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Ephemeral XI

Ephemeral XI

Sometimes home remedies are the most reliable

Ephemeral - Being a series of short stories that allow the reader to look in on the day to day interactions of a fictional couple.

Flitting in tone from absurd to funny and at times even to poignant, the exchanges featured in each chapter are a fond look at the ephemeral nature of life, love and communication. They are also a very affectionate look on the part of the author at the love her characters have for one another.

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One day, the question was asked:

"What's wrong with you? Why are you making those faces?"

"My nose is itchy, that's why."

"Then you're either going to tell a lie or kiss a fool."

"What are you going on about? My nose is itchy, it's not a divining rod!"

"It's a well known fact, we were always told that when we were children."

"Hmmm, really? ..."

"Wait! No, stop, what are you doing! Get away from me, you, go, get... argh! stop! Nooo!!!! Don't you dare try to... ummmpphhhhh!!!!!!

"Oh you are incorrigible! And you're still grimacing."

"Because it's still itching!"

"Of course it is, I'm not a fool! It means you're going to tell a lie."

"I have never lied in my life, and don't intend to - oh!"

"There! That worked, didn't it? How about another kiss then, now that you feel better."

The End

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