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Alberta Clipper 1: Down The Highway

Alberta Clipper 1: Down The Highway

The streets are getting’ empty, and I’m keeping a low profile as I head on down the line, out here on the fringes of the night as the last midnight train pulls out and won’t be back. Finding myself thinking of when I was in that North Country where the lakes and streams ran so free, and of those few friends I have had that were like good old bricks and stood the kicks, and never fretted, kvetched, or whined with the passage of time. Along with those I needed to find and were a class apart as they asked me their questions, and shared their secrets. With there being times when I wished I could head back to the start as questions of silence spoke louder than the words spoken, and will we all meet up again someday for it was a shame for us to part ways as life called.

Still, there are those times when I sit and think about my troubles being like the bubbles in that cup of coffee I had before going down into the valley down below. After having been meek, and then as hard as a piece of oak while all those people I once did know appeared and then disappeared like smoke. That’s the way of life with friends arriving and then disappearing, and some think of this as being goodbye but, that ain’t so for this is the time the Tao as dictated how things should go, and one day I will lay down my pen when this story is finally through, and it will then be my story to you to one day read. After waking on the cold side of the mountain with each night that passes I learn something new and something I can use.

Most of my life I seem to have been hoping and praying for my time to finally arrive (for it has been said that every man has his time), and trying not to look back though most seem to have to take that chance and I know the past is always close behind. A sleight of hand along with a twist of fate has me wondering if I am free with there being times I feel as if I can’t take one more step and still my heart will not let me give in. There are times when it feels like there is nothing left to win along with there being nothing left to lose, as I recall those warnings that I should beware for I am sure to fall when I hit the absolute bottom, and I thought they were all just trying to kid me. Now there are times when I don’t talk loud and other times I just ain’t talkin’, and when you got nothing like I did, then you got nothing to lose.

Remembering dancing once where the evening fell with you as the stars went from red to blue, and I wonder if you are happy now? Still, I wonder where you go at times when the stars turn from yellow to blue? Yeah, I know I sometimes see too much through these tired, and broken feeling eyes, and still I find myself looking to the skies at times as if I am looking for some kind of sign and it will make everything be all right. Finding my way as the Tao directs and seeing the signs most of the time as I follow the road with each of its bends and curves, as well as a beginning and an end just living and learning, with times I have gotten just what I have deserved.

Sometimes it feels as if I might have wasted half of my life and I should just relax and have a laugh as I let everything in. Finding myself questioning myself a time or two about where I should go and are there answers that can tell me why I should live or die? Those are the times when the Tao has me follow the wind song as well as the thunder to where the truth lies in the desert where the faithful are tested. As I deal with the obstacles placed in my way and handle the situation most of the time. Even though there are times when I seem to be carrying a ball of mixed up confusion inside of me that sometimes feels like it’s killing me. With there being too many people I pass by that are too hard to please as I walk on down the line that can be at times as sharp and fine as a razor’s edge, and on occasion has me have a head full of questions as I continue on looking for answers out here on those back roads, old highways, and railroad tracks where the Tao dictates I should go.

Just standing here leaning in a doorway thinking of a series of dreams that ain’t too scientific, and just ones where it seems as if the time and the tempo fly by. With no direction unlike those roads out here while I continue making my way down the line.

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