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Love & Affection Challenge - Karma's My Mom

Treat your girlfriend well but always treat your dog better...

Except for the flowers and chocolates, this is a true story. Seriously. Also, the seat on my car broke driving from work on the way to KFC. I had to drive home holding myself up by the steering wheel. LOL.

It was hot. I was late. She’d be ticked.

I raced home. KFC rode shot. Cold beer awaited.

She didn’t even greet me.

I quickly showered, changed to shorts, turned on CNN, sat in comfort, and ate my chicken. The dog didn’t whine, she only stared.

“Mine, go away,” I said and offered her none. She left, tail between her legs, but vowed revenge.

I then bit and swallowed, but something remained. My tongue told me I’d split a tooth. The dog returned and laughed. “Karma’s my mom, she’s mean, and she doesn’t like you right now.”

When it rang, I leapt to answer. Not five steps.

Not. Five. Steps.

She’d taken my place. Fries and gravy – gone. Cold beer – floor. Drumstick – in her mouth. I yelled. She didn’t move but mumbled, “Karma’s my mom, remember?”

And then…

First step, left foot heel. Second step, right foot toes. Fresh, warm revenge.

It was hot. I was late. She was really, really ticked.

Stunned as I balanced on one clean heel and on the other foot’s unsullied toes, my girlfriend ended our long distance relationship over missed flowers and chocolates, while I watched the dog devour my chicken and beer.

Never be late.

Share with your dog.

Always look before you leap.


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