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Ephemeral IX

Taking your own advice can be painless

Ephemeral - Being a series of short stories that allow the reader to look in on the day to day interactions of a fictional couple.

Flitting in tone from absurd to funny and at times even to poignant, the exchanges featured in each chapter are a fond look at the ephemeral nature of life, love and communication. They are also a very affectionate look on the part of the author at the love her characters have for one another.

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Part 1

One morning, two weeks following surgery, the question was asked:

“Are you going to the nurse to have the stitches in your hand removed today?”

“Yes. Well, at least half of them should come out. I’m looking forward to it but dreading it… that probably doesn’t make any sense.”

“You mean you’re eager for them to be out, but not looking forward to the procedure?”

“That’s right. It’ll probably be painful.”

“Then why don’t you take one of the painkillers the doctor prescribed for you?”

“Mmm, perhaps, I don’t know. I don’t really like taking those things.”

Part 2

That afternoon, the question was asked:

“How did it go at the nurse’s office? Were all the stitches removed?”

“No, every other one was. There were over 20 of them! Look!”

“No thank you, that’s fine, I don’t need to see the ones remaining! When will the others come out?”

“Tomorrow, thank goodness. I think I’ll take a painkiller beforehand though; it really hurt when they were being removed! … What’s that look for?”

“Much more of this and I’ll be taking some of those painkillers!!”

The End


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