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Dream Insight and Joanée

Its aprox 4:37 am..I am awake thinking of my fears that have already come and gone..

I read months back and realize where I left off...July 15, 2012...Thank God I don't have to be perfect...

*I am seeing companionship on another level that I have yet to understand as a human with human emotions.

*Is my idea of companionship me being in control of someone else? Does that get confused with my natural leadership skills?

*Take it Like you Own It(accept it as a part of you).

*I can learn how to truly share beyond me being in control of it.

*We can share the same ideas.

*It is safe 4 me to let go and still enjoy and love the same.

*True giving never ends.

*Leading and controlling are opposite forces.

*Signing this contract isn't giving my rights away but sharing responsibility.

*I cannot control another's ascension process-doing so only causes delays.

*The duality's that were once blocked are clear today..I see more than I've ever seen within my stay here.

*Accepting what was never mine to control.

*Increased flexibility = Increased awareness.

Helping each other, release control over ourselves and others, accepting the mystery of what lies ahead. Nothing to be fearful of, but embraced. Mystery is love, mist, beautiful clouds, water and the depths of the ocean that unites us within ourselves. Mystery is the universe, the highest vibration that grows the fruit to provide nourishment and natural sweetness in love, it's beyond anything we have ever felt, yet it feels so familiar. Because it is who we are, mystery gives as it receives, as that is a mystery, giving and receiving what we cannot see and keep it going. Let it flow through every inch of you breath , your body, your heart and let it be the essence of everything that you are. Let it vibrate through every action and every gift you give unto yourself, let it touch everyone in the true essence of who you are. Let it blossom like the lotus that blooms inside every chakra point both within and outside of yourself. Let it answer every question you seek within and outside of yourself. Let others answer the questions, let others be your teacher. As you learn you realize they learn as they teach and you teach as you learn. Don't hold it against yourselves nor others, don't hold it within yourself suffocating what deserves to be released, what lies within you is to be shared. To share is not to lose or to give away, what you give is always returned and whoever taught you otherwise was merely lost. We're more alive that we've ever been in this place of 3 dimensional beauty yet destruction continuously awaits the surface, know that it is only love rebuilding and reconstructing itself. Fear not, joyful times are finally here... break free from what once was and bring everyone with you. I've felt this before and although it wasn't real I know it is now. The trigger came to remind to have fun and seek what's real...Don't fear your journey, don't fear your past for none of it was real, but this is as real as it gets...mysterious...Wake from the sleep you were taught, walk away from what was never there and find what was waiting for you the whole time...Forgive your parents for the false control they have taught you to believe, give them the gift you have brought with you from galaxies away, teach them the safety of love and freedom. That Truth does not mean exposing lies nor faults, that Truth is Light and Love. Truth is Connection... A Hug... A Kiss... A Kind Thought... A Gift of Quality Time... Asking how your day was... Truth is all the beauty within the mystery of the glimmering light that tucks you in at night, that holds your youth...Your youth and innocence is light, darkness can never reach this place, although, it may try and trick you, it is impossible. Communication is a tool of light to share love and information of love. You are not alone, you never were. Everyone deserves love, not a chance to be loved, but a choice, love is not of chance, love is. Choose to love... I can finally give in the way I've always known, all defenses down and laid to the side. It is safe to love, it is safe to speak, it is safe to be exactly what we came to be... It is safe to dance, safe to laugh, safe to cry and safe to relax... It is safe to feel, safe to heal, safe to understand and safe to lend a helping hand... It is safe to let go and release the holds we have placed on each other from the past where I first met you...It is safe to let go of what we failed to accomplish...Know that this is a new day free from fear, I release you back into the wild anxious and excited of what we will create as we create together in Love of who we really are. We are one, same heart, same mind, united in Love to create the same...Love. We met here again for the first time to assist one another in Love as we hold hands into the Light. I am not leaving you but merely letting go of control, anxiously awaiting to get to know who you always were, standing right by your side whenever you ask of me...
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