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I just started rabbiting. Read on, if you want.

My keyboard doesn't seem to be working properly. For someone like me, who types all the time, that ain't a good thing. It's downright annoying, actually. When I get on a roll, I tend to bash it really hard and quick. That almost sounds like a euphemism, but it ain't. Though, that is true too. Don't mind me, I'm just rabbiting.

I fancy duck today, or at some point when I'm awake again. I'll have duck and perhaps a... Huh. Yeah, that'll be it. I've been having muscle twitches lately. Now I've just realised what it is and why. It's too much caffeine. I've been drinking an energy drink a day. I know it doesn't sound like much, but to someone who doesn't drink fizzy juice or a lot of coffee, it is just enough to throw stuff out of balance.

Balance. Yeah, I keep losing mine as well. I put it down to clumsiness, but with the muscle twitches and sleeping a lot, I do wonder. I'm one of those people who is loathe to go to the doctor, simply because they don't do much.

At the start of the year, I decided to go and bug them again about my sinuses. Didn't work, I was fobbed off with drugs. Those drugs, yes they work, but the side effects? Fuck that! Honestly, I get horribly aggressive on them. I don't even realise I'm doing it, that's the annoying thing. I guess I'll just have to put up with having high histamine levels and crappy sinuses. Decongestants and such help, but I'll need to take my mum's advice and look into natural remedies.

One natural remedy, which I told the doctor about, is cannabis. I smoke the odd joint and it helps to get my mind off it. If I'm not consciously thinking about it, but my mind still knows it's there, it can fight it better. Or maybe I'm just talking through a hole in my head. There is a definite benefit though.

I sleep well when smoking it too. Okay, so I don't go overboard on it. To be honest, I could stop smoking it altogether, but I like the effects, and don't smoke it too often, so it's not really affecting me. I only smoke it when I'm at my friend's house relaxing, so it's not as if I'm working whilst taking it.

Speaking of sleep, I had a dream. Here I am, going about my day, when I decide to get on the web. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Then I open up various websites, and one of them is Smashwords. So I look further and I find that I was one of the best sellers. I think actually it was Maggie Rascal that put the dream in my head because she's been promoting her ebook on it - a short story called Writer's Block. I've not read it yet, but I really should. I enjoy her works, they're always a good read and make you think, laugh, or just enjoy them. Anyway, arse kissing over, I've been thinking about trying to sell some of my stories, but really don't know if I'm good enough. I probably am, but who knows? I'm not really sure if I'd wanna go pursuing a whole career as a writer, but to make some money from something that I do on an almost daily basis would be nice. I can dream.

Dreams are nice,
They give you a slice,
Of what's in your head,
And sometimes your heart,
Sometimes they're scary,
And sometimes they're lovely,
Some are downright bizarre,
And some make you feel like a star.
I like dreams.

Okay, there's a silly wee poem for ya. I just seem to get inspired by the weirdest of things, which is cool, but weird. Anyway, I've run out of steam, so I'm gonna end this. I'll see you all around and please, have a good one.

Andrew =^.^=

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