Grandma In Our Eyes

By Survivor

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Tags: micro fiction, international women's day, march 8th

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International Women's Day, March 8th

Grandma passed over on International Women's Day. Rather appropriate.

The date is set aside for celebrating the lives of women such as she. Strong, enduring, essential. Sometimes forgotten, unknown.

Once upon a time, she would promenade along the Galveston seawall, pushing a pram with grandchild royalty bouncing inside. Getting sea breezes coming into the bay.

Fulfilling duties willingly.

An extended family, young and old, gathered to honor her wishes.

Ashes were strewn up into the briskly freshening spring sky.

One great-grandson cried out, "I got grandma in my eyes."

 So common to have Grandma in one's eyes again upon this date.