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Having heard some people say that some prayers are never heard or answered, along with some wars never ending and some wounds never healing. I know that I won’t grow old gracefully, as well as knowing I won’t go easily and will probably be found in the dust somewhere near the road I was following. After having been a rebel or an individual for most of my life, and usually having been outnumbered by those who have conformed to all and not fought or questioned things. Being like those pitching queues for the gallows and possibly the guillotine with no questioning as to why.

There have been a few lost causes I have joined and have seen nothing but scorched earth all around when the smoke cleared. Still, there are those dreams that refuse to die while some cry when they choke on their pride, and still, I would rather bend than be broken like I was once. With there being those who have said requiems with the grave having been dug and turned their eyes to those bloodshot skies where their flag flies full but, at half mast. Yet, I still haven’t turned my back on the bulls like those matadors did to please the crowds. Sick of all the people talking and nothing being said but a bunch of noise signifying nothing when questions that are black and white need to be answered along with the ones in the grey areas that go from the lightest shade to the darkest.

Especially out here on the open road, after having seen and felt the world bend, flip, and change. Still, I will continue on and when the angels call is when I will finally pull in the reins, and life never dies just like those memories that are carried. Not gonna allow myself to be broken again, as I head out to what might be called a new frontier as I follow where the Tao directs even though sometimes it’s with a blue moon in my eyes. Still, I carry a fire burning deep inside that can reach a fever pitch, and knowing I will be underestimated and they don’t know I will take them down or go down with a piece of them as I was taught with the doctrine of improvisation a long time ago in Georgia. With there being those saying I shouldn’t be so mean but then again, they have no idea that I have already chosen a form of culture well and have been flexible enough to reinvent myself with each “death,” I have been through.

They know nothing about sacrifice especially when the lights go out, and I know of hope and faith when the going gets rough, and go to war with those like you whom I trust. Though there are times when it seems as though the odds are stacked and has me wondering if they know the truth of standing tall and having the heart to face all as it comes? All in all, we seem to be the ones with fire inside, and especially when it seems as though time has stopped and everything is under attack and managing to avoid the second hand on the clock which usually seems to catch us in some form or fashion.

That Mangy Motley Crew and I seem to have been born in a thunderstorm and have met the demons at night head on, and vexing most by still breathing and managing to find solace in those cathedrals in our minds where things can’t be touched. Still, I understand that every life must end and one day all will go on, and a lot of the time it’s just best to breathe. As I ask some to stay and not let go of my hand even, there are times when I might consider myself a fool, and then again no one really knows this fact better than me. Wondering if I will see you on the other side when that day finally arrives? I know I may not be worthy especially with those sins I carry that are so well practiced I may just find nothing at all, and I wonder if the darkness will fall upon me like when the hammer finally falls?

It’s possible only the faithful will be rewarded, and still, I wonder who are those who will stand by my side shoulder to shoulder and watching the approaches? Voices may still be heard to be possibly haunting and having me wonder if it is someone I have either let down or have left behind in some way. As bubbles of memory seem to burst awakening echoes and having me wonder and think of why this is happening or is it thoughts of legacy? Though there are times when I know, I have done so many things wrong and stop to think if there is anything I can do right. Still, I ask you to give me a chance to try as you put your trust in me even though I have had a hard life and might lead you down the road of ruin, and I am trying to do the best I can as I follow the path as I head on down the line, with mountains still to climb.

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