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The conclusion of the Blackjack dealer stories

The finish of my 4 part story

As quickly as it began my career was over. It wasn't an easy job, but it was a job. Yes, we had to walk a good six minutes to the smoking area and we barely had enough time to finish one before we had to hustle back and relieve the dealer that gave us our break so they could break others. Yes, we dealt with the unwashed and intoxicated masses on a daily basis. But was a paycheck.

 I made many friends during gaming school, and we have remained friends with many of them. I have been told that some of the others just quit, seemed they just had enough. So let's step into the time machine and arrive at the day of my separation, that's what they called it. I didn't lose my temper or rant and rave. I attempted to inform them that my peripheral vision is quite acute, it kept me safe during my career in public and private police work.

They would not listen. I was informed that there was a 90 day cooling off period, I could not visit the casino during that time, like I would even consider it. I explained that I was interested in rejoining the casino in a security capacity, and they said they would keep my name on file for something called the Reach Out program. It is program where employment is offered to those that were terminated, I would not hold my breath.

I had my employee ID taken and was escorted out by one of their rent-a-cops. I was also informed that I could request a board of review in an attempt to get reinstated, but I had only 30 days to do so. I did the moment after I filed for unemployment, which was granted so there would be some money coming in while I searched for a new job. Now comes the casino attempting to block my unemployment compensation, their stance was that I was terminated for violation of a well known rule.

It took countless emails and about a dozen phone calls to convince them that it is not a well known rule. It was not mentioned in the academy, in the manuals or during orientation.The compensation bureau sided with me against the casino. My application to file for a board of review was made and now would come the waiting game, remember this is March and it was scheduled for the end of the month. It was cancelled two times as the person that terminated me was not available.

Finally the date for the review is set and not changed or canceled. I arrive earlier than the set hour and am escorted back. I am seated in a room not unlike the interrogation rooms you see on TV, except there is no table only one chair. I wait for about five minutes before being escorted into the meeting room to face the board. The board consisted of a dealer, a pit boss and the rep from human resources. The reasons for my termination are read and I given time to explain my actions.

Then the board is permitted to ask questions. The dealer, a female that was a big help to me, asks why I didn't call a coach or pit boss to dispose of the water bottle. Clever girl, I know what she wants me to say. "Pit 1 is always busy, it takes them forever to respond to calls of changing or cashing out large sums of money to chips and visa-versa". I add that they need more than just 2 of them on duty, she smiles. The pit boss listens between texting but asks no questions.

I am then escorted from the room back to my holding cell. The supervisor that terminated me stops by to say good morning, it is a genuine greeting. I accept his extended hand. He tells me his actions are not personal, I tell him to do what he has to do. He enters the room, has his say, then departs. At that point I am called back in and informed they are upholding the termination. My lady friend is fighting back tears, I tell her it's all right and I will be fine.

You would think that would be the end of it. Wrong. I receive and email in Mid June telling me there will be a telephone conference to address the issue of my collecting unemployment. Now at this point in time I was already enrolled in truck driving school, I will have to step outside class and call. I inform the instructor of the problem as she responds that will not be a issue.

So as instructed I call the 800 number 15 minutes before the scheduled time. I give my name and cellphone number and am informed that someone will call back. The scheduled time arrives and passes, no call. A half an hour after the scheduled time passes and still no call. I return to classroom, by 5 pm, the time we go home, I still have not received a call.

Two days later I receive an email telling me the matter has been dropped. There will be no further action on the subject. I attend school 5 days a week and am still able to draw unemployment because it will assist me in getting another job after graduation.

So the whole sad casino story is finally at an end. I was now able to devote my attention and energizes to my next challenge.

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