sneezing fit all over the counters and dishes. Snow gave up on cooking and tried to light a fire. She discovered Sleepy inside the chimney flue. He yawned and gave her a queer look before he fell back asleep.

Snow helplessly looked at the dwarves and got up to leave.

“Where are you going? Aren't you gonna say goodbye?” Happy asked, running up to her.

Snow looked at him, “I’m going to gather some of the apples from the tree to make apple pie,” she told him and left with a basket.

Snow plucked apple after apple and didn’t hear the man approach when he spoke. “Excuse me, Miss? I’m lost. Do you know where the nearest town is and may I partake in one of your apples?” the man asked. Snow turned and nearly jumped. The man had traps and animal furs all over him. In his hand he held a bow, in the other a knife. He had a quiver filled with arrows on his back. He waited for a response.

“Um... Sure, go ahead. I don’t know where the nearest town is though,” she cautiously replied. She couldn’t shake the feeling that the man was dangerous. She kept as far away as she could and looked to the dwarves for help, but they had disappeared.

The hunter tried to make small talk with her, noticing she was looking uncomfortable. “So, uh... You're out here by yourself?” Snow took full warning and backed away a bit. She looked at his weapons alarmed, her mind racing.

‘Why is he out in the woods? Is he searching for something? Did the queen send him to find me? Is he here to cut out my heart?!’ Snow stared at him with horrified eyes. “No!” she screamed and ran away. The hunter looked at her confused.

“She didn’t have to run...” and he walked away.

Snow ran as fast as she could and ran into another man. He was younger looking and wore fancy clothes.

“You must help me! The queen, she is trying to kill me! I must hide, she sent a hunter after me to cut out my heart!” Snow cried frantically. The man looked at her and sat her down.

“Just breath, my lady. Calm down. I am the prince of a neighboring kingdom. What is it about the queen?” he asked.

“I’m Snow White. The queen has plotted to cut out my heart to become the fairest of them all.” She choked up in tears. The prince thought a moment.

“That doesn’t sound very fair at all... But I will help you, distressed maiden!” The prince then mounted his horse and ran off in the direction of the castle.

“Thank you, Prince,” she whispered. She heard rustling behind her and quickly twirled around to see a cloaked old lady.

“Dear me... I seem to be lost. Can you help a poor old women rest for a while?” Her voice was gravelly and weak. Snow smiled and helped the old women to the cabin.

The prince raced to the castle as fast as his horse could manage. He stormed up to the gate and into the castle. The queen smiled and rose when the prince entered.

“Welcome to my kingdom!” she told him. He drew his sword and she smiled, confused. “Is there something wrong?”

“I would like to know why you are trying to rip out the heart of the one known as Snow White!” the prince demanded.

The queen suddenly looked glum and slumped in her throne. “Why would she think that? She’s my stepdaughter.”

“She claims it would make you the fairest of them all,” he cried out to her in anger. The queen weakly smiled and shook her head.

“I fear you are mistaken.” She turned to a servant, “Bring me my antidepressants and lithium.” The servant bowed and scurried off. She addressed the prince again, “Snow ran off for some reason and I’ve been wondering why. Could you bring her home before she hurts herself?”

The prince was taken aback for a moment by how kind the queen sounded and questioned himself. He left to find Snow to get everything sorted out once and for all.

Snow had led the old woman inside and sat her down in front of the fireplace as she started a fire. The dwarves were nowhere insight.

“Such a nice, kind girl you are. Surely, the fairest of them all.” The old lady smiled and reached out for Snow, who took her hand and gently smiled in response.

“Thank you, now if any dwarves show up and give you a hard time, just let me know, okay?” Snow told her and went into the kitchen. “Now, I don’t know what we have to eat.”

“Oh, not to worry, my dear,” the lady interrupted quickly. She pulled out a green apple and offered it to Snow.

She took the apple and examined it carefully.

“An apple for the fairest of them all,” the old lady informed her. Snow smiled gratefully.

“Do you want any? I could easily slice it.” The lady shook her head no.

“For you,” and Snow White bit into the apple and heard the rest of the words. “My dear, dear Snow White.”

Snow’s eyes widened and her arms tensed up. She fell to the floor, frozen in that position.

The prince burst into the cabin and ran to her.

“Snow are you alright?” he asked, lifting her up by the shoulders. He looked around, unsure what to do. He searched the cabinets for any remedies and found nothing. He knelt down beside her. He leaned down and kissed her.

She snapped out of the trance and hugged the prince. “You saved me! how did you know I was here? Did the dwarves send you?”

“Snow... There are no dwarves...” He told her reassuringly. She smiled, confused.

“What?” He looked at her, worried. “But I saw them, just this morning in this cabin.” She glanced around. She jumped back, startled. The cabin looked as it did when she first found it. “But, they were here! Then I met the hunter, you, and the old lady! The old lady was the queen in disguise and poisoned me with the apple!” Snow cried. The prince gripped her hand firmly.

“Snow... Let’s go home,” and he swept her off her feet and carried her out. He placed her on his horse and got up behind her. He led the horse away.

As they went along Snow began to hear the dwarves whispering to her.

“He doesn’t believe you...” Doc mocked her.

“He’s stealing you away!” Bashful cried.

“He (yawn) will lock you up.” Sleepy informed.

“And (achoo!) you’ll never see the sun again.” Sneezy yelled.

“Escape while you still can!” Happy shouted.

“Take the... Uh... reins...” Dopey instructed. Snow smiled at the prince and placed her hand on his. He smiled back.

“Now! Make a run for it!” Grumpy ordered and Snow yanked hard on the reins. The horse reared up and galloped away at a frightening speed. It ran cross a cliff and away from the kingdom. They were never seen again.
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