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Bits and Pieces

There’s a moment, a split second where a dream is so vivid, yet it slips from your grasp all at once

Trudging into the bathroom, I flick the switch. The light is dim yet it still blinds my weary eyes,  adding to the miserable feeling that I woke with. 

Another dream. 


Steadying myself against the cool ceramic sink, eyes blurry, still exhausted, I try to focus on the figure in the mirror. Heartbreak is written with a single tear sliding down my cheek. When my eyes close I see hers, deep pools of velvet-brown colliding with honey droplets. 

I crave nothing more than to go back to the dream, to find out who she is. A need to seize the depth of so many untold stories, to feel.

Water from the faucet spills through my fingers before I run them along my neck. The goosebumps rise and I feel lingering traces of her touch crawling across my skin. 

How can a dream leave such abiding effects? 

I open my eyes and see a colourless reflection. My complexion blending with the grey linens that hang on cold hardware. The harsh glare of white tiles show the bleak reality of my life without her in it. 

A familiar face, yet, unknown. Is she real? 

My hands cup the water and I watch it puddle over before splashing it on my face. The shock of the cold breathes life into that hollow ache, colliding with the silence of my soul, both needing to be filled. 

Sleep fades and slowly the bits and pieces of memory bind with the water, melding into each drop, falling into the sink. I don’t want to lose her. 

Watching any trace of her vanish down the drain, my heart grows heavy. 

Turning from my reflection, I flick out the light struggling to remember, longing for the next moment with… 

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