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Rub 'n Tug

Shame on you!

Trixie wasn’t her birth given name, but it perfectly matched her provocative demeanour.

With the seductive draw of her dark brown eyes and the titillating shake of her feminine shape, Trixie’s energy defused and enticed the shy and nervous.

This was her calling. She was born to please. One just had to say her name. Trixie would do the rest.

She'd eagerly approach, her smiling eyes maintaining contact, surrendering her undivided attention. After acquainting themselves in Trixie’s special way, their session would begin.

Trixie would clumsily slump to one side, submissively exposing herself in a manner that begged for touch. A risk, yes, but it was always met with compassion. She presented herself as vulnerable because she counted on kindness, but more importantly, she knew what they liked. When obliged, a hand would carefully extend. Trixie then knew it had begun.

Sometimes she’d let it be taken, other times she’d resist, playfully guarding the next move. But it always progressed with Trixie on all fours, rocking her arched backside, while she exhaled a gruff but playfully primal sound.

As she tugged, vigorously jerking in multiple directions, she tried to compromise the countering grasp. However, they both knew that it was a zero-sum game of endless repeat.

If released, Trixie would quickly return, again subjecting herself while pleading for attention. If held on, pulling as hard as she tugged back, their chicken game of wills might never end. But it always did.

Belly rubs and games of tug. To a puppy, there aren’t many things better.


Wait a minute.

What did you think this was about?


Oh no, you didn’t. You did NOT go there!

For shame.



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