Sometimes Missed Cues Are Okay

By Survivor

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Tags: micro fiction, childrens, tiny dancer, ballet, cookies, the nutcracker

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With thanks to Gypsy

Last night the grasshoppers missed their cue to enter.

Chomp. Chomp.

Daddy's tiny dancer was playing Nutcracker. She plays that game with all of the cookies that she makes with Daddy's help.

They bake cookies together. So much fun. Especially at Christmas time. The Nutcracker ballet comes.

Tiny dancer is a ballerina. Dancing on pointe. Not really. Sigh. Some day.

"Little one, where are the grasshoppers?" Daddy is stern.

"They missed their cue, Daddy." Giggle. She blushes.

"Did you leave one for Daddy?" Chuckle. Hugging his little one. 

Daddy and tiny dancer are happy. They'll bake more cookies later.