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Choices we make

Why do some choices have such epic consequences?

Choices We Make

Why do some choices have such epic consequences?We all make choices. Everybody does. Should we eat now? Should we sleep now? Choices are a mandatory part of life, but it is never easy to know what it might cause...

24 years ago

"Nick! Come on wake up! We better go 'fore we're late for the movie."

" Sure give me a minute!" I tossed and turned in bed, closing my eyes for barely a second. After all, what is the harm of just laying down a few more minutes? 

2 hours later...

"Nicholas John Baltimore, you little slimebag! How could you sleep! I am sooooooo going to kill you!" My sister jumped onto me and rolled me off the bed and decked me as I layed on the floor, groggily trying to find my bearings. I swear that even a girl can hit when she's mad. I was stuck in the hospital after this incident for a broken arm and a mild concussion.

5 years later

"Young man! You better get off your ass right now you little sloth. I swear, you're lazier than one."

"Chill man, I'll get onto studying after this later battle. Sheesh, you sure are high-strung." I turned back to the computer, shooting little green zombies invading the earth. I shook my head as she left. She had really learn how to relax.

3 weeks later

Crap! What is the formula of Magnesium Chloride. And how in the world am I going to know what forms when an acid and a metal reacts? I tucked my head on the desk as I crammed my head between my hands, leaning on the table. "Time's up class! Please hand up your paper at the front as you leave." I'm a dead man walking, I thought, groaning inwardly as I looked at my paper. 
The present

"THERE HE IS! HE'S GOING DOWN 4TH STREET!" Crap! They'd seen me. I grabbed the bag of jewelry, running as fate tried to catch up with me. I ran down a back alley, lunging for the metal grilles of the ladders at the wall, swinging onto the stairs. "DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY! CORDON OF THE OTHER END!" I could feel the beads of sweat trickling down my neck and onto my spine as I ran. How the hell did I get into the mess? Then, as I ran for my freedom, little by little, the choices I made came back bit by bit. I must make it! I MUST make it! As I saw my freedom in front of me, I skidded, never seeing the puddle, not realizing what would came next...

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