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A Musing of Assorted Assortments

Unfiltered stuff from my mind. Read with caution, laugh with abandon.

Ugh, my nose is blocked, my throat is slightly sore, I feel lethargic and oh yes, I can’t even taste my wine. This really sucks. Sucks more than those folk who don’t know how to use hence. Oh, those fools.

Hence. It’s a useful word. It can be used to mean “for this reason”, or to mean “in x amount of time.” Okay, the second one, I didn’t explain very well, but the examples will help, won’t they?

Example one: For this reason.

“Why on earth are you eating all those barley sugars?”

“Well, I have a sore throat and the barley sugars help, hence my over consumption of them.”

“Oh, I see. Can I get one?”

“Naw, av goat the pure drooft!”

Right, lemme explain the last sentence. It has nothing to do with the meaning of “hence”, but it’s cool. Drooft is a word, arising from another word drouth, meaning to have a dry mouth, being mispronounced. This happens - mispronunciation of words, in Scotland a lot. I can’t say exactly where in Scotland because I’ve only ever lived extensively in Glasgow, and heard it here. It’s nothing to do with ignorance, but just a silly wee dialect thing.

Now that the Scottish lesson is over, it’s time for the second use, “In the future”. In this example, I was talking to a friend.

“I’m visiting Kitten,” I said.

“Oh? When?”

“Two, possibly three, years hence.”

“Have fun!” My friend smiled.

I’d say that was pretty self explanatory. I tend to try and use real life examples, particularly speech, in my ‘rants’. Someone called it a lesson, which was pretty cool, actually. I just hope that my rants help someone and amuse at the same time.

Ugh, it’s far too hot in here. The whole world is going through a heatwave, isn’t it? A lot of people would say ‘global warming’, or ‘climate change’, you know what I say? It’s the earth going through another phase of warmth. I’m no meteorologist, but I do have a fairly intelligent brain in my head, or so I’m told. It seems to me that it’s all just a lot of kerfuffle. Yeah, I said kerfuffle. We have to evolve to cope with the heat, or the cold. If we don’t evolve, we simply die and this is the case for every species on this earth. It makes sense to me, if the earth is evolving, we should evolve with it, if we wanna keep living here.

Speaking of earth, I’m starting to be able to taste my wine now! Whoo! Go me! It’s not all that dry and I’m really rather disappointed in it. It’s an Italian Merlot by Ogio, a winemaker whom I rather enjoy, most of the time, but this wine is really rather lacklustre.

Lacklustre. I like that word. My hair is lacklustre just now, really needs washed, you see. Or is that washing? I think it’s the latter, I’m never really too sure about that. Oh, don’t give me a lecture on it, I’ll look it up myself.

You know something? I feel as if I’m just babbling. This musing thing doesn’t really have a clear purpose, but it’s something that, somehow, I need to do. Do any of you remember one of my older musings, I think it’s entitled “I Hate Feeling This Way”, or something. Don’t read it, it’s horrible, but the woman, at whom it was aimed, appeared in a dream last night. I’ve told people about it, but I’m saying it here too. Here it is:

It was a weird, but pretty pleasant dream about her. In the dream we were arguing, but we were face to face. It wasn't a vicious argument, not like the ones we have had, but we actually reconciled our differences and became friends again. I'd actually quite like for that to happen. As much of a bitch as she was, she did make me happy for a while. I'm not saying that I'll seek her out and want to be friends with her, because, damn, she hurt me, but if we were to meet by chance, then I'd probably not run away and be hurt, like I may have had a few months ago. Still, she does actually affect how I make friends.

This is pretty horrible, but one of the things she called me, when we were together, was clingy. That really hurt me and marked the beginning of the end of our relationship. The horrible thing is, that it is still affecting me and my relationships today. By relationships, I don’t just mean romantic ones, but every one.

What I do, is keep people at arm’s length. I really don’t want to, or need to do this, but somehow it just happens. As you may all know, I’m pretty damned sweet on Aria. I love her a whole lot, but I’ve not shown my full self to her just yet. I’m sorry, Aria, I know you’ll be reading this, please I don’t mean anything in a nasty way. It’s just that I’m scared of having my heart broken again, but believe me when I say that when I give more of myself away, you will know. You will know from my happy tears, you will know from the tremble in my voice. Aria, I want to give you all of me, so please don’t feel hurt by this. It’ll take time, but I will give myself to you. All of me. In fact, there was one time I did just that, it was something ever so simple, but it was something that I needed to give away. I needed to say it and at that moment, there was a poem that just wrote itself:

I've given a little more of myself,

I gave it away and didn't look back,

I fell deeper in love.

This is actually a pretty typical reaction to something. I tend to write poetry - or rather it guides me, when I feel something and can’t reconcile it by thinking about it, or writing it in prose. Here is one when I was feeling in a kind of silly mood:

What am I?

Human? Not that I know of!

Alien? Well, just what are you incinerating!

Demon? Not likely, I don't feel evil.

Not every demon is evil though.

I think I've got it...

I'm Kitty!

That undefinable quality,

That cuteness, undeniable silliness.

Yes, only I can be this cute and silly,

I am Kitty.

Problems? Comments? 

Mew Kitty loves Kitten.

Well, aside from the fact that I can’t think of anything else to say, there’s also the fact that I’m too lazy to think of more and also, I think this musing has run it’s course, so I shall end it here. I’m too lazy to edit it too, so whatever I’ve written is exactly in the moment. I’m giving some of myself away. I need to get some more practice at that.

The End.

Well, okay, I’ll end it after this sentence: I love you, Aria.

The End, this time. 

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