By a_chica

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The Ace and Queen, never to be paralleled,

Cars, music, and wordplay,
this is how things started.

Together in the distance,
but never in real life.
First you needed me,
then it was my turn.

Both in times of need,
bonded in a game of 21.

Blackjack, and for the time
of the game, we won.

Now reality faces us.
No more cards.

We will never be more
complete than 21

The deck is finished,
the game to an end.

On to the sunset
you will ride.

I will ride my 'stang.'
to a new life.

Never to play 21 again,
putting away child play.

The Ace and Queen,
What a pair they where.

To be put on a mantle,
souvenir and memories.

Movies, words across the web,
no more.

Promises un-kept,
empty words.


But this game again
I will never play.