Ephemeral II

By gypsy

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Squaring the Circle of Confusion

Ephemeral - Being a series of short stories that allow the reader to look in on the day to day interactions of a fictional couple.

Flitting in tone from absurd to funny and at times even to poignant, the exchanges featured in each chapter are a fond look at the ephemeral nature of life, love and communication. They are also a very affectionate look on the part of the author at the love her characters have for one another.

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One evening the question was asked: "When does it begin this year?"

A quick check of the calendar brought the answer. "This Sunday."

The next morning city workers could be seen, delivering and then setting up the barriers and balustrades.

"Look! They're getting ready for it! When does it start, Saturday?"

"No, Sunday."


"But Sunday's not the 7th."

"I know that, tomorrow is."

"You said it starts the 7th!"

"No, I said it starts on Sunday. Tomorrow's the 7th, Saturday is the 8th, Sunday is the 9th."

"I know that!"

Thus has the circle been squared.

The End

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